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‘Phony’ Scandal? Mother of Slain Border Agent Responds; Over 200 Mexico Public Servants Killed in 2013; Potent Dengue Outbreak in Central America; 93 Yr.Old Woman Beaten, Raped, Killed by Illegal

July 31, 2013


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Mexico Travel Warnings-go to link/scroll down for individual states

“Gun battles between rival TCOs or with Mexican authorities have taken place in towns and cities in many parts of Mexico, especially in the border region. Gun battles have occurred in broad daylight on streets and in other public venues, such as restaurants and clubs. During some of these incidents, U.S. citizens have been trapped and temporarily prevented from leaving the area. TCOs have used stolen cars, buses and trucks to create roadblocks on major thoroughfares, preventing the military and police from responding to criminal activity. The location and timing of future armed engagements is unpredictable. We recommend that you defer travel to the areas indicated in this Travel Warning and exercise extreme caution when traveling throughout the northern border region.

The number of kidnappings and disappearances throughout Mexico is of particular concern. Both local and expatriate communities have been victimized. In addition, local police have been implicated in some of these incidents. We strongly advise you to lower your profile and avoid displaying any evidence of wealth that might draw attention.

Carjacking and highway robbery are serious problems in many parts of the border region, and U.S. citizens have been murdered in such incidents. Most victims who complied with carjackers at these checkpoints have reported that they were not physically harmed. Carjackers have shot at vehicles that fail to stop at checkpoints. Incidents have occurred during the day and at night, and carjackers have used a variety of techniques, including bumping/moving vehicles to force them to stop and running vehicles off the road at high speeds. There are some indications that criminals have particularly targeted newer and larger vehicles, especially dark-colored SUVs. However, victims driving a variety of vehicles, from late model SUVs to old sedans have also been targeted. While violent incidents have occurred at all hours of the day and night on both modern toll highways (“cuotas”) and on secondary roads, they have occurred most frequently at night and on isolated roads. To reduce risk, if absolutely necessary to travel by road, we strongly urge you to travel between cities throughout Mexico only during daylight hours, to avoid isolated roads, and to use toll roads whenever possible. The Mexican government has deployed federal police and military personnel throughout the country as part of its efforts to combat the TCOs. U.S. citizens traveling on Mexican roads and highways may encounter government checkpoints, which are often staffed by military personnel or law enforcement personnel. TCOs have erected their own unauthorized checkpoints, at times wearing police and military uniforms, and killed or abducted motorists who have failed to stop at them. You should cooperate at all checkpoints.” More at link below:

Also, military/government personnel warning:

Study Finds Dangerous Levels of Lead in Hot Sauces From Mexico

‘Phony’ Scandal? Mother of Slain Border Agent Responds

In Memory of Brian Terry, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Marine-video

Elderly woman who was beaten, raped dies
19 yo illegal now charged with murder-another for amnesty? until this

Sessions to Republicans: GOP Elite View on Immigration Is ‘Nonsense’

Homeland Security loses track of 1 million foreigners; report could hurt immigration deal-Mike Cutler

Immigration Reform Bill Will Prevent Arrest of Illegals
(Editor note: suggest we think of the will prevent as ‘may’ prevent)

Border security: US rancher’s warning on immigration reform

Mayorkas addresses allegations, DHS morale

Border security and (mis-)management

The “New” Face of Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs): A Geopolitical Perspective and Implications to U.S. National Security

Z-40 is a product of the U.S. drug war: you’re welcome, Mexico

Border statistics demanded by Arizona’s congressional delegation

Border security fallacies and immigration reform

Immigration attorney: The nine Dreamers pushed it too far

Immigration activists remain held in Arizona

HB1 Visas and the myth about shortage of tech workers

13-year-old gang raped by 13 illegal immigrants and 1 black man in Austin, Texas
repeat-still don’t see this in the MSM-a few local TX headlines maybe

Police: Elderly woman who was beaten, raped dies
19 yo illegal now charged with murder

Deciphering Border Security Requirements

Fixing the U.S.-Mexican border delay problem isn’t easy

USCIS wants to train its interviewers to spot applicants who are lying

Frontline Magazine for U.S. Customs and Border Protection
P. 26-27 has an article on Cartel Kingpins-at link, go to bottom left, and click popup

UTEP student who was unwitting drug mule sues Ford
Says company too quick to hand out key codes

17 Ton Marijuana Seizure Sets Record at Calexico Port

Southern N.M. Border Patrol agents arrest murderer and child rapist trying to cross border

$4.8 million Mexico to York County cocaine ring broken up

Ga. man convicted in immigration bribery scheme

Trapped immigrants rescued from storm drain

Man (illegal alien) pleads guilty to marijuana trafficking
one of 8 charged-4 were also charged with re-entering the US after prior deportation.–a felony

Arraignment Postponed For Saudi Princess Accused Of Human Trafficking

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Arrests Lead to Prosecution and Conviction for 15 Illegal Immigrants

Jug falls off truck, leads to arrests

Border Patrol agents find 2 bodies in Rio Grande

Border Patrol Finds 5 Immigrants Dead in South Texas

Detroit Border Patrol Thwarts Kidnapping in Progress

Puerto Rico Sees New Air Route Increasing Tourists from Colombia and Brazil

Over 200 Mexico Public Servants Killed in 2013
exact number reported to be 244

Mexico’s navy vice admiral killed in ambush (SEMAR)
this is going to bring major heat on the cartels from the MX Marines for killing one of theirs

Mexico detains 3 alleged cartel members in killing of navy vice admiral on back road
SEMAR (Marine) admiral and driver killed-admiral’s wife & a bodyguard wounded

Navy Officer’s Killing Escalates Fight for Mexican State

Gunmen Kill 4 Members of Family Outside Mexican Pacific Resort City

Mexico Media Roundup: Politics, Economics And Drug War Violence-Forbes

Cartels Unleash Wave of Violence in Western Mexico’s Michoacan State

Battles between Mexican police, cartel pose threat to truckers

A push in Mexico City to legalize marijuana use

Priest murdered in Mexico

Will Mexico’s alleged drug ‘queen’ return to jail?

