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Top cartel leader arrested; Cartels threaten to kill US law enforcement

March 31, 2011

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Milenio  (Mexico)  4/1/2011

Calderón to replace Attorney General

MEXICO CITY – Mexican President Felipe Calderón is replacing Attorney General Arturo Chavez Chavez after 18 months of service.  A replacement has not yet been named.  (Late in the day, the item below came out)
SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  3/31/2011

Calderón proposes Marisela Morales as new Attorney General

President Calderón has nominated Marisela Morales as the new head of the PGR.  During a press conference, he said that the PGR would be run by the attorney for Legal and International Affairs, Jorge Alberto Lara Rivera, until the Senate ratifies the appointment of Morales.

La Hora  (Guatemala)  3/31/2011

Female Migration: Economic Opening

Migration is the result of policies of economic liberalization and globalization, which have increasingly affected women, and  proof of that is migration, both internally and externally, said sociologist
Ana Silvia Monzón.  Monzón says Guatemalan women constitute 28 percent of current immigration to the United States, and in the case of internal migration, they constitute 54 percent and when talking about migration to Guatemala the percentage is 62 percent.  According to the professional, the majority of Guatemalans who travel to another country do so to improve their living conditions for their families where many become domestic or agricultural workers or do some other kind of work, such as caring for people.

According to Monzón, this issue not only affects women who migrate, but also more than two and a half million women who receive remittances.  This is because many times due to difficulties in the labor market, mainly in the U.S., they are forced to take responsibility to generate income for the family. The latest data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) emphasized that there are more than 400,000 women who have migrated to the United States, stressed the feminist.  Monsón said that one of the reasons why women migrate is that there is a no labor market that really offers decent jobs for them, and there is no state action (in Guatemala) to actually encourage the population, so the migration continues.

The sociologist was one of the lecturers at the seminar Women before the trade liberalization process, an event organized by the Institute for Agricultural and Rural Studies and the Presidential Secretariat for Women (SEPREM), where researchers attended from Guatemala and Mexico. (Note: often Guatemalans find work while passing through Mexico, and thus become illegal aliens there until caught and deported.)

La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  3/30/2011

Mexicali: Earthquake reconstruction 1 year after earthquake

Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan presented a report on reconstruction of Mexicali after the 7.2 earthquake a year ago. Accompanied by some of his top aides and the Mayor Francisco Pérez Tejada Padilla, and in front of leaders from various sectors of society, the state ruler detailed some of the work in which to date about 3 billion pesos  has been (US $252,145,200) invested.  He said most reconstruction work has been completed except for the hydro system southeast of the Mexicali Valley, as the New Delta canal will be completely rebuilt.  He commented that it was a good sign, as Mexico City was still rebuilding after the 1985 earthquake.  Acreage for cotton was increased by 50%, and wheat farmers produced two of the best seasons in spite of damaged areas.  During the year, 15, 560 new jobs were created. (Like war, disasters boost economies even when smaller, such as this one.  Mexicali is the state capital and a manufacturing and agricultural center, right on the border in the desert between Yuma and San Diego.)

GUATEMALA – 4 executed at hotel shootout; owner, 19 yr old daughter, 2 guests killed, another guest wounded.

MEXICAN POLL – Do you think the violence will end in Mexico?   No
86.67%    Yes 13.3%

TORREON, COAHUILA – Prosecutor for 28 yrs. executed on way to work.

AGUASCALIENTES – State police commander for state executed in garage.

MICHOACAN – Female state police commander of special ops group kidnapped.

COAHUILA – Wildfires fought by 540 fire fighters have burned 69,189 acres. 

XALAPA, VERACRUZ – Fire fighters express fear of fires over Holy Week due to lack of water and increased visitors.

VERACRUZ – Tortilla prices increase again by 15%.

NUEVO LEON – 13 dead in 20 hours; authorities say violence increasing.(SDP)

MEXICO CITY – Agreement signed to broadcast photos and data of missing people.

HERMOSILLO, SONORA – Narco laboratory seized by army; 2 pot fields and crystal methamphetamine lab.

MEXICO CITY – System set up to use text messages to report crimes in
the capital; already use Facebook for this.

COLIMA – Citrus disease affecting 440 orchards; represents 18% of agricultural gross domestic product (GDP) (El Universal)

DURANGO – Murderer that stabbed mother and 6 yr. old girl was stabbed to death in prison 24 hours after entering; report says ‘ had multiple stab wounds in nearly all of the body’ (now that is justice!).

ZACATECAS – Armed group attack state police station; no reported injuries. (OEM)
U.S. most-wanted  Guatemalan drug trafficker caught (English) -worked with El Chapo Guzman-Editorial below relates. Notice DEA Agent in middle.
La Hora  (Guatemala)  3/31/2011  EDITORIAL

Chamal Ortiz does not exist

The capture of drug kingpin Juan Ortiz López, known as Chamal, far from being a sign of strength of our system of justice is a clear example of how bad impunity s in the country. The arrest came after a court order issued last weekend by a court of the state of Florida, United States, and with the participation of DEA agents.

In Guatemala, for the country’s judicial system, Ortiz Chamal simply did not exist!  It took the drug control agency of the United States to act, based on a U.S. judge’s order, to stop the most important drug-related Guatemalan. Officials dealing with security issues knew of the whereabouts of Ortiz, but no one moved a finger, to the point that never even started a formal investigation to establish his role in the international network of drug trafficking.

