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More killings of police officers

August 29, 2008

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 (Versions of this event appeared in all Mex. paper sites seen today. The attachment is a related photo)
Roberto Campa, executive secretary of Mexico’s National Public Security System, said yesterday that “Yucatan is one of the five safest states at the national level, so preventive programs must be applied to keep organized crime from operating in this zone.” But later in the day, residents of the Chichi Suarez area of Merida, Yucatan, reported finding eleven piled up, tortured and beheaded bodies. Later yet, a twelfth body, also minus his head, was found some 110 miles east of Merida at Buctotz, Yucatan.
The eleven on a pile were reportedly nude at least from the waist up, and partially covered with bed clothes, some handcuffed and with feet tied. They showed signs of torture. Most of them had tattoos of “St. Death” or demons or dragons and “they were decapitated with just one blow.” The heads have not been found.
All agents guarding public buildings in the area were immediately furnished with bullet proof vests and the state governor’s personal security staff has been reinforced.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  8/29/08
At a meeting with “PAN” (Mex. political party) federal congressmen in Hermosillo, Sonora, President Calderon acknowledged that institutions in Mexico have been deteriorating gradually and that criminality has been nourished, has grown and been fermented (sic) by the indolence, corruption and impunity of some officials , but also because of the apathy and the lax tolerance margin which society has allowed it.
Milenio  (Mexico City)  8/29/08
A total of seven police officers were assassinated yesterday in Durango, Guerrero, the state of Mexico and Chiapas. This brings to seventy-one the number of law enforcement agents murdered in August, which has become the deadliest during the present administration. Twenty-eight have been killed in the last eight days.
Earlier this year, the deadliest months had been May, with 64; 45 took place in July and 43 in each of March and May.
Civilian murder victims were scattered; four were shot to death in Chihuahua and these brought to 206 the total assassinations this month for that locale. Nogales, Sonora and Reynosa, Tamaulipas were the scenes of additional killings, while in Morelia, Michoacan, two men were found, both tortured and finished off with coupe de grace shots.
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