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Catholic Church to Champion Migratory Reform

April 30, 2009

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 Prensa Libre (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 4/29/09 – full transl.-

“Church will champion migratory reform”
Guatemala’s Episcopal Conference (“CEG”) asked the United States government to correct the obsolete immigration system in order to remove millions of undocumented persons out of the shadows. Encouraged by U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent commitments about promoting immigration reform, the “CEG” yesterday announced that it will champion an integral migratory reform. It urged the Government of Guatemala, principally Guatemala’s National Migrant Affairs Council, to head lobbying groups focused on the White House, Congress and the House of Representatives. (sic)
Mauro Verzeletti, of the Human Mobility Pastoral, stated that the Church made certain recommendations to the Government of the U.S., such as the regularization of the three types of migrants – temporary, provisional and permanent ones – the establishment of a feasible way to obtain legal residence, the creation of temporary jobs and legal mechanisms for family reunification, among other issues.
(This article was accompanied by a photo which is attached. Its caption reads: “Daily, thousands of migrants board the familiar “train of death” which leads from Oaxaca to Mexico City, in order to later arrive in the U.S.”)
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La Hora (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 4/29/09

90 percent of undocumented Guatemalans deported from the United States have expressed their intention of returning to the U.S. within a period not longer than ninety days. This report was released by Mauro Verzeletti, “adjunct secretary of Guatemala’s Episcopal Conference”, and is based on that organization’s “Migrant House” interviews and records.
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La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 4/29/09

A semi en route from Nicaragua to El Salvador was inspected by police near Managua, Nicaragua. It was found to be transporting 600 packages of cocaine hidden and mislabeled among a load of agricultural chemicals. The markings on the packages led police to believe the drug belonged to the Gulf Cartel. (The weight was not mentioned)
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Correo (Leon, Guanajuato) 4/29/09

Only 1500 out of 3500 local area residents who were illegally in the United States and who returned to Mexico during the farm work off-season now plan to return to the U.S. to seek work as field hands, according to the “Direccion de Atencion al Migrante” (Migrants’ Affairs Bureau); this is because of the “armoring” of the border, the cost of the trip and because the smugglers charge so much to take people across due to the difficulty in crossing the border.
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Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coahuila) 4/29/09

* Mex. Military seized 1,996 kilos of weed, 93 kilos of cocaine, 6 “long barrel” firearms, 3 handguns, “AFI” (Mex. Equiv. to FBI) uniforms and headgear, and 10 armored vests. All this at an auto junkyard just outside Piedras Negras, Coahuila (-just across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, TX. As is commonplace, the thugs fled and avoided capture)

* 339 police officers at Torreon, Coahuila, have been suspended without pay for failure to appear to take a drug test. Torreon police is now operating with 40% fewer personnel.

* There were eight homicides in Ciudad Juarez and one other in Chihuahua City, the state’s capital. Among the Juarez victims was the chief of the local prison’s guards. In Chihuahua City, the Internal Affairs commander of the State’s Dep’t. of Justice was gravely wounded after being shot out on the street. The Ciudad Juarez homicides “began early in the day”, were scattered and lasted until the afternoon.
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El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 4/29/09

A group of 22 subjects, all of them Mexicans and carrying backpacks, crossed the border into the United States from Mexico near Nogales, AZ on Tuesday. U.S. Border Patrol Agents detained them and seized 1 ton, 12 kilos of weed, a .45 automatic and 2 clips for AK47 with 60 rounds.
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El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 4/29/09

Mex. Army personnel seized “more than” 8 thousand doses of drugs, “more than” 6 million pesos and “an arsenal” during a search of a house in the northeast area of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. There were 2,300 bags of cocaine, 5,300 bags of crack, some weed, 5 rifles, 2 pistols, 2 frag. grenades, 849 rounds and 48 clips. The currency also included nearly 174 thousand dollars. (This is just across the Rio Grande from McAllen, TX, a few miles upriver from Brownsville)
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El Sur (Acapulco, Guerrero) 4/29/09

A search by Mex. military of a house in Altamirano, Guerrero, yielded five “heavy caliber long firearms,” three handguns, 1,195 rounds of ammo, a hand grenade and 38 clips. Five subjects were arrested.
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