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Agents Shocked as Cartel Boss Involved in Torture Death of DEA Colleague Slips Away; Boat Dedicated to Fallen Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Killed in the Line of Duty; Cartel Car Bombings in Mexico

August 29, 2013


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This message is to inform U.S. citizens residing in or visiting Cuba that media reports have indicated that cases of cholera have been identified in the city of Havana, possibly linked to a reported outbreak of cholera in eastern Cuba. The Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO) issued an epidemiological alert noting the presence of cholera in Cuba and confirming that foreign travelers have contracted cholera during recent trips to Cuba.

This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office at the Consulate in Ciudad Juarez…“Critical” crime threat level for this industrial city of 1.2 million is well-deserved. Violence is an everyday occurrence in Juarez. There are no particular sections of the city to avoid as violence can occur anywhere, anytime.

Agents Shocked as Cartel Boss Involved in Torture Death of DEA Colleague Slips Away

Boat Dedicated to Fallen Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who was Killed in the Line of Duty

Operation Fast and Furious Fast Facts-CNN

$1.5B for ‘youth jobs fund’? Critics pan pork in Senate immigration bill

GAO commends anti-corruption training at CBP
Long-awaited strategy remains outstanding though

In Fight Against International Drug Trafficking, Congress Has Many Issues To Grapple With, Report Says

Covert U.S. operation sends manned aircraft to help Mexican police

Muslims oppose Kelly bid for Homeland Security

Chinese youth applying for deportation deferral at slower-than-expected rate

BORDER PATROL: All-seeing eyes focus on the sea

Rumor US-VISIT Has Been ‘Retired’ Not Completely True – Just Restructured, Sources Say

U.S.-Mexico: Border Liaison Groups-the Bread and Butter of Cooperation

US: Farmers on Frontline of Immigration Battle

Pot farms in forests a growing problem
Hidden plantations cultivated by drug cartels guarded by armed groups of illegals

HSI, Mexican Government Host Human Trafficking Awareness Training

Tobacco: Crime’s new currency

The Mexican Mafia: Down But Not Out
a repeat for those who may have missed it

Iranian national convicted for illegally exporting goods for Iranian petro-chemical industry-Mike Cutler

Feds oppose county change in holding jailed immigrants

U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter, Blaine Sector August 8 – August 21, 2013
El Salvador, India, Guatemala, Mexico aliens caught

Mexican drug dealer targeted Midlands, South for big cocaine shipments

Michigan Oil Spill Contractors Convicted on Immigration Crimes Linked to Cleanup Work

Calexico CBP Officers Intercept $205,000 worth of Hard Narcotics, Capture Homicide Suspect

Border Patrol agents seize nearly 8,400 pounds of marijuana

San Diego CBP Officers Find Cache of Hard Narcotics in Gas Tank Valued at $900,000

El Centro Sector Arrests a Felon Gang Member

Multiple border busts yield $1.38M in cash, drugs

U.S. Sentences Salvadoran Linked to Massacre for Immigration Fraud

Illicit narcotics discovered near Salton Sea, strapped to ultralight

Immigrant admits to identity theft

Illegal alien charged with rape of teen girl in Texas

Immigrant dies trying to make it to shore; nine in custody

Ten alleged traffickers arrested in Colombia face justice in Texas

Teachers Roil Mexico Capital

Los Zetas’ Southward Expansion
US government and others international observers have been alarmed by Los Zetas’ relationship with youth street gangs (maras) in Central America.

Mexico: Is The Aztec Tiger Starting To Whimper?
the economy started to slow at exactly when the country’s new president…took office.

Deadly Mexico train derailment blamed on stolen nails
Tens of thousands of migrants board the train, known as La Bestia, or the Beast, each year in their attempt to reach the US

Cartel Car Bombings in Mexico
from the US Army War College

Surging protests heighten stakes in Mexico battle over revisions

Violence Sets Mexico City on Edge
Rising Local Drug Demand Is Sparking Gang Turf Battles, Bringing Fears of Rise in Criminal Activity

Mass grave providing answers in mysterious Mexico kidnapping

Mass kidnapping, killing, slow police response shakes image of Mexico City as drug war oasis

What Does A Recent Mass-Kidnapping / Murder Mean For Mexico City’s Longstanding Fight Against Crime?-Forbes

Mexico’s Vigilantes Attack Local Police, Take Arms

Police Arrest Zetas Cartel Boss in Mexico

Mexican Regulators Slap Pemex with $50 Million Fine

Drug war holds Mexico back from joining developed nations-Op/Ed

Mexico moving to grow trade ties with Asia

Mexico Offers Rewards for Drug War Missing

Mudslides kill 13 after Fernand hits Mexico
El Sol de Mexico Mexico City 8/24/13

An article in the above paper relates the apprehension of a dozen Hondurans, all illegally in Mexico, who were found stuffed in the bunk compartment of a semi-trailer truck in the southern Mexico state of Chiapas. The group included four children, one of them a one year old. (Spanish)
Excelsior Mexico City 8/25/13

This paper is reporting that some five hundred persons were riding “The Beast” (the freight train used by many wishing to travel north toward the U.S. border) when it derailed in the Mexican state of Tabasco. About half of the riders are believed to be Hondurans. The death toll is expected to rise when a number of the rail cars are lifted off their side. (Spanish)
La Prensa Grafica San Salvador, El Salvador 8/22/13

An article here reports the detention of thirty-nine individuals from two Central American countries, all without proper documents and all headed for the United States. They, including a few minors, were boarding a freight truck in a small town in the southern states of Chiapas, Mexico, when arrested. One smuggler was also arrested and one other escaped. (Spanish)

Costa Rican Legislature Lets USS Rentz Dock, Turn Over Alleged Smugglers
and $78 million worth of cocaine

Why Haven’t Violent Mara Gangs Spread to Costa Rica?

Assailants spray Colombian embassy in San Jose with gunfire

Coast guard captain arrested – provided fuel for narcos

Suspected Motorcycle Thieves Gunned Down in Guatemala

Panama says skeletal remains found in backpack belong to missing Calif. woman

In Costa Rica, Actor Danny Glover Compares Hugo Chavez to Nelson Mandela, says Chavez Was His “brother”
Full Interview with him in Spanish

Brazil’s Currency Slides to New Low

Venezuela Reinforces Security at Energy Installations

Ten men with links with Mexican cartels and Los Zetas and the FARC, captured

Argentina loses $1.3bn debt court appeal

Colombian soldiers killed in ambush in Arauca province
Last month, 15 soldiers were killed-13 in this ambush

Bolivia prison riot death toll rises
Among those killed is an 18-month-old toddler, one of the many children living in the prison with its incarcerated parents.

Peru’s isolated Mashco-Piro tribe ‘asks for food’

Venezuelan president says his assassination was planned in Costa Rica

Colombia Seizes over 800 Kilos of Cocaine in the Caribbean Sea

Canadian hostage freed by Colombia ELN rebels

Argentina Airline Unions Threaten Strike Over LAN

Peru plans tramway to Incan refuge of Choquequirao

Smugglers Hide Cigarettes In Logs
Ukranians smuggling cigarettes into Romania.
Included to show cleverness of smugglers, worldwide.

Pacific dragnet intercepts $370 million worth of cocaine bound for Australia
-end of report-

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