Precisely why is it that Guatemala has become a haven for organized crime, given the difficulties and lack of political will to carry out serious investigations that allow justice. Here offenders can live in peace and actually do it, provided there is no power to exercise any control over them or to investigate the source of the wealth they can not hide because of its sheer size.  People were observed spending money hand over fist, holding his wealth of mysterious origin and nobody does anything to investigate.  What is common is to hear the phrase that we are infested with drug traffickers.

The U.S. Embassy issued a statement yesterday congratulating Guatemala for the capture of Ortiz, in what is an example of diplomatic efficiency because the photos of Ortiz accompanied by DEA agents are too categorical. Of course, part of PNC, the Public Ministry and the Army of Guatemala were there, but no doubt who made the catch.

This lesson should be that leaders of organized crime at this level can not go unnoticed to the national courts.
Blog del Narco (

SAN LUIS POTOSI, SLP – Entire family executed, including 6 mo. old

DURANGO – Federal Police captured Barnabé Monje Silva, aka M14, who is fourth in command structure of the Pacific cartel in state of Durango; former cop; also got 2 other major cartel people; seized 3 AK-47 rifles, 3 handguns, 5 magazines, 79 cartridges, 500 grams of Crystal, 13 cell phones, 7 cell chips, 2 USB sticks, a Toyota, which had marked the marked “M18”, a Jeep Patriot, a Volkswagen Bora, among other things.

SAN LUIS POTOSI, SLP – Seven ‘hawks’ arrested (hawks are lookouts paid by the cartels to spy on police and military, and thus warn the cartels in time to escape).

SAN LUIS POTOSI – State prison deputy director and his wife executed; 15 yr. old child very grave.

CHARCAS, SAN LUIS POTOSI – Military attacked at checkpoint; 2 wounded Zetas caught; seized 3 AK-47 rifles, an AR-15 rifles, three .22 caliber rifles, 7 handguns, 51 magazines, cartridges, 4 vehicles, 6 radios, 9 mobile phones, tactical equipment, among other things.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA – Father, son and daughter shot; brother and sister die.

GARCIA, NUEVO LEON – Mayor attacked again this week by 40 men in 15 vehicles; 4 gunmen killed and 4 arrested by he and 8 bodyguards;1 died, 2 others serious. 

ARCELIA, GUERRERO – Military attacked by gunmen at narcocamp; 2 gunmen, 2 soldiers dead; 2 captured. 

TLAQUEPAQUE, JALISCO – Court officer executed, lawyer passenger wounded.

GUERRERO – Tortured and executed man’s body dumped along Acapulco highway.

MICHOACAN – 4 executed, dumped along highway.

GARCIA, NUEVO LEON – Clash with military leaves 3 gunmen, 2 civilians dead; this is where there have been 2 attacks on Mayor a week apart.

GUADALUPE AND MONTERREY MONTEMORELOS, NUEVO LEON – Police officer and 3 others kidnapped, each separately; 4 executed; 2 wounded, all separate incidents.

CHARCO LARGO, SINALOA – Body found, no head located; died from beheading.

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Body found inside drum; 4 others have previously been left in same place.

ANGOSTURA, SINALOA – 4 men, 1 woman executed; index finger, genitals removed.

ACAPULCO – Tortured, executed man dumped near seaside.

TEPECOACUILCO, GUERRERO – Decapitated body found, head found elsewhere; each left with narcomessage.

SONOITA, SONORA – 2 Honduran men found executed.

Mexico Detains Top Leader of Pacific Drug Cartel -also got 2 other major cartel people
Southern Command’s chief outlines criminal threats – Central America remains a hotspot of instability
Reforming Mexico’s Police-Video
Dengue fever epidemic forces Paraguay to suspend surgeries; 13,000 infected, 18 dead this year
Mexican cartels get heavy weapons from Central American, U.S. cables say
Brazil’s Rousseff to Visit China April 12-13, Xinhua Says
Survey Indicates Brazil Most Influential Country in Latin America
Dengue Virus–Infected Mosquitoes in Schools in Mexico
Fraud Delays Haitian Election Results; Final Results Due In April

Domestic News – United States

Bill would designate Mexican cartels as ‘terrorist’ groups
U.S. Border Patrol Report-WA
Colorado prison inmates tame, train wild horses for border patrol and other work
Opinion: Danger on the U.S.-Mexico border
Cartels threaten to kill Texas Rangers, ICE agents
-actually any law enforcement that interferes with a drug load
EDITORIAL: Napolitano: Border better than ever
-Homeland Security in denial about the Mexican problem
Arizona – Police report gives account of events prior to incident
-More details emerge on Douglas-area border shooting
The FBI’s view of border issues
Mexican Standoff
Texas – Border Patrol agents seized drugs and currency at the Checkpoint on HWY 83
Illegal Drug Fight Moves Underwater
Arizona and California agricultural leaders examine border issues in SCC
Arizona – Sonoita Border Patrol Agents Seize $2.2 Million in Drugs
California – Marijuana found in secret compartment
Spilling Over?  As federal officials talk tough, local officers express concern about cartel violence
Arizona – Huge pot stash discovered in watermelon load
Texas – Border Patrol Agent Opens Up About Vicious Attack
California – Teen bicyclist hit Monday dies – another illegal alien victim
Obama Promises El Salvador New Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

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