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Editor Note; Drug Cartels Ruling US Border Regions?; Mexico Kidnappings Highest in 16 Years; Guatemala’s New Narco-map: Less Zetas, Same Chaos

September 24, 2013


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My apologies the report is late.  I’m coping with some serious health issues, and have several doctor appointments this week.  For those sending me items for the report, please send them anyway.  This saves me time in not having to search.  All messages for the M3 should always go to the address below, which comes directly to me.  Thank you for your loyalty.

A. Ferguson, Editor

Drug Cartels Ruling US Border Regions?

Ab Taylor dies at 88; famed tracker who worked to help children
thirty years with the Border Patrol

Probing Ties Between Mexican Cartel and Chicago’s Violence

Honoring Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Through Fiction

DOJ Finally Sued Over Fast and Furious Documents Surrounding Holder’s Contempt of Congress, Stonewalling

Expected Ruling in Weeks on Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Contempt Suit

Third suspect arrested in Fast and Furious killing of US Border Patrol agent

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Background Checks Require a Reality Check-Mike Cutler

U.S. Urged to Curb Militarization in Latin America

When Speeding is Worse Than Violence

Border Agents replace simple headstone with memorial

California lawmakers approve measure to allow driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants

Trust Act could be another win for immigrants and their advocates
would bar local jailers from holding most illegal aliens an extra 48 hours for the feds

Ex-ICE Official: Neglect of Workplace Enforcement Harmful to Workers and the Economy

ICE Arrests Sexual Predator While 3,000 Deportable Alien Sex Offenders Released

U.S. releases illegal immigrants who are sex offenders
Report says many are freed without supervision or speedy deportation

Border Patrol Prepares for Spike in Illegal Immigration

Ga. teen abducted from home found alive
one suspect illegal alien from Mexico

Despite Attacks, Border Patrol Agents Save Lives Over The Weekend

Border Patrol agents foil murder suspect’s escape to Mexico

California lawmakers approve measure to allow driver’s licenses for illegal immigrant

Arizona Ranchers Say Mexican Drug Lords Rule in U.S. Border Regions: ‘We’re Living By the Law Of the Cartels’

Security searches of private planes raise alarm

Muddy footprints lead agents to marijuana stash house

Special agents arrests TSA employee accused of smuggling people into the US

Two vehicle pursuits tied to drug smuggling

Border Patrol Arrests a Felon Gang Member in California

Undeclared ammo stash seized by Mich.Border Patrol

Border Patrol stops fugitive in car with drugs, stolen gun and kids near Hatch

Agents Bust Stash House in San Juan

Virginia Garcia mobile health clinics reach more than 700 migrant farm workers

Boise County authorities seize 40,000 marijuana plants in illegal grow operation; 5 arrested
at least 4 of arrested are illegals

Mexico Kidnappings Highest in 16 Years

Why so many people in Mexico still go missing-video, excellent

Deadly storm sandwich: Ingrid soaks Mexico’s Gulf coast, Manuel attacks from Pacific

Looters ransack shops as floods hit Mexico

Desperate thousands try to escape cut-off Acapulco

Mexico’s storm devastation raises questions

Cartel Car Bombings in Mexico

Persian Gulf is Growing Drug Hub For LatAm Groups

Mexico: Former Mayor Javier Sagrero Chávez fatally shot

Politics at play in Mexico’s ongoing teacher protests

Mexico Govt Moves Against Vigilante Leadership in Guerrero

Mexico City: School bullying on the rise

In sign of energy dilemma, Mexico runs low on natural gas

Jalisco Cartel Announces ‘Cleansing’ of Mexican State
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico 8/24/2013

According to the director of a Tijuana food bank, Central and South American migrants are traveling through Tijuana enroute to the U.S. in increasing numbers. The director stated that previously it was rare to see migrants from outside Mexico, but now at least 2 of every 10 people the bank serves is from there. Many of these have substance abuse problems, have suffered violence and lack resources to sustain themselves in the city. As a result, many take up temporary residence in the crime and drug ridden Tijuana River canal. (Spanish)

Guatemala’s New Narco-map: Less Zetas, Same Chaos

Massacre in San Jose Nacahuil: Whoever is responsible, Minister López Bonilla should be removed

4 of Mexico’s Cartels Operate in Panama: Officials

US Pushes Honduras to Crack Down on Cachiros

Guatemala Crime Family Hit by New Arrest

Rousseff dashes White House hope of stronger ties with Brazil

Pope Francis: ‘Drug traffickers are merchants of death’

Yayo Submarine: Life and Death on a Cocaine-Smuggling Submersible

90% of Brazilian Town Lives off Drug Trafficking: Authorities

Argentina: New extradition treaties combat organized crime

Colombia: Bar stampede leaves 6 dead in Bogotá

Trafficking in Persons Report 2013: Brazil

Spain: 800 kilograms of cocaine seized from yacht

Brazil: More drug traffickers behind bars

Caribbean: Governments make strides to combat HIV, AIDS

Dominican Republic: Chronicle of an Unreported Death

Dominican Republic & Haiti to Team in Counter-Smuggling Fight

Violent gangs smuggle thousands into Italy – U.N. expert
-end of report-

Recently Captured Illegal Alien

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