Colombia’s FARC Frees Kidnapped ex-US Marine; U.S. Immigration Officers Give Frightening Warning; In Haiti, Cholera Claims New Victims Daily; Tunnel for Smuggling Found


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U.S. Immigration Officers Give Frightening Warning

Tunnel for Smuggling Found Under Border; Tons of Drugs Seized

Reps. Beto O’Rourke, Steve Pearce introduce bill to help families separated by immigration law

House Republicans Drafting Immigration Measures

Corporate executives join Soros-backed ‘fly-in’ campaign to push amnesty

Chinese Illegal Immigrants Account for Most Border Traffic

Johnson’s nomination marks shift in DHS focus

UC’s $5 million plan to aid ‘Dreamer’ students gets mixed reception

Barbershop Confidential: Immigrant Stories, Cartel Violence and Survival

Treasury blacklists firms allegedly tied to drug lord

Effort to ID immigrants’ corpses is gratifying – and sad

Honduran immigrant found with severed thumb of murder victim

Homeland Security workers routinely boost pay with unearned overtime, report says

The perfect storm: Obamacare, immigration and the Mexican drug cartel

Fast and Furious “Walked” Grenades To Trace Grenades? Special Paint Used to Mark the Tiny Bits and Pieces? Really?

LAPD ‘Special Order 7′ a Godsend for Unlicensed Illegal Alien Drivers
No license? No insurance? No problem!

How Do You Eat An Elephant-Mike Cutler

Corrupt practices: U.S. visa-granting easily compromised-Book review

Indian corporation pays record $34 million fine to settle allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes

US Sanctions Target Cross-Continental Money Laundering Ring

Felony deportations decline as ICE officers resist former chief’s 2010 directive

11 immigrant protesters released; 1 deported

Officials target immigrants with criminal records

Oregonians Fight Illegal Alien License Law

U.S. Customs Officer Charged with Stealing Drugs at Border

CBP Seizes 13 Pounds of Cocaine Concealed within Several Book Flaps

Fugitive with ties to drug cartel spotted in Myrtle Beach

California CBP Officers Seize More Than $1 Million Worth of Narcotics and Apprehend 18 Wanted Suspects

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Arrest Man with Stolen Weapons

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers Seize Nearly $746,000 in Cocaine at Brownsville Port of Entry

Blythe Border Patrol arrest two armed cocaine smugglers

More than 8 pounds of meth seized

Brownsville CBP Officers Seize $1.6 Million in Methamphetamine, Driver Arrested
52 pounds

CBP Finds Huge Drug Load in Family Filled Vehicle

CBP Officers Find Heroin Inside Sealed Containers of Motor Oil

K-9 Sniffs Out Drugs Hidden in Can of WD-40

Illegal Immigration and Illegal Dumping

Border Patrol seizes drugs hidden in mango goop at Falfurrias checkpoint

Mexico Town Hall Burned After Youth Gunned Down by Police

Mexico’s Economy Likely Grew 1% in Q3, Government Says

Kidnappings soar in Mexico, with police often among the perpetrators

Attacks on Electrical Plants: A Sign of Mexico ‘Narco-Insurgency’?

4th person dies of injuries from explosion inside candy factory on Mexico’s border with Texas
See below; fifth person has now died

Juarez candy factory had troubled safety record before explosion

Mexico’s Zetas Are Not Finished Yet

Gulf Cartel Boss Captured by Mexican Police in Cancun

Five Farmworkers Killed in Western Mexico

Gulf Cartel and Zetas Run ‘Narco-Toll Bridge’ in East Mexico

Juarez, Mexico’s onetime murder capital, is making a comeback

Police Chief Gunned Down in Central Mexico

Mexico’s Federal Police Reorganized into 5 Regional Commands

Police Arrest 16 Suspected Gulf Cartel Members in Northern Mexico

Mexico City Leaders Aim to Fight Cartel Violence By Legalizing Pot

Repressive Memories: Terror, Insurgency, and the Drug War in Mexico

Mexico’s trim president urges his people to eat less, exercise more

In Mexico, some kids get free laptops

Mexico Gasoline Pipeline Leak Forces Thousands to Evacuate

5,000 evacuated after Mexico pipeline spews gasoline geyser apparently caused by fuel theft

Mexican president to pardon Chiapas teacher convicted of murder

Mexico detains growing number of undocumented Cubans

Stranded in a Sea of Cars, Where Speedometers Barely Budge
The Bank of Mexico reports that individual monetary remittances to Mexico from individuals in the United States fell 6% from January to September of this year compared to the same period in 2012.
But that figure still reached 16 billion 248.2 million U.S. dollars. In 2012 the amount was 17 billion 270.2 million U.S. dollars.
A total of 65 Central American and Ecuadorean citizens were reportedly detained by Mexican officials in various parts of that country yesterday. All were heading toward the United States and were illegally in Mexico.The total includes nine minors. The link below takes you to the source article in “La Prensa Grafica” (San Salvador, El Salvador, 10/29/13)

Costa Rican Police and U.S. DEA Shut Down Gunrunning Operation with Links to Colombia’s FARC

Headless Bodies of 2 Women Found on Guatemala City’s Outskirts

Rebels or Delinquents? Armed Groups Grip Northern Nicaragua

Costa Rican journalist calls for re-examination of CIA-Contra drug links, DEA agent’s murder

Costa Rica seizes more drugs than Mexico or any country in Central America

Phone Tap Shows US – El Salvador MS13 Connections

Sports Executive, Bodyguard Slain in Honduras

Honduras Presidential Candidates Lay Out Security Plans

Costa Rica indigenous group says U.S. helicopter gunships were in its territory

Honduras Elections: Violent Attacks Against Opposition Candidates Provoke Increasing Concern

ICE deports Salvadoran murder suspect initially arrested in Bay Area
Fugitive is wanted in El Salvador for a 2008 slaying

Argentine medics struggle to save drug mules-good read

Brazil Welcomes 3,000 Cuban Doctors to Attend Remote Areas

Colombia’s FARC frees kidnapped ex-US marine: Red Cross

Illegal Gold Mining in Peru Worth $3 Billion Annually: Govt

From soldier to civilian: Colombia’s ex-child combatants learn the laws of the urban jungleF

Police: Mom sold her daughters’ virginity
Colombian woman accused of prostituting her daughters to make ends meet

Venezuela Seeks to Tame ‘Wild West’ Motorcycle Chaos

Former Soccer Pro Beheaded in Brazil

Gold Mining Taking a Toll on Peruvian Jungles

Peru Seizes More Than $4 Million in Counterfeit Bills

In Haiti, Cholera Claims New Victims Daily

Why Europe’s immigration nightmare is only beginning

Look beyond Europe to stop migrant deaths
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