Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison in Death of Border Patrol Agent; For Mexico, Economic Growth Hinges on Justice; Venezuela Protests Leave Injured


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Brazil 2014 Crime and Safety Report: São Paulo

The crime threat rating for São Paulo and all of Brazil as rated by the U.S. Department of State is Critical. Recent statistics show that crime has decreased in some areas, yet crime levels in the State of São Paulo remain high. Much of São Paulo’s crimes and violence can be attributed to street gangs and organized crime groups operating throughout the state. São Paulo continues to experience violent crimes such as murder, rape, kidnappings, armed assaults, and burglaries. All neighborhoods within the city of São Paulo are susceptible to crime. There are daily reports of armed robberies that occur regularly in the affluent residential sections of Jardims, Morumbi, Campo Belo, and Moema where a number of government and business leaders and a majority of the U.S. Consulate employees reside. (more narrative at site)
For more information, go to source link below:
Brazil 2014 Crime and Safety Report: Brasilia

Crime is the principal threat to visitors in Brazil, especially in the larger cities. Street crime is a problem especially in the evenings and late at night. In Brasilia, robbery, assault, burglary, and theft are concerns for foreigners and Brazilians alike. The police and the press report that crime is becoming more widespread. Violent crimes, such as murder, kidnapping, carjacking, armed assault and burglary, occur regularly. The consolidation of power among a few large criminal gangs has led to a decrease in gang-on-gang violence; however, this has resulted in an increased focus on civilian targets.

Residential burglaries pose a constant threat and concern. According to the police much of this crime is carried out by mobile street gangs, originating from larger, distant cities, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Other perpetrators are from the surrounding satellite cities and travel by metro, bus, or car into the neighborhoods looking for targets of opportunity. Most residential properties, especially single family homes, utilize security alarm systems. These systems are monitored by local security companies who respond along with local police. Some neighborhoods employ static guard posts to monitor activity on the streets adjacent to their homes. Larger properties and commercial sites generally employ 24/7 security guard services. (more narrative at site)
For more information, go to source link below:
Mexico 2014 Crime and Safety Report: Mexico City

Millions of Americans safely live, work, and take vacations in Mexico every year. Security conditions vary significantly throughout the country, and for that reason the Department of State has gone to great lengths to craft and update regionally-specific guidance for American citizens in Mexico. Crime varies widely in Mexico depending upon location; the Department of State crime threat rating for Mexico City is Critical, the highest Department rating.

Crime Threats

Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) produce significant levels of violence throughout parts of the country. The northern half of the country was considered a higher threat area, primarily due to TCO conflicts and competition for drug trafficking routes to the United States. Recent statistics, however, show that this trend may be changing and that violence is on the rise in the center of the country. For example, the states of Mexico and Guerrero had the highest homicide rates in 2013. Kidnappings are on the rise within Mexico, and the states of Guerrero, Michoacán, Mexico, Tamaulipas, and Morelos recorded some of the highest rates in the country. Thus, while crime and violence remain high in the border areas, central Mexican states became increasingly violent in 2013. In its efforts to combat violence, the Government of Mexico (GOM) has deployed security forces to various parts of the country. (more narrative at site)
For more information, go to source link below:
Concern over new strain of “deadly” bird flu
Because of the ever-changing strains of this virus spreading
so rapidly, along with it’s presence in Mexico, I feel this is worth a read.

Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison in Death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
brian header

Border agent’s family appeals ruling in Fast and Furious lawsuit

Brian Terry’s brother rips holder on Fast and Furious: ‘Where is the accountability?’

Acting ICE Director Sandweg Resigns after Five Months on the Job

House GOP amnesty advocates upset Ted Cruz may have killed bill

States Struggle to Add Latinos to Health Rolls

Zetas Training US Gang Members in Mexico: Witness

DEA, Chicago Crime Commission to meet on Chicago gangs and Mexican cartels

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Unaware of Existing Law, Job Responsibilities

Tunnel shut down in Nogales; 3 arrested

Obama admin unilaterally changes law to allow immigrants with ‘limited’ terror contact into US

Former Mexican state official in U.S. court on money laundering charges

Colombian, Mexican cartels drive LI heroin scourge

Border Patrol Employee Forced to Choose Between Job and Motherhood

Crucial Border Enforcement System Modernization Runs Into Snags, But On Track, Lawmakers Hear

Immigration-Reform Opponents Suspect a Ruse

If the House ever debates immigration, here’s where it might start

Immigration groups turn to anger

CDC: 5 ways diseases in other countries can kill you

Court papers tie Mexican drug cartel to mailbox at Coral Gables UPS store

El Paso Barrio Azteca gang helped arm counterparts in Juarez
Gang forced women to smuggle heroin across border, provided guns, ammunition to counterparts in Juárez

US Consulate trial: Barrio Azteca suspect gulty in slayings (above)

Feds worry that drug cartels are moving into Colo.

