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El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras to reinforce border security by sharing data on persons transiting their border areas

October 29, 2010

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Friday, 10/29/10

La Prensa (San Pedro Sula, Honduras), La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salvador) 10/28/10

Central American nations to share data on transit of aliens

El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras will share information about persons transiting their areas and who may have been denied visas, or have been previously deported, or for whom there are arrest warrants. It also includes those who have presented fraudulent or altered documents. The agreement between those countries was signed on Oct. 22 at a special meeting of the Central American Migration Directors. The measure seeks to reinforce the region’s border security. Delegates from other area countries, including Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Belize, plan to “consult” with a view to joining the system in the future.

Ruben Alvarado, Director of Migration of El Salvador, said that in order to obtain better border security they needed to reach four goals: the interchange of information among the countries, the “sterilization” of the border area, improvement of the infrastructure and technological equipment. He added that the information that will be shared “is linked to criminal aspects,” and that the United States and the European Union have expressed an interest in being able to contribute with technology and possibly with some kind of infrastructure. Organized crime groups use Central America for the traffic of drugs and people toward North America.


El Diario (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 10/28/10

Wanton slaughter

When workers at a “maquila” (cross border assembly plant) finished their shift around one a.m. today (Thurs.) in the Juarez Valley they boarded buses for their return home. But later armed subjects (who may have been looking for one subject in particular, according to some accounts) fired on the buses and the result was that four persons died and fifteen others were wounded, some critically.

In twelfth place among a side listing of “More News” in the Local News section, this item: “The total of assassinations yesterday was thirteen.”


Frontera (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) 10/28/10

More marihuana in Tijuana

A citizen’s report resulted in the finding of 1 ton, 648 kgs. of weed by military personnel in an area of Tijuana (One metric ton equals 1,000 kgs). The drug was in 164 packages wrapped in plastic. Three individuals were arrested at the site, on Xicotencatl Leyva Street

Another 122 kilos of weed were seized by U.S. officers at the Otay Mesa border crossing, on the east side of Tijuana. The weed was in 42 packages that were hidden inside the tires of a freight truck.


And people smuggling also

A resident of Pueblo, Colorado, arrived from Tijuana at the border, seeking to enter San Ysidro (San Diego) Calif.; there, he was referred to the secondary inspection area. The rear door of the Chevrolet Trailblazer he was driving was opened and inspectors found a 31 yr. old man and a 19 yr. female, both Mexican and both “without documents to enter the United States.” The vehicle had been modified with a special sub-floor metal compartment and the two subjects were hidden inside (see attached photo which accompanied this article). The driver was arrested and the two smuggled aliens will be held as material witnesses pending presentation of this case in court.


La Cronica (Mexicali, Baja Calif.) 10/28/10

U.S. Border Patrol seizes heroin

U.S. Border Patrol Agents seized 11 kilos (24.2 lbs.) of heroin found hidden inside the spare tire of a vehicle that was inspected at a checkpoint on Interstate Highway 8. The driver, vehicle and narcotics were turned over to the DEA.


El Pais (Cali, Colombia) 10/28/10

Again, more cocaine

Colombian naval and air force units intercepted a launch in the area of the Gulf of Uraba (on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, next to Panama). The launch, with a crew of five, had apparently just been loaded from another craft which managed to escape. The loaded launch had 92 sacks holding 2,326 kilos of cocaine, worth 58 million dollars in the black market. The launch also had communications gear and 28 containers of fuel.

Forty tons of cocaine, with an approximate value of a billion dollars, has been seized this year on the Caribbean area of Colombia.


Milenio (Mexico City) 10/28/10

Mayor of Acapulco asks locals not to go out after dark

After a series of violent events that have produced more than 30 homicides in one week, the mayor of Acapulco asked the organized crime groups not to take to the streets to resolve their disputes, and then told residents to restrict their night time activities as much as possible due to “reasons of security.”


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