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DHS Can’t Locate 266 Illegal Overstays that ‘Pose National Security’ Risks; Arms Seized in Honduras Were Destined for Mexico’s Los Zetas; Brazil Frees Nearly 3,000 Slaves; Venezuela Aims to End Toilet Paper Shortage

May 29, 2013


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A. Ferguson, Editor

For the sake of our children, and their children:

Press reports stated that in his March 18th talk to the Hispano Chamber of Commerce, Senator Rand Paul advocated amnesty for the eleven, twelve, or who really knows how many millions of foreigners who have invaded our country and who have chosen to make a mockery of our nation’s laws by entering or remaining in our country illegally.

This forces the following issues to the forefront:

– What is the rationale in having a country, with defined borders and explicit immigration laws, if the borders that identify that nation are going to be repeatedly violated and its immigration laws ignored for political expediency?

– Endorsing a “permanent legal status” for “undocumented immigrants” is nothing but a politically convenient and self-defeatist acceptance that rewards violators of our federal laws. It is a de facto amnesty, one that grants work visas and even asks that those already here be treated with “understanding and compassion.”

– Haven’t we yet learned that “amnesty” (in its various disguises) is nothing but an invitation for many more millions to violate our nation’s borders and immigration laws for years and years and decades to come?

– Given the abundance of fraudulent documentation: how can we really tell when and where anyone of those many millions entered illegally, what their true name, date and place of birth really is, what arrest or criminal record they might have, or, worse, what tie-in and purpose they might have with a foreign terrorist organization? Remember the 9/11 disaster? Those were also “undocumented immigrants.”

This is not an exercise in political advantage or disadvantage. It is a call for what is best for our country, for our children and their children. You are invited to review a written program prepared by persons who devoted their working lives to the service of our country in the specialized field of immigration. On the website of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (“NAFBPO”) ( please see the section titled “Comprehensive Immigration and Enforcement Reform.” ( It was written without bias, but with expertise based on hundreds of years of cumulative experience.
-Gene Guyant, retired Chief, U.S. Border Patrol and Founding Member of NAFBPO

DHS Can’t Locate 266 Illegal Overstays that ‘Pose National Security’ Risks

HSI, FBI dismantle sex trafficking ring in Atlanta

Three Defendants Plead Guilty to Participating in Ambush Murder and Attempted Murder of ICE Agents in Mexico

NAFBPO Border Presentation-Video

Attorney’s killing in Southlake (TX) was probably over money, investigator says
“Mexican cartel probably ordered the killing of attorney Juan Jesús Guerrero Chapa, a resident of Southlake, because of “disputes over money and personal differences,”

Big Bend Texas & the Drug War

AFL-CIO: We Have No Higher Priority than Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
“given more than 20 million Americans unable to find full-time jobs, and testimony by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke that the American job market remains weak,”

Big Media Lobby for Immigration Bill
“Michael W. Cutler, an immigration enforcement expert with 30 years of experience as an Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) agent, wrote a special report for AIM saying the Senate bill should be known as the “Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act”

Sessions takes on Senate immigration gang, vows to ‘expose’ flawed bill

Meet a few of the illegal aliens with rap sheets whom Team Obama flung onto America’s streets

Infiltration? The alarming details surrounding alleged Hezbollah member’s arrest in Texas

Retired Border Patrol Agents: immigration bill would spark more terrorism

Immigration Authorities Close Student Visa Loophole; Plan Biometric Exit System

Sex trafficking in U.S. linked to Mexico

Meth dealers: They’re coming to America

DHS Kicks Off $100 Million Employee ID Project

Senate bill doesn’t stop most illegal immigration: Fed study

Cruz: Homeland Security has its mind made up on border security

The Truth About Our Borders-Video
with Dennis Michael Lynch, maker of They Come to America documentaries

Study on possible border entry fee sparks opposition

U.S., Canada swap data on hundreds of thousands of border-crossings-Report
“data helps each country pinpoint those who have overstayed their visas and can help show whether individuals have met residency requirements.”

FBI busts Mexican drug ring in Concord busts Mexican drug ring in Concord

Arizona CBP Officers Seize $1.6 Million in Marijuana Concealed in Canned Jalapenos

An Emotional Border Patrol Memorial

Border Patrol Drill Team 2013

A Day Without an Illegal Immigrant-Tom Tancredo
An imaginary exercise. May 1, 2006

8 Recommendations for Congress on the Merida Initiative

Local Border Patrol head responds to recent arrest at checkpoint
mimicking a recent trend on YouTube showing people challenging Border Patrol agents at checkpoints. (

Immigration case of Juárez businessman highlights legal flaws

Border Patrol Agents Complain About Fuel Rationing
some…limited to a few dozen gallons of fuel a day for a 10-hour shift.

U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint Foils Drug Smuggling Attempts
(Editor’s former station.)

