Twenty Seven Gunned Down in Mexican Bar; Mexican cartels plant drugs in vehicles of unsuspecting motorists

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El Universal is reporting that the Mexican people feel safer now than they did one year ago.

Blog del Narco (

(Each time an item refers to another police officer being killed, including military acting in that capacity, there will be an asterisk*.)

Warning: Viewer discretion advised.
May contain graphic photos.

The military received a report of human remains in an abandoned van. Investigating that, and after finding a narco grave, the report says it is likely more graves will be found in that vicinity.

A dog in this town found the head of an executed man, and carried it to an altar of the Virgen de Guadalupe. Nothing else has been found, and so far the man remains unidentified.

An armed group of about 10 gunmen entered a parking lot with commercial semi trucks and others. After beating the 60 year old watchman, they sprayed the vehicles with gasoline, then firing guns into them to ignite a tremendous fire.

Professor Juan Gonzalo Alvarado Gálvez, 54 years old, was arriving home near the port of Acapulco when he was gunned down by men in a late model truck.

Gunmen in a car saw another vehicle with plain clothes federal policemen. The gunmen mistook them for rivals and started a shootout. The feds used a vehicle maneuver to stop the other vehicle, and managed to capture three. Seized were two AK-47’s, two pistols, an Uzi machine gun, a grenade launcher, cartridges, boots, tactical equipment, radio equipment , among other things. Little other information is being released.

The criminal group La Mano con Ojos executed a total of 13 people round the state on election day (last Sunday). Some were bound and showed signs of torture. Others were beheaded or dismembered It notes that some were brutally ‘chopped’.

Mexican Marines, acting on an anonymous tip, captured 22 Zetas. Weapons and other things were seized.

A head was left in a cooler placed in a parking lot. The ears had been cut off and a penis placed in the mouth. A narco message was left saying the head was of a Knights Templar member, and that the LFM had beheaded him.

The Mexican military captured a leader of the New Generation Zeta named Daniel Plata Herrera. Two female assassins were also caught, and a police officer and two women that had been kidnapped were freed.

Federal police conducted an operation which located and seized a shop making armored vehicles. Four vehicles were seized and taken to the court house. A few hours later, Zetas attempted to recover those vehicles, and two were killed, one of them only 13 years old.

The military raided narco camp of the Gulf cartel, and seized what they describe as an arsenal. Besides the weapons, ammo, and grenades, ballistic & tactical vests, there were four vehicles also seized, with one of them armored. (Note the photo of the single grenade, with the word ‘Lote’. This would indicate the origin in a Spanish-language country not the US.)

Thursday was a violent day in the state, and began with an attack on the residence of the state Governor. The gunmen were captured in that attack. Later, there were clashes between LFM and the Knights Templar. The military and police were blocked from some of these clashes by narco blockades created by the cartels. It is reported that at least 38 have died, but that has not been confirmed. The central bus in Morelia has canceled all runs until things are back to normal.

A municipal police officer was ordering food at a food stand when gunmen shot him, and also wounded the stand owner. The officer is in grave condition.

Three dismembered bodies were found along the federal highway, with a narco message. Taxco has been experiencing violent executions and violence due to the struggle between rival cartels.

Three gunmen entered the El Potrero at about 9:30 pm, and shouted for everyone to hit the floor. Customers heard machine gun bursts and the gunmen left. Three women and two men were killed. One of the men was disabled in a wheelchair, and so it’s believed he died as he couldn’t get on the floor as instructed by the assassins.

The military located a narco cocina (kitchen), where the remains of several people were found. A few miles away were more remains, where victims are ‘cooked’ before burial. A few meters away, they located a large plastic drum containing about 200 liters of blood.

A federal police officer, Joel Salazar Nava., was shot and killed while on patrol. Casings were found at the scene from both AR 15 and Ak 47 rifles. (Note bullet holes.)

The state attorney general confirmed that this past week an armed group attacked a small mountain community, killing 6 men total. Three in the village of Carboneras and the other 3 in El Patillo.  In satellite view below, the red mark at top is village locations, showing remoteness, with Mazatlan on the coast at bottom left.

Federal police captured 11 members of the Knights Templar, and seized weapons, ammo, and vehicles.

Friday was a bloody day for residents here. During the day, the Knights Templar executed 10 men and one woman. The municipal police were called in advance and warned. One other man was wounded and is in grave condition.

Shortly before 10 pm, gunmen entered the Sabino Gordo bar in downtown Monterrey. The gunmen opened fire, killing 27 people, and wounding 7 more. After taking photos, the gunmen kidnapped 8 people and left.

Mexican Marines received a tip of armed around house, and when they were there, found 11 Gulf cartel members asleep. They captured 11 of them without a shot fired, and seized weapons, ammo, a grenade, military type uniforms and a vehicle.

A total of ten decapitated bodies were found around the city Saturday, seven of them men and three women. The heads and bodies were found at different locations throughout the city. Authorities were not releasing any other information.

A police officer, his wife, their son, and his step son were attacked a block from the police building. She was killed inside the building, the one child died there, and the other in the hospital. The officer was taken to the hospital. There were other shootings and killings, as well as the burning of several vehicles.

Gunmen Kill at Least 20 in Mexican Bar-Report
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Domestic News – United States

Los Zetas Kingpin: We Bought Guns Directly From U.S. Government
The Stimulation Of Murder
Head Of Homeland Security To Sheriff Babeu: You’re Never Going To Seal The Border.
TEXAS  – Border Patrol agents seize a ton of pot worth $1.6 M photo
Smugglers used homemade spikes (called cal-trops)
CALIFORNIA – $214,000 in crystal meth found in car bumper
TEXAS  – Feds bust child smuggling ring in Cameron Park
Mexican cartels plant drugs in vehicles of unsuspecting motorists,
affidavit states
Two Mexican Mafia members found guilty of racketeering, murder
TEXAS  – New ATF Office Opens in Harlingen

TEXAS – Brownsville auto shop allegedly used as cocaine stash house
El Paso teacher in Juárez prison to be freed
Did You Know?
In September 1962, over 300 Border Patrol Agent were deputized as U.S. Marshals at ‘Ole Miss’ as the University of Misissippi is known. They were assigned in support of Presidential orders to integrate the school, and allow James Meredith to enroll. On September 30, student protestors became angry mobs, using large rocks and cement, and other weapons including firearms, against the Marshals line. He was enrolled the following day, and as is said, the rest is history.


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  4. seanalynn Says:

    “These people” are fleeing this violence caused by inequality. Sentence them to death and keep them in Mexico or save lives by letting them come. There are no opportunities for Mexicans due to the NAFTA “Fair Trade” agreement. If you ruin peoples economies they will have to leave. What would you do? Watch your children starve and be killed off by gunmen making money off U.S. junkies?

  5. Sondra Says:


    […]Twenty Seven Gunned Down in Mexican Bar; Mexican cartels plant drugs in vehicles of unsuspecting motorists « M3 Report[…]…

  6. nat turner Says:

    these people are going to bring the same thing here if they are not put out of this nation and for good

    • Areal Person Says:

      I hope you realize that’s incredibly ignorant. The people who come to this country looking for work are often fleeing the violence of the people you’re reading about here. Trying to pool them all into one group is incredibly insulting, and akin to saying “We shouldn’t allow German people in this country because Hitler.”

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