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Mexico – Martí kidnapping case to bring about change

September 11, 2008

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(Mexican news sources today were mainly concerned with rains and floods.) 


El Universal (Mexico City), El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo León) 9/11/08


Mexico’s federal agency of public security (SSP) has become entangled in the infamous Fernando Martí kidnapping case in more than just the investigation with the revelation that one of their active agents played a major role in the crime.  Lorena González Fernández was arrested as a member of the kidnapping gang, La Flor, and it was suspected that she was a federal police officer.  The SSP at first denied the charge, but now admits she is indeed an active agent in the AFI, Mexico’s equivalent of the FBI.  The agency admitted that she was hired into the position of trust without the usual examinations and background checks.  


The case of the adolescent Martí, who was found murdered in the trunk of a car after his father had paid a sizable ransom, triggered outrage throughout a country that has been ravaged by kidnappings.  Agent González is accused of setting up the appearance of an official stop of the vehicle in which the youth and two escorts were traveling in order for the kidnappers to get the drop on the bodyguard.  The chauffeur and bodyguard were shot and left for dead, but the bodyguard survived and is now a witness in protective custody.


The head of the SSP explained that the Federal Police agency is in the process of permanent renovation to reorganize, clean and purge and he recognizes that a goal of organized crime is to infiltrate police organizations.



Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California)


Police in León, Guanajuato were in a gun battle with and armed group who used grenades against the officers.  The criminals abandoned three luxury vehicles and fled after wounding eight policemen.  In the abandoned vehicles, authorities found a grenade launcher, fragmentation grenades, and firearms.



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