Abbott unveils $300 million policy on border security, other safety issues

Huge Drug Pipeline Run by 3 Mafia Gangs Disrupted, Feds Say

U.S. Border Patrol Blotter, Blaine Sector
aliens from United Kingdom, Spain, India, China, Canada

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers integral to keeping ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles safe

‘Anchor Baby’ Outrage: Americans Pay billions for Illegal Alien Births (Video)

Illegal alien raped, strangled woman in front of her child in North Carolina

Border agents seize two-ton pot stash near Camp Pendleton

Border Patrol Agents Make Two Busts Worth Nearly $2 Million

Migrants in custody after coming ashore on Singer Island
Border Patrol suspects migrants being smuggled from Bahamas

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Three with Stolen Electronics

Border Patrol agents arrest 12, including convicted sex offender

Border Patrol Busy Weekend Results in Arrests of Two Dangerous Felon Gang Members

23 Central-Americans Detained By Border Patrol

CBP Field Operations at the Pharr International Bridge Seize Over $21 Million in Narcotics

San Luis CBP Nabs Smuggler with

2 Mexican nationals plead guilty to growing marijuana on public lands in Idaho

Drug Sweep

U.S. agents detain 57 boatpeople mostly Dominicans

Otay Mesa CBP Officers Seize $1.5 Million Worth of Liquid Methamphetamine
in gas tank

Calexico CBP Officers Foil Attempts to Smuggle Almost $1.3 Million Worth of Hard Narcotics

Hiker Breaks Leg, is Rescued by Border Patrol

Drug Cartel Suspected In Rio Grande House Fire

CBP seizes $958,400 worth of cocaine at Ysleta Port of Entry

For Mexico, Economic Growth Hinges on Justice-Forbes

Mexico Drug Cartel Hitman Beheaded and Dismembered 800 Victims

Mexican Truckers Commence Arbitration Action Against U.S.

Mexicans Lured To Border By Faint Hope Of Asylum

Presidents of Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru Sign Regional Accord

US-bound Central Americans begin to settle in Mexico
The immigration of Central Americans has increased by 50 percent

Mexico’s New Mission
It’s the hot new emerging market.

Stephen Harper won’t drop visa rule for Mexicans, source says
Canadian Visa requirements imposed in 2009 to curb bogus asylum claims

Maple Leaf restructuring heats up with sale of Canada Bread

Could Chapo Guzman be Making a Move Against His Sinaloa Cartel Partner?

Mexico finds skeletal remains along US border

Why Mexico’s ‘drug war’ is not about drugs

Riot police sweep striking teachers from Mexico City’s main plaza

Small Ray of Hope in Mexico’s Forced Disappearances

Mexico’s lost daughters: how young women are sold into the sex trade by drug gangs

Mexico Receives $21.59 Billion in Remittances in 2013

Mexico Says Economy Likely Grew 1.3% in 2013

Post-energy reform: Mexico signs first oil deal with Russia

Cocaine Paste Haul Signals Mexico Gangs Are Opening Labs

Teaching Just Wasn’t Right for Him, Head of Mexican Drug Cartel Says

Mexican officials looking for two suspects on the lam after Canadians killed

The Risks and Benefits of Legalizing Mexico’s Vigilantes

Mexico Plans To Economically Suffocate Michoacán Cartels, Make Alliance With Vigilantes

Decriminalizing marijuana: Could Mexico City be next to light up?

Is Mexico Slowing Down? Check Out These Mexican Stocks

Fear of violence, lack of training, trauma fuel self-censorship in northern Mexico, study found

Mexican Reporter Threatened By Cartel Violence Before Being Killed

Mexican border states prove deadly for journalists

Mexico City: water torture on a grand and ludicrous scale
A grossly inefficient sewage system makes the city’s tap water filthy
and consigns millions to disease

Severed heads left in front of bank in Mexico with chilling note

Gangland Body-Disposal Specialist Nabbed in Mexico

Mexico police find mass grave and severed heads in Michoacan

Mexican drug lord: Inside his abandoned mansion

Soldiers Find 12 Bodies in Clandestine Cemetery in Central Mexico

Mexico’s Guerrero state teeters on the edge of chaos

Police bust 2 drug labs, arrest 19 in central Mexico

Mexico’s Pet Food Tax Could Increase Animal Abandonment
16% sales tax on pet food
Cuarto Poder     Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico     2/10/14

28 Somali and Guatemalan Migrants Rescued

Officials in Mexico’s southernmost state of Chiapas came into contact with a group of eight men and two women from Somalia (on the “horn” of Africa.) The group had been abandoned by smugglers whom the Somalis believed were to have taken them to the United States.
Another group, this time 16 Guatemalans enroute to the U.S., were also rescued from a house in Tuxtla Gutierrez, state of Chiapas, where they were being held by smugglers demanding ransom from their relatives.

Original Spanish at:

Honduras and Mexico: Open Season on Journalists

US citizen brutally murdered in Costa Rica: police

Panama’s 1st Solar Power Plant Begins Operating

Three Cops Die in Shooting Incident in Guatemala
La Prensa San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2/16/14

The Emigrant Children-Full transl. of the main editorial

The story is the same. It’s repeated daily. The desire is the same: to make the “American dream” a reality. The number of minors in the migration from Honduras toward the United States is an attention getter since they travel an already difficult – and dangerous – route for an adult, to say nothing for a child.