2 men attempt to smuggle nearly $500K in drugs into US
14 pounds of methamphetamine, two pounds of heroin and more than five pounds of cocaine in the dashboard

CBP Disrupts $840 Million in Narcotics
four speedboats carrying more than 10,000 pounds of cocaine worth more than $841 million.

Illegal Alien Rapes Baltimore Girl 1 Year after City Becomes Sanctuary

Police find pot stash house at Phoenix apartment

Illegal alien charged with murdering toddler in Louisiana

Guatemalan National Convicted of Stabbing Border Patrol K-9

Boat filled with drugs washes ashore in Manhattan Beach

Illegal alien charged with repeatedly raping 12-year-old girl in Louisiana

Nearly 100 immigrants found at San Juan stash house

Cuban Expats in U.S. Becoming More Like Other Immigrants

Family sentenced in scheme to smuggle Chinese immigrants

7 arrested in Cochise County in attempted human-smuggling plot

El Sol de Hidalgo 5/29/2013 Mexico

The article below, dated 5/29/13, is from “El Sol de Hidalgo” (Hidalgo, Mexico) and describes the arrest of 47 Central American citizens, all illegally in Mexico, as they were about to board a passenger bus headed north. The group aimed to reach the U.S. and consisted of 39 men and 8 women from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.
El Sol de Tulancingo 5/28/2013 Mexico

This article expresses the hopes that pending immigration legislation in the U.S. will be approved so that more locals will be able to travel to the U.S. and that area authorities are ready to offer documentary support to applicants who seek to become permanent residents in the U.S.
La Prensa 5/28/13 Mexico City

This piece details the apprehension in Chiapas, a southern Mexican state, of 20 more undocumented from Guatemala, Honduras and India.

The Militarization of Mexico, Again

Mexican Government Creates Special Missing Persons Unit

Experts: Cartel disputes fuel increase in Juárez region violence

Retired Female Mountie Murdered in Mexico – reports
(Retired from the RCMP)

Mining investment in Mexico to hit $8bn record this year

Mexico annual inflation rises more than expected in early May

Police Seize 2 Drug Labs in Mexico

Bus Crash Kills 16, Injures 19 in Mexico
Eleven people were killed and nine others injured last Thursday when a bus plunged into a ravine

Despite Border Patrol efforts, revolving door of migrants persists

Mexico cartel dominates, torches western state

Mexican Judge Orders Indians Released from Prison After 10 Years

Tale of Mexican drug violence rattles Cannes

Pemex to Invest $67 Million to Upgrade Docks

Mexico’s red hot real estate market

Martifer Solar to Build Latin America’s Largest PV Plant in Mexico

Thousands of Cave Paintings Found in Mexico

Drug Cartels a Greater Threat to Migrants Than US Border Patrol

Archaeologists Discover 8 Ancient Sites in Mexico

Mexico: Millions in losses in apple orchards due to a hailstorm

Mining Stirs Tensions in Mexico

Police: Arms Seized in Honduras Were Destined for Mexico’s Los Zetas

Authorities Detain 8 Indians and 3 Dominicans in Honduras
The Spanish language article is from “Proceso” (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) and dated 5/22/13. It describes the arrest of a total of eleven citizens of India, eight of them near the city’s airport, three others elsewhere at a customs checkpoint, plus three from the Dominican Republic. All were illegally in Honduras. Fifty Asians have been arrested so far this month in Honduras, all illegally in that country.

Inside San Pedro Sula – the most violent city in the world

Eight dead in fifteen days in Cañas – could arsenic-contaminated water be to blame?

Authorities seize 406 kilograms of cocaine

Belize 2013 Crime and Safety Report

80% of Crimes Committed with Unregistered Guns in Honduras

Panama Seizes 2.7 Tons of Cocaine

Brazil Frees Nearly 3,000 Slaves

Eleven Soldiers Killed in ELN Attack

Venezuela Registers at Least 3 Deaths from Swine Flu

Argentine Teachers Strike, Leaving 4.5 Million Students with No Classes

Colombia on high alert following two weeks of attacks on the press

Video of Killing Crystallizes Bolivian Anger Over Crime

Police Break Up Asia-Latin America Human Trafficking Rings

‘FARC’ Attacks Northern Colombian Oil Pipeline on 8 Locations

Venezuela aims to end toilet paper shortage-must read

Spanish couple kidnapped in Colombia

Protesters Hurl Firebombs as Chile Leader Speaks

Brazilian Armed Forces Initiate Border Operation
along the entire Brazilian border, which includes ten South American countries

Bolivia Coffee Production Declines, Coca Cultivation Goes Up

Peruvian Cocaine Best Value For Traffickers: Bolivia Police

Miners, teachers clash with Bolivian police during protests demanding higher old-age pensions

Chile Destination for Bolivian Cocaine Moved by ‘Mules’

Dominican Police Dismantle Haitian Child Trafficking Ring

US Deports Over 500 Dominicans on Drug Charges in 2013

28 Migrants in 5 Rubber Boats Rescued in Strait of Gibraltar
-end of report-

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