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Mexico’s Attorney General to present a strategy designed to combat money laundering by organized crime

September 30, 2008

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Diario de Yucatán (Yucatán) 9/30/08
–  Mexico’s Attorney General, Eduardo Medina Mora, will present a strategy for combatting money laundering by regulating financial cash transactions, mainly in real estate and consumer products such as automobiles and jewelry.  Part of the earnings of organized crime is in cash calculated to be around 10 billion dollars crossing the US/Mexican border and linked to drug trafficking.  “This money obviously is used by associations of organized crime in transactions that have inadequate regulation.  The enormous corruptive power of organized crime comes precisely from its enormous capacity to generate income, not in the context of regular or established commercial transactions, but between transnational organized crime,” he stated.  With this law, the State will be able to obtain an adjudication of properties before a court dedicated exclusively to this issue and independent of the penal process.
–  A campaign against narcotraffic in the state of Michoacán resulted in the eradication of six fields of marihuana containing a total of 22,300 plants.
Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 9/30/08
Responding to a citizen report, Tijuana  police seized a large cache of firearms, uniforms, equipment and vehicles.  The armament seized included 19 rifles, ammo and cartridge clips.  The uniforms were military, police and AFI.  The equipment included cell phones, radios and three vehicles, one of them a Chevrolet Tahoe reported stolen in the US. [For the curious, the plate number was given as 5CYH662, apparently CA.]
El Sol de México (Mexico City) 9/30/08
The Secretary of the Justice  Commission in the Mexican House of Deputies reports that Mexico is now in sixth place in the level of crime in countries of the world, behind only Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, according to United Nations data.  In the past ten years, the violence has risen because of organized crime.
La Crónica de Baja California (Baja California) 9/30/08
In addition to the 18 bodies found yesterday in Tijuana, it is suspected that there could be five to seven more victims.  Citizen reports alerted police to three drums containing acid and what seems to be two bodies in each.  Next to the drums was a message, “This is what happens to those who go with him.  We’re  going to make soup out of them.”  There was no indication to whom the message referred.  At nearly the same time of this discovery, residents of another neighborhood reported finding two more bodies wrapped in blankets with a narco-message that was not made public.
El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) & El Debate (Sinaloa) 9/30/08
The Mexican Navy intercepted a shrimp boat with more than four tons of cocaine off the coast of the state of Oaxaca.  The seizure was made after the Navy spotted the suspicious craft.  In addition to the cargo, they arrested the six crew members.  Although it was presumed the cocaine originated in Colombia, no mention was made of the boat’s destination.
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