We cannot close our eyes concerning the cold numbers which, from simple statistics, ought to serve to develop tangible projects to reduce the 4,001 minors deported from Mexico and the USA in 2013, according to data from IHNFA (Honduran Childhood and Family Agency) ; more than 330 children a month. And the trend seems to continue in 2014 since in January of this year 95 minors were returned from the Mexican state of Tapachula, according to the report from the Center for Returned Migrants.
(“Centro de Atención al Migrante Retornado”: a Honduran gov’t. agency that deals exclusively with Hondurans sent back or deported from abroad.)

These statistics demonstrate the state’s failure concerning the issue of worthy job creation, of real opportunities for academic and technical development, of the reactivation of agriculture for the benefit of farm families, of effective social projects for the new generations. To travel “wet” to the USA is not tourism. It’s gambling with death, it’s that simple. Despite the danger, children and adults want a better life. They think it’s in the USA.
For Spanish, go to source link below:
Both “Proceso” (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) and “La Prensa Gráfica” (San Salvador, El Salvador) -2/8/14

report that some Central Americans who emigrate toward the United States are staying in Mexico.
Some Mexican city governments, such as that of Tijuana, are said to be starting to protest about the increasing influx of aliens, mostly from Honduras and El Salvador. Some of those aliens have reportedly stayed in Guadalajara, Aguascalientes and Querétaro.
The Central Americans travel by land from Mexico’s southern border and after crossing Mexican territory they seek the way to penetrate into the United States.
All the above was brought up by Gustavo Mohar Betancourt up at a conference titled “Border issues; outlining the future.” Mohar is said to be a Mexican expert on immigration, and consultant to the Atalaya group, especialized on risk management and intelligence strategies. He is also reported to have been the chief Mexican negotiator during the immigration talks between presidents George W. Bush and Vicente Fox.
Another of the conference participants was David Aguilar, “Interlocutor of Global Security and Intelligence Services” and “ex-commissioner of Customs and Border Protection,” who said that the influx of CentralAmericans heading to the United States has increased in the last two fiscal years and that “Immigration of CentralAmericans has increased 50%, basically of Hondurans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans.”
The full Spanish articles’ links:
La Prensa Grafica
La Prensa Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2/15/14

Central American emigrants sent 14.5 billion dollars in individual monetary remittances during 2013.
The breakdown by country:
Guatemala : 5.105 billion
El Salvador : 3.969 billion
Nicaragua : 1.150 billion
Panama : 560 million
Costa Rica : 550 million

The daily amount for Honduras: 8.4 million dollars.
The Honduran community in the United States provides more than 70% of the remittances that the country receives and expects that the current government may implement support actions for this emigrant community that abandoned Honduras in search of better work opportunities in other nations.
Original Spanish at link below:
Proceso Teucigalpa, Honduras 2/16/14

Two bus loads of Honduran youths deported from Mexico arrive in Honduras every week. The buses arrive on Mondays and Thursdays, usually with unaccompanied children ranging from 12 to 17 years of age.

The Director of the country’s “Returned Migrants’ Affairs Center” (Honduras has an agency (“CAMR”) whose sole function is to look after its citizens deported from abroad) said that Honduras ranks first in the number of undocumented children who leave intending to travel to the United States in search of the American Dream. She added that they go to search for their parents and also to escape the violence in Honduras because of the “maras” criminal gangs.
Link to full Spanish article:

Venezuela Protests Leave 5 Injured in Fourth Day of Unrest

Venezuela Seeks Opposition Leader’s Arrest After Protests Turned Deadly

What’s going on in Venezuela in a nutshell (English version)

Colombia earthquake hits near city of Arauca

How Gold Trade Fuels Modern-Day Slavery in Peru

Five Killed in Colombia Mining Accident

First Chinese bank opens in Peru-video
sign of China’s increasing presence in Peru

Colombia police nab Spanish man, 78, with cocaine in his stomach

Colombian news channel taken off the air after reporting on protests in Venezuela

Inflation Fuels Crises in Two Latin Nations

Rise in Argentina Ecstasy Seizures Suggests Production Migration

Prosecution of Forced Sterilizations in Peru Still Possible

We failed to win the war on drugs: Santos

Can Peru Extend Coca Eradication Success into the VRAEM?

Cocaine haul worth nearly £4million found in Colombia – on freight ship bound for Britain
value US $6696800.00

Brazilian Cameraman Dies of Head Injury Suffered During Protest

Bolivians Faced Prospect of Slavery in Brazil

Virus Advances Through East Caribbean

Canada expands chikungunya travel health warning for the Caribbean

US Coast Guard offloads $37 million of cocaine in ‘historic haul’ in Caribbean

Detained North Korean ship leaves Panama

Heavy security in Guyana after unusual US warning

St Vincent diplomat recalled for offering to help source US ‘Green Cards’

Spanish Police Make Record Drug Bust on the High Seas
-end of report-

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~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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