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U.S. sends DEA agents to Yucatán to help in investigation of the 12 decapitation murders that occurred on August 28th

September 4, 2008

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El Diario en Linea (Chihuahua) 9/4/08
As part of the cooperation with the US, DEA agents are in Yucatán investigating the 12 decapitation murders that occurred August 28.  The Delegate and ex-Mayor of the port of Progreso, Enrique Magadán Villamil, said the presence of the DEA agents should not inconvenience the people or state authorities since they are part of the cooperation and help from the US in combatting organized crime.  He added that narco traffic should be chopped off at  its roots.

El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo León) 9/4/08

Mexico’s Secretary of Public Security (SSP), Genaro García Luna, affirmed that the creation of a national police would serve to unify operational capabilities to combat organized crime.  The concept is “on the table” for analysis inasmuch as Mexico needs a police organization that binds together other enforcement agencies.  He cites examples of France and Spain having such national police forces.  He explained that the first step would be to unify municipal and state police and from there to proceed to the creation of a national force which would add size to many of the present departments.
El Universal (Mexico City) 9/4/08
–  A jet that crashed near Mérida, Yucatán in September, 2007 with 4 tons of cocaine belonging to narco trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán briefly headed the news today, then disappeared.  The story attempted to connect prior CIA use of the plane for clandestine flights from South and Central America, Europe and Cuba.  The news information reportedly came from US and European Parliament documents and was accompanied by a detailed map of flights.  The story seemed to suggest or allude to transports of terrorists to Guantánamo.
–  Mexican export firms are preferring to hire  employees who are bilingual.  Administration positions require at least a 70% level of proficiency in English.  For managerial and director positions, 100% is required.
Norte (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua) 9/4/08
The Mexican Army arrested three hit men in the Cd. Juárez area who have confessed to the execution murders of at least 15 people, including two unidentified minors.  They also revealed that they murdered a prominent businessman due to mistaken identity.  Their intended target was another person.
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