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UPDATED: U.S. Plans to Sell Mexico 18 Black Hawks to Tackle Drug Trade; Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Nevada Voter Fraud; Mexico Forbids Drug Lord’s Extradition

April 29, 2014


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U.S. Plans to Sell Mexico 18 Black Hawks to Tackle Drug Trade

Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Nevada Voter Fraud

U.S./Mexico Law Enforcement Coordinate to Arrest Head of Criminal Organization

Documents: ‘Fast and Furious’ guns found their way to El Paso and Columbus, NM

Trapping El Chapo: Chicago’s public enemy number one

The Hunt for El Chapo-good read
“Sinaloa cartel is now active in more than fifty countries.”

Mexican gang leader gets life term for U.S. consulate killings

Homeland Security Chief: ‘I don’t understand those who say we are not enforcing’ immigration laws

How Mexicans know when an earthquake is coming

US deports Pak national for supporting terrorism

Shocking number of kids crossing the border

Feds Spent $26.2 Million On Medicare Advantage For Illegal Immigrants

DHS IG Was Tight With Napolitano’s Staff, Hid Agency Scandals

US Offers $7 Million Grant to Reduce Child Labor in Honduras

Undocumented Immigrants Are Lawyering Up

Senators denounce Obama for threatening ‘entire Constitutional system’ by ‘nullifying’ immigration laws

Immigrants seeking U.S. protection spend months in detention, suit says

Supreme Court Rejects AZ’s Appeal Seeking To Punish People Who Harbor Undocumented Immigrants

Texas County Facing Bankruptcy–Due to Illegal Immigration

US Fines Seattle Company for Requiring Documentation from Immigrant Workers

Photos That Cross Borders and Challenge Perceptions

Borderland: Dispatches From The U.S.-Mexico Boundary-NPR series

A chat with Allan Winneker, author of “Border Line: A Novel”

Questions Remain a Year After Cartel Lawyer Shot Down in Southlake Town Square

Border issues: On the front lines

U.S. Border Patrol Blotter, Blaine Sector March 27-April 9, 2014

Tucson-area border agents seize pot, vehicles, arrest Chinese nationals

Congresswoman McMorris Rogers favors legal status for undocumented immigrants

50 immigration holds lifted in Multnomah County jail on first day after Sheriff Dan Staton changes policy

31,000 Pot Plants Removed
evidence…uncovered at the scene and the pattern of grow indicates… it is another Mexican drug cartel grow

Large pot grow busted in Shasta Co.

Mariposa County Deputies Close Down Two Marijuana Grows
“…believed to belong to Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) that has been operating in the area for some time.”

Convicted felon deported to Mexico 2 years ago, arrested after shooting BB gun at car

Border Patrol agent assaulted by fleeing man
“An unauthorized immigrant assaulted a U.S. Border Patrol agent” (‘unauthorized immigrant’ equals illegal alien !)

Smugglers Turn to Huts to Hide Illegal Immigrants
(The use of these is not new. As far back as 1978 when I first went on the job, field workers (campesinos in Spanish) often lived in hootches.)

Border Patrol Rescues 10 Stranded in Rio Grande While Attempting to Cross to US

9 migrants taken into custody near Tequesta

Dulles CBP Arrests Saudi National Wanted on Sex Assault Charges

RCMP and USCG team up for cross-border patrols

19 immigrant-rights activists arrested at Suffolk jail


A 12-Year-Old’s Trek of Despair Ends in a Noose at the Border

200 immigrants from makeshift camps arrested

Border Patrol vehicle rolls over into ravine east of Otay Mesa

Border agents arrest 26 for human smuggling, drugs
some in camouflage clothing-also 2 Chinese nationals

Suspect shot and killed by SVPD officer identified

Increasing drug trade, violence mar positive effects of Bakken boom
“Meth is still most common, but most of it originates in Mexico. It’s more potent…”

