Treasury Designates Major Mexican Chemical Traffickers; Latin American Countries Pursue Alternatives to U.S. Drug War

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**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity. Some items may be from, or


On Monday, April 9, federal police manning a checkpoint ordered a white Explorer to stop. Instead, gunmen inside began shooting and fled, resulting in a chase and shootout. Three of the bad guys in the vehicle were captured. On inspection of the vehicle, seven bodies were found along with a narco message signed by 3 cartels and announcing a union of the groups.


First, it was the young, and now it’s children and the aged that are increasingly being used by drug traffickers. In 5 years ending November 2011, more than 4,000 seniors have been caught. Jose Luis Prado Maillard, director of the Faculty of Law and Criminology at the University of Nuevo Leon, said it is usually economic need that overcomes ethical and moral issues, that sometimes their values are broken by the need to eat, to maintain health or simply survive , said Prado Maillar.


State investigators and the Mexican military have captured José Luis Guzmán Muñoz, alias El Burguer. He is another of the prisoners that escaped on February 19th from the prison in Apodaca. Eight of the 36 escapees have been recaptured, with another killed during a shootout.


Three men were killed, and two bystanders wounded. The bystanders, a woman was shot in the arm and a minor in the abdomen.


Jesús Gilberto Lucio Hernández alias `El Envidia`, another of the escaped prisoners from the February 19th Apodaca prison break was recaptured after a vehicle chase with shots fired.


Leaving his office, the Director of Civil Registry, José Othon Terrazas Orozco, was fired upon. He was wounded in the right eye.


Two dismembered bodies were found on an avenue, with heads, and other body parts inside black trash bags. along with a narco message. The wording of the message was not made public. These two executions make it 13 that have now been executed in Cancun so far this year.


A police officer was executed while working on his car outside of his home.

Latin American Countries Pursue Alternatives to U.S. Drug War
In viral video, children ask Mexican presidential candidates tough questions
Mexican Presidential Candidate Changes Campaign Strategy
Mexico’s Peña Nieto Discusses Armed Forces’ Crime-Fighting Role
Mexico’s ruling conservatives pump up attacks on rival
Drugs: The Debate Goes Mainstream
Gallup poll: Mexicans more afraid to walk alone at night
In Monterrey, Mexico, a culture of fear is evident
Mexican Army bags 3 bad guys including Los Zetas plaza leader
Taxi Drivers Killed In Mexico: Were Drug Cartels Involved?
Three bystanders wounded.
15 Die in Drug-Related Violence in Western Mexico
Poet and translator murdered in Toluca
Eight Cops Arrested in Northern Mexico for Sexual Assaults
Colombia’s army discovers 3 ‘FARC’ weapons caches
New drug gang wars blow Colombian city’s revival apart
Spanish, Colombian Police Seize Counterfeiting Press in Bogota
San Pedro Sula’s violence mirrors Honduras’ pain
Tiny Mexican newspaper leads the fight for truth amid the drugs war
Mexico’s Veracruz State Rolls Out New Security Operation
Ton of Cocaine Seized in Venezuela
Costa Rica Seizes 4 Tons Cocaine at Single Border Crossing in 2012
Police: Foreign Gangs Use Nicaragua as Hideout

Treasury Designates Major Mexican Chemical Traffickers
9 Suspected Illegal Immigrants Die in Texas Wreck
Obama jeopardizes relations with Canada & Mexico- partners or frenemies?
“Waiving” Goodbye to Checks and Balances-Mike Cutler
The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure
(Links for the first two installments in the series, “The Border Wall: The Last Stand at Making the US a White Gated Community” and “Murder Incorporated: Guns, the NRA and the Politics of Violence on the Mexican Border.”)
IG: Customs shelling out millions in workers’ comp
US freeze assets of top drug cartel leader with ties to Los Zetas
State Department bars Customs from inspecting Muslim Brotherhood delegation
Pakistani Convicted For Human Trafficking After Beating Terror Charges
(Helped to smuggle another Pakistani into the U.S. through Ecuador.)
US counters drug smugglers in Mexican newspapers
Submarine and boat busts in Caribbean yield more than $1 billion in cocaine
Bahamas man arrested after boat containing marijuana worth $342,000 found in Palm Beach

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