Border Patrol Rep Claims Agents Being Ordered to Stand Down; Mexico City Violence at Tlatelolco Anniversary; Undocumented Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare


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Chile 2013 Crime and Safety Report 10/1/2013
Overall Crime and Safety Situation

The security environment is generally safe; there is comparatively less serious violent crime in Chile than in other Latin American countries. Pick-pocketing, telephonic scams, and residential break-ins are common, but violent crime is rare. Express kidnappings, kidnappings, and random shootings are non-existent, and the most commonly seen crimes involve pick-pocketing, vehicular theft, and residential burglaries. More at link below:
Despite Its Siren Song, High-Value Targeting Doesn’t Fit All:
Matching Interdiction Patterns to Specific Narcoterrorism and Organized-Crime Contexts

Border Patrol Rep Claims Agents Being Ordered to Stand Down

New Signs of Rising Illegal Immigration into US

Undocumented LA County Parents On Pace To Receive $650M In Welfare Benefits

Border Patrol Union Condemns Use of Cameras on Agents

Arizona sees surge of asylum seekers from India

House Democrats Present Immigration Proposal

Seabees Help Border Patrol Secure Homeland

War on illegal drugs failing, medical researchers warn

Border Patrol agents condemn overhaul use of force training

Fresh DOJ loss in ‘Fast and Furious’ docs fight

Giffords, Krentz, others honored at Brian A Terry dinner

Border Patrol union VP says feds ‘cooking books’ on illegal immigration

ICE mandated to hold minimum 33,400 aliens

New Mexico police chief admits to working for cartel

US-raised immigrants try to return across border

Migrants in Laredo protest transferred to El Paso

Bodies Pile Up in Texas as Immigrants Adopt New Routes Over Border

Risks Posed By Foreign Ports Shipping Cargo To US Not Adequately Assessed, GAO, Authorities Say

Food stamp fraud bust led by Immigration Enforcement?

18 Accused Drug Traffickers Arrested in Puerto Rico

U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter, Blaine Sector September 12-25, 2013

Man, two juveniles busted after alleged drainage tunnel drug run

U.S. Border Patrol arrests man swimming from Mexico with bundles of marijuana

Border Patrol detains convicted felon

18 Months for a Stupid Laser Trick

U.S. prosecutors accuse ex-Mexican governor of laundering millions

Calexico CBP Officers Discover Methamphetamine in Hidden Compartment

Virginia Couple Arrested over Scheme to Obtain Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

Border Patrol seizes 1,881 pounds of marijuana

U.S. Busts Texas EB-5 Visa Scam Targeting Latin Americans

Boise County authorities seize 40,000 marijuana plants in illegal grow operation; 5 arrested

Marijuana seizure totals $21M, over 21,000 plants in Southern Humboldt
(a grow this size has to be cartel-operated)
Proceso Tegicigalpa, Honduras 9/25/13
(This is the core of the article in foreign media, in Spanish, about American politics.)

Latino office holders in Illinois are urging naturalized U.S. citizens of latino origin to register and vote to keep the pressure up on Illinois Republicans about immigration reform.
Most of the pressure is aimed at Congressman Peter Roskam, of West Chicago, who is being accused of blocking the immigration legislation in the House of Representatives.   At an event at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) Councilman Daniel Solis added: “The Republicans seemed surprised about our power in the voting booths in the presidential election, and now they seem to be asleep again. It’s time to wake them up.”

Mexico City Violence at Tlatelolco Anniversary

Cholera Kills 1, Sickens 9 in Mexico

BMW And Hyundai Look To Mexico As New Auto Production Hub

Mexico Finds 10 More Bodies; Death Toll at 157

The Current State of Mexico’s Many Drug Cartels

Merida Initiative backing for Tijuana Scouts

Mexico’s Crime Rate Rises 16.9%

Mexican Treasury’s Oil Revenues Fall 4.2%

Air Travel to Mexico Rises 8.5%

Brazil’s Odebrecht to Invest $8.1 Billion in Mexico

Alberta Mennonites linked to Mexico’s Juarez drug cartel

9 killed, 6 Wounded in Apparent Drug-Related Attacks Amid Fears of Mexico Violence Resurgence

