Decision Looms in Holder’s Fast and Furious Contempt Case; Congress’ Border Efforts are Bunk, say Border Sheriffs; Mexico’s New Drug War: Catch and Release?


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A. Ferguson, Editor

Decision Looms in Holder’s Fast and Furious Contempt Case
House vote was the first time Congress held an attorney general in contempt, and the case marked the first and only time Obama has asserted executive privilege.

Congress’ Border Efforts are Bunk, say Border Sheriffs
border security hasn’t been taken seriously

175 Found as 2 Human Stash Houses Raided in San Juan

Immigration Legislation Booms in State Capitals

20 million illegals in US, say former border patrol officers

5 Immigration Falsehoods from the White House

The reality of Mexican drug cartel weapons sourcing

Border Patrol Works with Mexico to Arrest Kidnapping-Cell Leader

Tunnel robots go where agents can’t

One in Five Married Households Has Foreign-Born Spouse
national average is 7.4 percent.

Latin America’s Drug Problem: Officials Meet to Share Strategies That Work

National LULAC’s unified voice supports Organ Mountains monument
if approved, that designation would keep BP out of that area of the border

US sees surge of asylum seekers from India: Report

Man convicted in drug cartel money laundering scam arrested for attempted bribery of fed judge

Small plane pilots say Customs and Border agents conducting surprise searches of private planes

Authorities Intercept 41 Undocumented Migrants near Puerto Rico

Border Volunteers Patrolling Private Ranches in South Texas

Border Patrol Apprehends Man with $648K Worth of Meth at California Checkpoint

USVI CBP Intercept Barrels Loaded with Marijuana
concealed inside 68 cans of La Choy noodles

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Assists to Rescue Couple

Assault on NPS employee highlights danger along U.S.-Mexico border

MS-13 member convicted of shooting teen mom and her toddler

Stowaway from Mexico found pickled in load of peppers at U.S. border-funny

A cloud of dust: The myth of border security

Belgian man jailed after trying to swim to Detroit

US Horse Breeding Empire Brought Down as $100 Million Front for Mexico’s Los Zetas Drug Money Laundering

Border Patrol Stops Smugglers at I-19 Checkpoint

More than $645,000 worth of meth found in gas tank

Suspected drug smugglers sail to jail

Illegal Crossings Increasingly Deadly Along South Texas Border

Sex Offenders, Gang Members Being Smuggled Through the Valley

Uvalde Border Patrol Checkpoint Nets $336,000 Cocaine Cache

US soldier admits smuggling illegal aliens for ‘Mexican transnational criminal organization’
cartels have increasingly taken control over smuggling illegal immigrants and that the smugglers work for or under the cartels.

$20m in cocaine unloaded in Boston
two suspects from Spain-headed to Canada

Illegal alien charged with raping a man in Florida

Undercover cop delivers frames full of meth, busts smuggler

Police arrest man accused in fatal Medford stabbing

Illegal alien sentenced for killing Iraq War veteran in Florida

State’s High Court to Examine Smuggling Case

Arizona CBP Officers Seize $300,000 in Cash

ICE removes 2 gang members wanted for murder in El Salvador

Trio plead guilty for producing and selling fake IDs nationwide

Uvalde Border Patrol Checkpoint Nets $336,000 Cocaine Cache

CBP Officers Seize Nearly $1.6 Million in Alleged Cocaine at Brownsville Port of Entry

CBP Arrests Man Wanted For Homicide
Hezbollah threatens Latin America
maintains ties with drug cartels and receives contributions from organized crime groups
Experts: Infrastructure Investment Crucial to Future Latin America Growth
DHL Express raises its stake in Latin America

Mexico’s New Drug War: Catch and Release?

Revenues from Foreign Tourists Hit $8.3 Billion in Mexico

Mexico Proposes Tax on Sugary Beverages
Bill Aims to Contain Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics

Striking teachers spawn chaos on Mexico City streets after losing fight to stall reform plan


State assemblyman hacked to death in Mexico

Mexico: The Yaqui Tribe Defend their Right to Water

Mexico arrests alleged leader of kidnapping cell

Mexico: The Eye is on the Mines

Rains cause landslide in eastern Mexico, killing 8

In Mexico, beer sales are latest battlefield against country’s giant monopolies

A War Without War Correspondents in Mexico

In Mexico, self-defense groups battle a cartel

Thousands rally against Mexico oil reforms

Gunman Kills Leftist Politician in Southern Mexico

The Mara Women: Gender Roles in Central America Street Gangs

Guatemalan bar attack leaves 11 people dead

Guatemala bus crash: Dozens killed and injured
total now 46-bus plunged 660ft into a ravine

Farmers in southwest and central Colombia agree to lift strike

Colombia arrests woman ‘with cocaine’ in pregnancy bump

3 pipeline workers kidnapped on Colombia Venezuela border

Brazil protests disrupt Independence Day celebrations

More Than 300,000 Teachers on Strike in Colombia

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“We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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