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Over the weekend: Six Police Officers Killed; Spring Breakers Avoid Mexican Pacific Resort City

February 27, 2011

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Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  2/27/2011

Zeta boss arrested; linked to ICE Agent Jaime Zapata’s murder

(Saltillo, Coahuila)  Mexican Marines have arrested Sergio Mora Cortés, known as ‘El Toto’, at dawn Sunday.  He was the Zeta leader in San Luis Potosi.  El Piolin, another Zeta, was recently arrested, with others, in the slaying.  El Toto was boss of El Piolin, and has been linked to the attack on the two U.S. ICE agents, where one was killed.

La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  2/27/2011

Sinaloa cartel:  Thirteen members arrested

(Tijuana) A citizen reported the presence of armed men in a food business in Ensenada, and on investigation, state police arrested 13 Sinaloa cartel members.  They also seized drugs, weapons and cash.  The initial ones arrested identified other cartel members by the car they were driving in Rosarito.  More drugs were seized from the identified car.  When subjects in another vehicle tried to bribe the military to release those arrested, a search found marijuana and an AK 47 in the trunk.

 Cuarto Poder  (Mexico)  2/27/011

Customs ignores illegal trafficking of gasoline  

(Chiapas)  Daily hundreds of liters of gasoline are smuggled from Mexico to Guatemala.  Where once the smugglers did this in secret, now, no one hides from authorities and do the trafficking openly.  The retailers say their business is to sell, and since no authorities bother the traffickers, neither will they.  For many people, this is their ‘job’ and only source of income.

El Imparcial  (Mexico)  2/27/2011

El Salvador and Mexico agree on sharing info in cartel fight

(San Salvador) The Attorney General of El Salvador and Mexico Attorney General (PGR) have agreed to share information to strengthen the two countries fight against crime and organized crime, the local press reported.  It is reported “the two officials agreed on the need to strengthen the exchange of information directly, safely and expeditiously…with  “the use of the services offered by new technologies, including sending encrypted messages and documents, video and use of other specific networks” to facilitate the exchange of information.  Salvadoran authorities, led by President Mauricio Funes, have complained that the criminal group Los Zetas, former Mexican arm of the Gulf cartel and trained in military tactics, already operates in Guatemala (which has just reimposed martial law-called siege-in northern Guatemala) and Honduras and has come to this country to “explore.”

El Deber  (Bolivia)  2/27/2011

General, Three police officers arrested for drug trafficking

A captain, a colonel and a major were arrested for having links with a drug ring headed by former head of the FELCN, General Rene Sanabria Oropeza.. Two worked in Intelligence.  The General, arrested in Panama Saturday, was flown immediately to the U.S.  He was responsible for arranging drug shipments to the U.S.

-Torreon, Coahuila; 11 killed, 10 wounded in 2 bars; police order all bars closed.

El Espectador
 -Colombia: Cocaine-producing Camp Dismantled

Organizacion Editorial Mexicana
-Guadalajara, Jalisco; 5 kilos crystal,  kilos heroin w/ value $14 Million seized at main airport.


Blog del Narco:

Acapulco:  Three beheaded men left in town center, another body dumped on edge of town.

Ciudad Juarez:  Five men executed in bar.

Allende, Nuevo León:  Two municipal police (brothers) killed at quinceañera (15th) birthday.

Puerto Vallarta:  Grenade thrown at 4 police in restaurant; one bad guy dead, no explosion.

Cuernavaca, Morelos:  Two  journalists beaten, 1 shot in leg; tried to kidnap.

Mops, Nuevo León:  Two  state highway patrol police officers executed

Acapulco:  Dismembered body left on street in plastic bags.

Colima:  Chief of staff for state Governor kidnapped, body found.

Tamuin, San Luis Potosi:  Gunmen attack military; they lose, one dead, four arrested.

Acapulco:  State policeman executed on duty.

Jacona, Michoacan:  Cartel/military shootout; 2 cartel killed.

Nezahualcóyotl:  Federal Police agent executed

Saltillo, Coahuila:  Grenades thrown at police station, property damage only.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa:  Twentysix grenades found in trash dumpster by scavenger.

Tampico, Veracruz:  Mayor kidnapped four days ago.

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas:  Four executed & decapitated men left in town center, with narcomessage on professionally printed large banner.

CNS News

More Civilians Killed Last Year in One Mexican Border Town Than in all of  Afghanistan
Spring breakers avoid Mexican Pacific resort city-down from 13,000 last year to 1,000 this year
Guatemala Declares State Of Siege Due To Zeta Presence Near Mexican Border
Guatemala Seeks to Curb Crimes Committed from Jails
Three Dead in Assassination Attempt on Mexican Mayor
Domestic News – United States

676 arrested, tons of drugs seized in U.S. bust of Mexican cartels
Counting the Dead in Arizona Gunrunning Case
One Hundred-plus jailed in El Paso-area raids – in response to the killing of an ICE agent
Man found dead lying on top of AK-47 in Southern Arizona desert
Drug horses being left to die by Mexican cartels-Arizona
700 pounds of marijuana seized-California
Rebuilt border crossing aims to speed traffic-California
Ex-fugitive to face hearing on smuggling exotic dancers-Michigan
Border Patrol agents confiscate marijuana-Arizona
Utah Senator Robles holds simultaneous Utah and Mexican Government Offices
Man charged in sub-machine gun assault-North Carolina
-perhaps just an inept cartel hit man
-end of report-

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