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Ed. Message; Growing Hezbollah Presence in Southwest U.S.; 3,075 ‘Probable Cases’ of Cholera Detected in Mexico; Deadly Drug Cartel Shootout with Mexico Police Linked to “Grenade-Walking” Scandal

October 19, 2013


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Mexico 2013 Crime and Safety Report: Hermosillo

The State Department’s current crime threat level for Hermosillo is “Medium” for residential crime and “High” for non-residential crime. Armed robbery, drug-related homicide, rape, burglary, vehicle theft, theft from vehicles, credit card fraud, and other types of petty crime occur. ore at link below:

Uruguay 2013 Crime and Safety Report

The crime rate continues to be high by U.S. standards…Road Safety: When venturing outside the capital, personnel should always exercise extra caution, as traffic safety is a concern…There are increased police patrols during periods of high tourist activity in these areas and on occasions when a cruise ship arrives in the summer season; however, there is a minimal police presence in the late evening and early morning hours. ore at link below:

Guyana 2013 Crime and Safety Report

Guyana remains rated as “Critical” for crime. Criminal activity, particularly violent crimes and crimes against people and property, continues to be a major problem. Foreigners in general are viewed as targets of opportunity but are not specifically targeted. Serious crime, including murder and armed robbery, are common…Road Safety: accidents are a major concern with speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol as contributing factors. Road and driving conditions are poor. Police sporadically enforce local traffic laws, and local drivers often drive recklessly. Stop signs and traffic signals are often ignored. Much, much more at link:

Deadly Drug Cartel Shootout with Mexico Police Linked to “Grenade-Walking” Scandal

Growing Hezbollah Presence in Southwest U.S.
Hezbollah’s ‘business relationship’ with Mexican drug cartels is a driving force

Bordering on the Absurd: Immigration Expertise Lacking at U.S. Border Agency
see below as example

Obama to replace Napolitano at DHS with former DoD general counsel, Jeh Johnson

DHS nominee Jeh Johnson lacks immigration experience

Tough Times Ahead for Border Patrol Agents

Dan Rather Reports – No Thanks for Everything-good video
the flow of high-skilled guest workers from overseas

Salsa outsells ketchup as American tastes change

Feds Bust Underage Sex Slave Operation in Houston Area
all from Mexico, running since 1999-girls 14-15 yrs. old

Controversial quota drives immigration detention boom

Border prosecutions to be restored in California after shutdown cutbacks

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent

U.S. Won’t Pressure Mexico to Capture Man Who Kidnapped, Tortured DEA Agent

Tosh Plumlee, Ex-CIA Contract Pilot, Spills Beans On Murder Of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena

ATF tries to block whistleblowing agent’s Fast and Furious book

Issa and Grassley Concerned About ATF Blocking Book by Whistleblower on “Fast and Furious”

U.S. to allow ATF agent to write ‘Fast and Furious’ book, not profit from it

The Myth of the “Otherwise Law-Abiding” Illegal Alien

Agents: fuel-saving measures hamper Border Patrol

Paying Illegal Aliens to Stay-Report

Accused murderer gets 65 years on weapon, identity theft, immigration charges
another example of why amnesty is a bad idea

Dozens confront Border Patrol agents during Tucson traffic stop

Six Caribbean nationals arrested following deadly smuggling trip

Suspected Mexican cartel members arraigned on drug charges

Conflict: Border Patrol ‘stand down’ order vs. Democrat’s new immigration bill

Decline in U.S. unauthorized immigrant population halted

Open for business: Despite decimated leadership, Gulf Cartel keeps moving marijuana

Tough times ahead for border patrol agents

Photos from the fence

Authorities seize $322,860 in undeclared currency

Los Tigres provide soundtrack for immigrants’ lives

Racial discrimination suit against Maine egg farms settled

Hebbronville Border Patrol station honors fallen agent with monument

Bollinger County fugitive arrested trying to cross Mexican border

Buckeye police seize close to 100 pounds of cocaine

U.S. Border Patrol arrests suspected drug smugglers from Mexico

Border agent injured when stolen car rammed vehicle

Border Patrol agent injured in drug bust

Half-ton of pot found in Boulevard

Border Patrol officials: More smugglers using jet skis to get into US

Four dead, 11 rescued after migrant boat flips off Florida

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents Seize Nearly $2 Million Worth of Marijuana

Mexico Cholera Outbreak Spreads to Four States

Another 3,075 ‘probable cases’ of cholera detected in Mexico

U.S. Government Shutdown Creates Ripple Effect On Latin America’s Leading Economies

Drug Cartels Deliver Aid to Storm Victims Before Government Does

Mexico again missing deadline on vetting police officers

Threatened by Zetas, US-Mexican journalist gets scoop

Former leader of Mexico’s Tijuana drug cartel killed

Floods plunge bankrupt, bloodsoaked Acapulco to new depths

Mexico’s crackdown on drugs spurs extortion wave

The Real Housewives of Ciudad Juárez

Armed Housewives In The Hills Of Southern Mexico Fight Back Against Organized Crime

Denied help, woman in Mexico gives birth on lawn

Mexico: Eradication Ops Sweep Golden Triangle

13 Police Held In Kidnap Gang Swoop

14 Dead as Gangs, Police Engage in 3 Gunbattles
bad guys had nine guns, including a .50-caliber rifle

Three police, four suspected cartel members killed in Mexico shootout

In Mexico custody battles, high-profile fathers gain an edge

Fire at Pemex pipeline in Mexico kills one after illegal tapping

Mexico’s Private Sector Irked by “Junk Food” Levy in Tax Overhaul Bill

Crime in Mexico Out of sight, not out of mind

2 former Guantanamo detainees have left El Salvador

Narco-Islands: The Honduras-Belize Tourist Bridge
This is the second of three reports on “Narco-Islands.” See original in Animal Politico here.

Narco-Islands: Panama’s Drug Trafficking Paradise

Guatemala Arrests Suspected Allies of Mexican Drug Cartel

Large arsenal of military weapons and heliport discovered near Nicaragua border

Five nurses and doctors at Calderon Guardia Hospital under investigation for illegal organ harvesting

Evangelical Minister Gunned Down in Northern Honduras

In Costa Rica, street dogs become official police dogs

Venezuela Shoots Down 2 Planes

Argentine train crashes into Buenos Aires Once station

Brazil’s PCC Gang Threatens a ‘World Cup of Terror’

Colombia: The virgin auctions in Pablo Escobar’s home town

Colombia Governor Arrested, Accused of Gang Ties

FARC guerrillas bomb railway of top Colombia coal miner Cerrejon

Colombia: Santos orders military reinforcement against FARC

Brazil fire destroys one of world’s biggest sugar terminals

Four Die in Accident at Colombia Gold Mine

Royal Navy scores two more multimillion dollar drug busts in the Caribbean
worth US$92 million

St Lucia on ‘high alert’ following suspected dengue death

Cuba’s Stroll Toward Change: A View from the Streets

Jamaica police report three killed including teen in weekend violence

Two dead, one critical after shootout with police in Guyana

Los Zetas smuggles drugs to Europe through West Africa
-end of report-

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