NY Troopers arrest two California men for heroin possession

Nogales tries to shake its image of a violent border city-video

Worcester Wreath to pay $25,000 over immigrant hiring practices

US Captures/Deports Mexican in $150 Million Fraud

Border Patrol rescues unauthorized immigrant bitten by snake

Border Patrol Rescues Two Lost In Desert

Border Patrol: $4M of meth, pot seized over weekend

CBP Officers Discover Almost $236,000 Worth of Methamphetamine Hidden in Vehicle

Andrade CBP Officers Discover More than 2,200 Xanax Pills Concealed Inside Man’s Underwear

3 Charged in Drug Case

US Marshal’s Office Joins Search for Man Wanted in Connection to Valley Murder
Mexican citizen…wanted for murder…police say he stabbed a man to death…and wanted by the DEA for drug trafficking

Border Patrol Arrests Two Dangerous Illegal Immigrants Attempting to Abscond into Local Neighborhoods

High speed chase yields pot, and 5 suspects

Seven Houstonians convicted in plan to send assault rifles into Mexico

Authorities stop a major drug trafficking ring in Pueblo
from Mexico to California and Colorado

Latin America is World’s Most Violent Region: UN

As Mexico Cracks Down, Vigilantes Are On The Rise In Latin America

Chinese Imports From Latin America

Mexico Forbids Drug Lord’s Extradition Even As Negotiations With US Continue

Fearing Rape, Female Migrants Are Taking Birth Control Before Crossing The Border

Mexican Army Rescues 60 Kidnapped Migrants Near U.S. Border

Seven Killed in Shootouts in Northern Mexico

Attack on Hotel in Southern Mexico Under Investigation

Mexico’s Zetas cartel supplying rifles to El Salvador’s gangs, official says

Putting flesh on the bones
Mexico’s energy reforms

Much Ado about Mexico, the State

Mexico’s Drug War: Substantial Changes Seen In Michoacan

Mexico Peso Volatility Falls as Investors Await Energy Law Rules

Mexicans pay dearly for ‘green gold’
lime has become precious, with gangs of thieves stealing it by the ton.

Murder in Juarez

Mexico’s Spending Half a Billion Bucks on Drug War Helicopters

Tijuana Violence Ticks Up, But Don’t Blame Cartels

Mexican Rights Body: 89% of Attacks on Journalists Go Unpunished

Security Forces Kill Six Criminals, Arrest 42 Others in Central Mexico

The Guerrero Vacuum: Gang Decapitation In A Mexico Violence Hub

Beltran Leyva cartel figure and a Michoacan mayor arrested in Mexico

Protests Mount Against Mexico’s Proposed Telecommunications Law, Which Would Bring In Censorship, Allow Real-time Surveillance And Kill Net Neutrality

“Ilusión Nacional” explores Mexico’s addiction to the beautiful game

Is El Salvador’s Revamped Truce Plan a Political Stunt?

Guatemalan banana bosses deny they’re exploiting campesinos

Honduras: The Deep Roots of Resistance

Belize Falling Under the Drug Cartel Influence

Morales: Drug Cartels Better Equipped Than Bolivian Army

Bolivia LatAm’s Latest to Pass Narco-Plane Shoot Down Law

From murder capital to model city: is Medellín’s miracle show or substance?

Brazil: Expediting the destruction of seized narcotics

Easter deaths spark Brazil protests near Rio

Colombian President Santos Seeks New Path on Drug War

Colombia: FARC attacks target energy infrastructure

Colombia hopes to take advantage of China’s agricultural opportunities

Over 30 Indigenous Groups in Colombia Threatened with Extinction

BA Governor Calls Drug Trafficking Argentina’s ‘No.1 Problem’

Argentine Cops Bust Drug Band, Seize 50,000 Ecstasy Tablets

Peru expected to regain title of second largest copper producer worldwide by 2017

Antigua latest Caribbean island to be hit by chikungunya disease

U.N. Struggles to Stem Haiti Cholera Epidemic

Dominican pineapple growers look to export 120 containers weekly to Europe
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