Mexican Judge Orders Zetas Cartel Leader to Trial

In the name of the law-Cd. Juarez
A colonel cracks down on corruption.

Regional Drug Capo Arrested in Central Mexico

Mexico: Still a Middle Class Society? – The Expert Take

Mexico poverty rate eased to 45.5 percent: development agency

Mexico’s Poverty Rate: Half Of Country’s Population Lives In Poverty

Mexico Expects Economy to Accelerate in 2nd Half

Hutchison investing in Mexico’s Ensenada International Terminal

Mining projects shelved in Mexico up 40%, $8bn at risk

Mexico: Risking Everything to Migrate North-older
after Zetas attacked and they jumped train, villagers called to them and “within an hour or an hour and a half the field was full, with 500 or 600 migrants,…most of whom have since continued on toward the US.”

Islam Builds Muscle In Mexico

US-Mexico border: The ‘Cicatriz’ of Tecate

Obesity in Latin America: Battle of the bulge

Mexican Archaeologists Find Pre-Columbian Offering in the Capital

Fossil of Fish That Lived 90 Million Years Ago Found in Mexico
El Sol de Mexico Mexico City 7/27/13

Senators will seek dialogue with the U.S. to prevent construction of border fence

The Senators of Mexico will ask the government of the United States to establish dialogue committees to search for a solution to the migration problem, considering that it is an international phenomenon that will only isolate the neighboring country to the north, since measures such as the fence that they plan to build due to the Immigration Reform would increase the risk factors of thousands of Latin Americans who will continue in search of the American Dream, with or without a fence.

“The construction of a border fence between Mexico and the United States is not the solution to do away with migration, which will continue no matter how high and wide the fence may be built,” said Senator Laura Rojas Hernandez, president of the Foreign Relations and International Organizations Commission of the High Chamber.

After participating in the forum about “Transparency and Anti-corruption” organized by the legislators in the Latin University of Mexico, Senator Rojas Hernandez also stated that it’s necessary to find a solution to the migration problem, with the participation of all Latin American governments, but also with the governments of Europe and Asia, because the border of Mexico has been the route for neighbors of the old Continent to seek their passage toward the United States.

She further stated that the United States cannot isolate itself from the world with a fence that, contrary to what’s expected, will strengthen the migration phenomenon; but even more so, it will raise the risks and dangers for the Latinos and Europeans who might want to cross toward NorthAmerican territory.

She reiterated that, aside from the breakdown that might occur in the international relations between the Mexico and United States neighbors, the ones directly harmed are the migrants of the whole continent who, by their nature, will not stop setting forth on roads in search of the “American Dream.”

Laura Rojas Hernandez specified that the Senate is in search of a dialogue with the US. government because it is important that in the process of an Immigration Reform they ought to consider other options with an international vision, before the fence may come to represent the start of a global isolation for the United States. Spanish

Unusually Potent Dengue Outbreak has killed 26 in Central America
Honduras has seen the most fatalities, declared state of emergency, Nicaragua has five

United States Air Force plane picked up nearly 24 tons of cocaine at Liberia airport

Indigenous girl dies from stab wound after kidnapping and rape
already had an arrest warrant for raping the same girl

Murders of Guatemala Bus Drivers Double in 2013

More Than 2 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Panama
Proceso Tegucigalpa, Honduras 7/28/13

The article relates that Honduras, a relatively poor country with an average of 20 homicides per day, “exports” 65,000 of its citizens per year all in search of the “American Dream.” But the number of these emigrants are now being boosted by an increasing number of 14 and 15 year olds due to the challenging levels of poverty and insecurity in their home country.
The original article, in Spanish, may be seen at the link below.
La Prensa Grafica San Salvador, El Salvador 7/28/13

The Spanish language article reports that Salvadoran organizations in the United States are preparing to celebrate the Day of the Salvadoran in various U.S. cities:
– East Boston, Aug. 3, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. including a parade at Lo Presti Park;
– Wheaton Triangle, Maryland, Sunday the 4th, 11a.m. to 6 p.m. (a “Salvadorean Festival”)
– Hempstead, Long Island, Sunday the 4th, a celebration from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
– McArthur Park, Los Angeles, Aug. 2nd to 4th: celebration of the XVII August Fair. Spanish

Colombian conflict has killed 220,000 in 55 years, commission finds

Army blame leftist guerrillas as Colombia’s largest oil pipeline is attacked

Canadian miner backs out of Colombia after kidnapping

Colombian Drug Enforcement Agents Arrest Mexican Couple for Smuggling Heroin

Colombian peace talks resume in Cuba as conflict rages

Brazil’s Rousseff rules out more spending cuts

Shining Path burn $5 million of equipment in extortion attack

Protesters Vandalize Bank Branches in Brazil

Colombia report reveals deadly extent of five-decade conflict

More than 100 bodies exhumed in Peru

Eight Gang Members Arrested in Colombia

Dominican Republic, Mexico sign extradition agreement

New York welfare food sold on Caribbean black market

New INTERPOL technology to detect fraudulent travel documents in the Caribbean

Bermuda introduces automatic ban for drunk drivers

Australia: Illegals not welcome
Hardline immigration policy may be toughest in Western world
-end of report-

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