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Over the Weekend: Increased Violence Leaves More Police Dead or Kidnapped

January 31, 2011

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Cuarto-Poder  (Mexico)  1/30/2011

Cops Go to War Without a Gun

(Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas)  “They send us to war without guns,” said a police officer while nostalgically looking at new, unused patrol vehicles.  Nearby, six vehicles have been scrapped, while others are being repaired.  From December through January 15, there were only 5 patrols circulating with the remainder in repair.  This officer is patrolling on foot, while nearby are 14 new units and 15 motorcycles, all ready for use.  They either lack the plates or fuel.

El Universal  (Mexico)  1/29/2011

Mexico grows despite violence: Calderón

(Davos, Switzerland)  President Felipe Calderón said that Mexico’s economy is growing despite the violence and challenges facing the country, during a conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos.  He continued that the country registered positive growth in employment, and explained that several companies announced investments there.  The Spanish company Iberdrola is investing 370 million dollars.

La Hora  (Guatemala)  1/29/2011

U.S. Embassy Issues Alert on ATM’s

Due to increasing violence in Guatemala, different embassies have issued recommendations for visitors. The U.S. warns of ATM robberies and Mexico is warning not to stop for a flat tire until safety is reached.  The embassies note the increased crime rates, particularly in urban areas.  The US consulate noted that criminals are using cloned ATM cards, with some people losing thousands of dollars and sometimes their entire bank accounts.  The warning notes that Antigua, Guatemala is especially risky.

 La Prensa  (Honduras)  1/30/2011

Military depot explosions leave one dead

(Caracas, Venezuela)  A fire caused a series of explosions at an ammunition depot of the armed forces in the city of Maracay on Sunday where a woman died and 10,000 people were evacuated from the area, according to official reports. It happened at 4:45 am local time. The vice president told VTV Jaua that authorities “have no certainty” what caused the incident, but said “we cannot rule out any hypothesis as Venezuela is a country threatened by powerful international forces. We know of groups…, but still can not determine whether it was intentionally caused or was an accident.”  Officials recovered 15 explosive devices which had been scattered in residential areas by the blast.

La Prensa  (Honduras)  1/29/2011

Acapulco Seeks to Survive the Drug Trafficking

(Acapulco, Mexico)  Despite the wave of violence, hundreds of tourists continue to visit the famous Mexican beach city of Acapulco.  For decades, Acapulco has been the most popular beach destination in Mexico.  But now, the bloody violence between the cartels threatens the once booming tourism industry.  Military trucks drive through the city, where in early January, 15 men were beheaded in a local mall.  The clashes between three cartels-Beltran Leyva, La Familia and the Zetas-have become more frequent and the massacres have become common with dozens of victims.  Acapulco which was made famous in the sixties and became a classic destination for Americans who preferred it to Havana after the revolution, has now undertaken a campaign to promote itself and minimize the effects of violence.  But industry experts believe it will take something stronger to counteract the fear of violence.

El Heraldo de Chiapas  (Mexico)  1/30/2011

Evidence Linking Railroad Employees to “smuggling” of Migrants

(Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas) The parish priest of the diocese Arriaga Tapachula and director of the Casa del Migrante “Home of the Migrant,” Heyman Vázquez Medina, said there is evidence that workers in the railway company that goes through Chiapas are in collusion with criminal gangs that traffic in foreign migrants.  “…we have much evidence to say that railroad workers were working in collusion with criminals,” said the defender of the migrants rights.  Although abuses of migrants have dropped by 95% in Chiapas, migration has not diminished and there are other rail routes where they are still vulnerable.

Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  1/30/2011

Two Police Officers Executed

(Monterrey)  Shortly before 7 pm, gunmen attacked two Transit police officers in Monterrey.  Although police mobilized throughout the area, they were unable to locate the gunmen.
Blog del Narco (

-Reynosa: Man & woman found executed, woman’s pants around knees; both
shot; no ID
-Torreon; decapitated female found wrapped in blanket; no ID
-Apodaca, Nuevo Leon; grenade thrown at police station
-Cadareyta, Nuevo Leon; grenade thrown at home of municipal president; unexploded

-Guadalajara; Aeromexico flight carried 80 kilos drugs; headed for
Tijuana; dog found; methamphetamine, heroin and methylphenidate
-Nuevo Leon; 7 more executed; one shot 5:30 am; at 1 pm, 6 shot and completely burned; no ID’s
-Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán; police officer killed Saturday; shot 8

-Nuevo Leon; 2 police officers kidnapped; later, police in shootout,
w/ 5 cartel gunmen killed
-Jalisco; 4 taken from home and executed right there; aged 19 yrs to 80 years old

Domestic News – United States

Sheriffs Babeu and Estrada: Iranian book discovered in desert is ‘disturbing’-Arizona
Drug Smuggler’s Second Pot Catapult Found in Mexico
Border Patrol cops more than 10 tons of pot-Texas
Mexico crooks are going after tires, too-Texas
Ranchers asking for more border security-Arizona
Sex Trafficking Major Problem In Georgia (USA)-one kidnapped from her home in Veracruz, Mexico, and forced intoprostitution here
Illegal Immigrant Sent To Prison For Using Marine’s Identity-Kansas
Feds arrest nightclub owner on most wanted list for human trafficking-New York
Busy First Day for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Immigration Posse” Crime Sweep

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