Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Convictions Released; Additional Border Patrol Agents not Enough to Beat Smugglers; Unsecured Border Encourages Child Victimization, says Former Border Patrol Org


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Brazil 2014 Crime and Safety Report: Recife
Travel Health and Safety; Transportation Security; Stolen items; Theft; Murder; Kidnapping; Cargo Security; Floods; Carjacking; Riots/Civil Unrest; Insurgencies; Landslides and mudslides; Drug Trafficking; Fraud; Financial Security 4/1/2014

U.S. Department of State rates the criminal threat level in Recife as Critical.

Crime is the principal threat to visitors in Brazil.  Street crime remains a problem for visitors and local residents alike, especially in the evenings and late at night. Foreign tourists, including Americans, are often targets of crime.  The incidence of crime against tourists is greater in areas surrounding the airport, beaches, hotels, bars, nightclubs, and other establishments that cater to visitors. While the risk is greater at dusk and during the evening hours, street crime can occur both day and night, and even safer areas of cities are not immune. Expensive watches, high profile jewelry, and all electronic devices will immediately attract unwanted attention from criminals. Recife has one of the highest per capita murder rates in all of Brazil. (Much more info at link below.) (Complete DOS Report)

DHS Document: 68,000 Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Convictions Released in 2013 (For a copy of the 8 page report)

Images Reveal Dangers Facing Border Patrol from Rock-Throwers

Additional Border Patrol Agents not Enough to Beat Smugglers

US Unearths Sophisticated Border Drug tunnels-more below

Mexico Confirms Confrontation with (AZ) Border Patrol Agents
MX soldiers, who misidentified themselves to Border Agents, claimed to be pursuing drug smugglers

Issa to ATF Head: Why Are Major Fast and Furious Players Still Working at the Agency?-more below

Unsecured Border Encourages Child Victimization, says Former Border Patrol Org

Another Month Of Violence And Vigilantes In Michoacan (MX)

Narco-Cities: Mexico and Beyond
Laredo Border Patrol considering releasing immigrants

California immigration holds drop

US Unearths Sophisticated Border Drug tunnels

Elderly Chula Vista woman arrested after drug tunnel investigation

2 border drug tunnels are elaborate, sophisticated, ICE says

Undocumented immigrant’s arrest closes door on deferred action

CBP: Get I-94s early for Easter travel

How? Why?-Commentary by Mikew Cutler

Life on the U.S. Border: Where the Unusual Is Routine

ATF needs to get its act together

Dennis Burke Should Be Further Sanctioned, Not Celebrated For Lying to Brian Terry’s Family

Lawmaker Tells DHS Secretary New Border Security System Must Be On Budget, And On Time

Lawmakers Demand DHS Come Clean On Libyan Immigration Policy Reversal

Inter-agency cooperation is key to border enforcement, says Border Security Expo panel

CBP Commissioner Kerlikowske outlines agency goals in keynote speech at Border Security Expo

House Democrats push immigration; cartel violence hearing could propel reform forward

How badly must Republicans lose for immigration reform to win?

House republicans’ secret immigration ploy

Higgins announces additional Customs and Border Patrol officers to be assigned to Western New York

Call For Technology To Protect Our Borders

DHS hits reset button on the Electronic Immigration System (ELIS)

Catholic leaders hold Mass at border to urge immigration overhaul

Catholic leaders push immigration overhaul at border

Don’t tase me CBP

As violence falls Americans cross border again to save on dental care

More border protection officers coming to Vermont

Shock: Border Patrol Union VP Says Patrol Agents are Window Dressing

Mexican Illegal Alien Deported 14 Times is Caught Again (Video)

Fatal accident involving SUV packed with illegal immigrants

Deportation dilemma: Laws leave some foreign-born criminals on Guam

Arpaio accuses ICE of violating policy on illegal immigrants

5 arrested, 45 lbs. of drugs seized at Nogales border crossings

Laredo rancher with ties to Zetas gets 2 years in prison

Pot bundles wash up on La Jolla beaches

Shasta County sees spike in illegal pot grows

Port of New Orleans to receive new Customs and Border Patrol officers

Columbus port waits for expansion

Antelope Wells port sees little traffic

Five in custody after migrants arrive on Broward beach

U.S. Repatriates More Than 200 Migrants in One Week

Man wanted in 2008 slaying captured in Mexico

Corrupt Customs and Border Protection Officer Sentenced to More Than Seven Years

In surprise move, cartel boss pleads guilty to drug charges

23000 marijuana plants discovered in Coarsegold
1 American and three Mexican Nationals

Local man homeward bound after immigration snafu kept him away

Hidden grave holds remains of murder victims in Valley of Juarez

On The Mend, But Wounds Of Violence Still Scar Juarez

Vast Web Hides Mexican Drug Profits in Plain Sight, U.S. Authorities Say

Injured Central American migrants granted passage to Mexico City
See item below entitled ‘The Beast’

Mayhem reported on the streets of Reynosa amid shootouts

Tracing the U.S. heroin surge back south of the border as Mexican cannabis output falls

Remittances to Mexico Rise 7.15% in First 2 Months of 2014
totaled $3.26 billion in the first two months of 2014, up 71.5 percent compared to 2013

Federal police, soldiers to patrol Mexico state

Government Officials pose biggest threat to journalists in Mexico, group says

Girl found hanged in Juarez shelter is believed to be from Ecuador

What Should Investors Know About Security Issues On Mexico’s Other Border?

The Beast

Mexican security forces kill cartel boss in shootout

Federal police, soldiers to patrol Mexico state

19 Arrested for Mayor’s Murder in Mexico

Mexican Police Seize Huge Shipment of Stolen Gasoline

Mexico: Oxxo to hit 20,000 shop mark in 2022

Newspaper Editor Beaten in Western Mexico

Spanish Unit of Mexico’s Cemex Fined $620 Million

Judge Declares Mexican Airline Bankrupt, Orders Sale of Assets

Funeral service ends with another death after armed civilians attack

Man wanted in Texas for operating prostitution ring captured in Costa Rica

Honduras to Double Military Police in San Pedro Sula

Costa Rica: Pineapple production on the rise

Guatemalan Cops Nab Teen Suspected in 10 Murders

Nicaraguan Reveals “Secret of Life” at Age 110

GM Takes $400 Million Loss in Venezuela as Ford Loses $350 Million

Report Signals Rising Threat to Argentina Journalists

Almost 4 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Brazil

Venezuela Seizes More Than 3 Tons of Cocaine

Venezuela: 10,000 tonnes vegetables not distributed due to transporter’s strike in Tachira

Venezuela issues ID cards to curtail food hoarding

Death Toll in Venezuela Protests Reaches 39

Venezuela’s Street Barricades a Deadly Protest

18 Wounded in Clash Over Wildcat Mining in Peru

Colombian Troops Neutralize Explosives-Laden Vehicle

Teachers in Argentina Return to Work after Long Strike

Brazil: Vale da Ribeira’s banana producers facing losses of up to 30%

Argentina: Violent attacks grow after lynching

Venezuela Seizes More Than 3 Tons of Cocaine

Tests Confirm Presence of Chikungunya Virus in Dominican Republic

Cuba’s Tourist Arrivals Up 7% in First 2 Months of 2014

Cuba Moves to Attract More Foreign Investment

Shortage of potatoes in Cuba

Cuban Opposition Group Says Political Arrests Declined in March

More Than 100 Haitian Migrants Intercepted in Caribbean

Dominican Rep.: Programme underway to increase coconut production
-end of report-

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