Mexico’s disappeared continues to rise

Mexico’s Acapulco hit by heavy rain and fresh floods

Mexico: Vegetable prices sky rocket due to the floods

Journalist Braves Death Threats to Reveal Ties Between Mexican Government & Drug Cartels

Mexico Rescues 73 Suspected Kidnap Victims Near U.S. Border

Four Killed in Bar in Northern Mexico

Big Win For Immigrant Activists Who Staged Border-Crossing Protest In Laredo

Indians Demand Halt to Construction of Mexico Aqueduct

Mexican Companies Eye Europe Auto Market

Mexico Drug Wars Don’t Scare Hotel Investors: Real Estate

How Oil Reforms Could Trigger Mexico’s Biggest Economic Boom In A Century-Forbes

Mexico Home Builders Fret Over Tax-Increase Proposals
El Mañana    Mexico    9/30/2013

This article reports that police rescued 73 emigrants who intended to enter into the U.S. and who were being held hostage by people smugglers in a house in the city of Reynosa, in the same state. Among the hostages were 37 from Mexico, 19 from Honduras, 14 from Guatemala and 3 from El Salvador. The total included 17 women and 2 children.
Also found in the house were two bags with 687 rounds of ammunition, a fragmentation grenade, six loaders and 10 kilos of marihuana. Three smugglers were arrested.
Reynosa is just across the Rio Grande River from McAllen, TX, which is a short drive from Brownsville. (Spanish)

Salvadoran Presidential Campaign Begins Without Clear Favorite

Guatemala Breaks Up Car Theft Ring Linked to Texis Cartel

Santos delivers Nicaragua’s speech to UN

El Salvador Freight Networks Used to Move Cocaine

Guatemala’s Ex-Police Chief Sentenced to 16 Years

Honduras drug gang asset seizure totals $800 million: official

Charred Bodies Found in Honduran Capital

Nearly 15,000 Endangered Sea Turtles Nest in Nicaragua

US Pushes Honduras to Crack Down on Cachiros

DEA ‘Has Proof’ of Suriname President’s Ties to Drug Lord

Peru Arrests Reveal Shining Path’s Links to the Drug Trade

Bolivia Destroys ‘Narco-village’ On Chile Border

US to expel Venezuelan diplomats in retaliation

Venezuela Stock Market Up 281%

Colombia Busts Former Presidential Security Chief for Drug Ties

Colombia Captures Gang Chief Accused of Over 30 Murders

Arrests made in Air France flight cocaine case

Brazilian Port Closed by Explosion

Striking Brazilian teachers clash with police in Rio, snarling traffic in busy commercial zone

Venezuela Overhauls Airport Security Amid Drug Smuggling Scandal

Colombian Army Kills 9 FARC Rebels in Combat

Experts Call Dominican Teen Pregnancy Rate Alarming

Bolivian Mob Lynches 2 Alleged Motorcycle Thieves

Russian Tourist Murdered in Brazil

Thieves Snatch $800,000 in Tech Products from Brazilian Airport

Bolivia Seizes $1 Million in Cash from Drug Smugglers

Jamaica government criticised after crime report reveals increase in murders

Trinidad and Tobago confirms six cases of Swine Flu

St Vincent confirms six cases of H1N1 but no need to panic says PM

Barbados confirms four cases including one death from H1N1 influenza

Trinidad police investigate ‘execution-style’ killing of two foreigners

Hundreds dead, missing as migrant boat sinks off Italy

13 Immigrants Die Trying to Reach Coast of Italy

A report in “El Confidencial” 9/27/13, states that the number and influence of Hispanics is growing in Canada. By 2015 their number will reach 750,000. Many are said to be young, educated professionals.

The first two paragraphs of the article are below:
Toronto (Canadá) – La influencia de los hispanos está aumentando en Canadá, donde no solo está creciendo el número de personas de origen latinoamericano que vive en el país sino también su perfil profesional, según indicó hoy un grupo de expertos en Toronto.

Para 2015 se prevé que el número de personas de origen latinoamericano en Canadá se situé en unos 740.000 personas, según datos presentados hoy en la conferencia “Hispanovation: La creciente influencia hispánica en Canadá” que forma parte del Social Media Week de Toronto
-end of report-

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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