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Amnesty International: “…the system of detaining undocumented immigrants in the US displays many human rights violations…”

March 31, 2009

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 El Financiero (Mexico City) 3/30/09

Amnesty International (AI) recommended that the US government adopt urgent means to guarantee that the detention of the undocumented in its territory conform to the standards of human rights. According to AI, the system of detaining undocumented immigrants in the US displays many human rights violations. They point out that immigration authorities detain more than 300,000 men, women and children every year. The AI report states that, according to internationally accepted norms dealing with human rights, “detention should only be used in extraordinary circumstances, be justified in each individual case and be subject to judicial review.” Nevertheless, AI says that in the US, immigrants can be detained for months or years without a judicial warrant.
Last October, five men took 18 people hostage while attempting to rob Sanborn’s department store in Mexico City. Capital Police acted quickly and arrested the men. Today, a judge sentenced each man to serve “more than” 998 years in prison and each to pay between 1.5 and 3.5 million pesos in fines and repair of damages.

El Imparcial (Hermosillo, Sonora) 3/30/09

The US and Mexican military plan to analyze the present situation and problems along the border zone in an annual meeting announced by the Mexican Department of Defense (Sedena) today. Military commanders from both sides of the border will meet between March 30 and April 2 in Hermosillo to exchange experiences of armed force activities. Such meetings have been held annually since 1992. This one takes on special importance because of the international attention to the threat of border violence.

El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon) 3/30/09

Four municipal police in Apatzingan, Michoacan state, were found dead after having been taken prisoner during an armed confrontation between police and presumed organized crime gangsters. Police responding to a report of armed men were met with gunfire upon arriving in the reported area. After requesting backup, police from other agencies began arriving and the criminals responded with fragmentation grenades, wounding four officers. When four other officers attempted a maneuver to rescue the wounded, they were taken prisoner and later found murdered. The wounded officers survived.

El Debate (Sinaloa) 3/30/09

Two men were arrested by Army troops in Culiacan, Sinaloa state, driving a truck with a false bottom compartment that contained two million pesos [$140,000 US ] wrapped in five packages. No further details were given in regards to organized crime affiliation, although the secret transfer of bulk cash is a necessary means of financial transactions for cartels.

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