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Editor Note; Dozens of Terrorists May Be in US as Refugees; Cholera Spreads Beyond Haiti as Mexico Suffers Devastating Floods; Mexico’s Economy Grows 1.2%

November 26, 2013


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Exclusive: ‘Dozens’ of Terrorists May Be in US as Refugees

DHS official who advocates race war collects wages while suspended

CBP Agent Warns of Ongoing Threat of “Nearly Unguarded Northern Border”

Canadian border ‘most likely entry point’ for terrorists, U.S. Congress hears

Wait-What are US Border Patrol Agents Doing in the Dominican Republic?

Immigrants Closely Tied to Military Get Reprieve

Slaying of Arizona rancher is still a mystery

Dairy industry pushing immigration reform

Latin Migrants Shift Sights From U.S. to Neighbors

Mexican cartels abet heroin and meth surge in U.S., DEA study says

Mexico isn’t our top immigration problem

Our walled world-photo essay on walls dividing us

Detained border crossers may find themselves sent to ‘the freezers’

Drug Cartel: Growing Problem In Rural Iowa

Mexican cartel finds more buyers for cheap, potent heroin among Midwestern youth

Son of Mexican cartel leader arrested at border

Is the Mexican Mafia Making Moves in Santa Barbara?
Police Net Dozens of Arrests and Charges During Operation Falling Dawn

Illegal immigrants blockade Atlanta office to halt deportations

Illegal alien charged with raping 8-year-old girl in North Carolina

Immigrant detention: Is Henderson’s financial boon part of a national boondoggle?

E-Verify Employment Fraud Deterred By New Security Enhancement

U.S. Border Patrol Blotter, Blaine Sector October 30 – November 14, 2013

Woman Helps Kids Of Deported Guatemalans Reconnect With Family

DREAM Team rallies against deportation of El Salvador native

Murder suspect apprehended in Andrade by Border Patrol

Border patrol busts 144 lbs of cocaine en route to Canada

Mexican Drug Cartels Bringing Crime, Violence To Oklahoma Streets

Mexican drug cartels exploit asylum system by claiming ‘credible fear’

Police arrest 6 in Ventura County with alleged connections to Mexican Mafia

Border officers in Nogales find tractor-trailer hauling 10 tons of marijuana

Officials announce seizure of $1.3M worth of heroin, 369 pounds of marijuana at SD ports of entry

Border Patrol Agents Seize Nearly $5.2 million Worth of Marijuana

DEA News: 5 extradited, charged with North Korean drug trafficking conspiracy

26 pounds of meth seized, woman arrested

Creative smuggling: Criminals find many ways to hide contraband

More than 800 pounds of marijuana seized

Leader of Human Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Federal Prison

U.S. Sentences Final Defendant in Texas Mexican Mafia Racketeering Ring to Federal Prison

Sharp CBP Officers Intercept Marijuana Hidden Inside Shipment of Cactus Leaves

Mother, long-lost son finally meet more than 30 years later

Border Patrol finds meth hidden in tow dolly

Kayakers attempting to smuggle $178,200 worth of marijuana arrested

Tales from a Border Patrol agent: On seeing my first body

Subject: BP discovers Cartel Scout Location (LP/OP) – Complete with Solar Panels, Car batteries, Binos
11/22/13 – 0800 – BP agents discover a mountain top Cartel Scout location complete with solar panels, Binos & 5 car batteries. Location is 50 miles south of downtown Phoenix and 75 miles north of the US/Mexico border. (Click on audio link below…)

11 pounds of meth found in vehicle undercarriage

FL-Virgin Islands
Former TSA supervisor charged with trafficking cocaine

Illegals march across classified military base

Criminal alien, MS-13 leader sentenced to life imprisonment

Cholera Spreads Beyond Haiti as Mexico Suffers Devastating Floods

Declassified memos point to Tamaulipas media, govt downplaying cartel violence

Mexico’s Economy Grows 1.2%

Mexico: Jehovah’s Witness Family Murdered over ‘Dog Fight Gambling Debt’ in Ciudad Juarez

Neighbors in Shock Over Massacre of Mexico Family

Mexican teenage hit man to who beheaded four boys to be freed next month
Headed to US?

Make or break for Peña Nieto

‘Narco Cultura’ takes a blood-soaked look at Mexico’s war on drugs

In the Middle of Mexico, a Middle Class Is Rising

The Majority Of Mexico’s Prisons Are Controlled By Inmates

Loyalties in Mexican state divided between drug cartel, vigilantes

Vigilantes take over town in violent bid to kick out drugs cartel

US Cables Raise Questions about Mexico Migrant Massacres

Mexico Church Hierarchy Takes Tepid Stance Amidst Violence

A Look at the Afro-Asian Roots of Mexico’s Mestizo Racially Mixed Population

18 Mexicans convicted in Nicaragua to serve out money laundering sentences at home

Remittances to Latin America recover – but not to Mexico

Residents Kill 9 Drug Traffickers in Western Mexican City

Drugs Cartel Mass Grave Unearthed in Mexico Tourist Hotspot

Mexico town fights drug cartels with priests’ blessing

Mexico extradites top cartel member

33 mutilated corpses found in hidden graves in Mexico drug lands

Body Count From Mexico Mass Graves Rises To 42 As Grim Search Continues

Mexico lawmakers accused of demanding kickbacks from municipalities

Purging El Salvador’s National Police: Mission Impossible

El Salvador Gangs ‘At War’ as Truce Hits the Rocks

Property Theft on the Rise in Guatemala

Colombia’s Former Spy Chief Arrested for 1989 Assassination

Colombia’s Wild West: Gold, Prostitutes and Urabeños

Ecuadorian Police Seize 2 Tons of Cocaine

Why Do Brazilian Police Kill?

Brazil Awards Contracts for 39 Wind Farms

Ecuador Launches Its Second Satellite

Haiti clashes as protesters demand President Martelly resign

The Faces Of The Stateless In The Domincan Republic

Human rights group calls for resignation of Jamaica’s top cop

Cocaine haul worth $48m washes ashore on Japan beach
-end of report-
1943 by Rockwell

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