Mexican Mafia And La Familia Indicted After Investigation Reveals Plot To Expand Cartel’s Presence In U.S.; Anarchy Along Mexico’s Southern Border Crossings; Drug Trafficking Ring Links Argentina to Serbia, Croatia


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A. Ferguson, Editor

Immigration:   It Comes Down To This
Do we want to continue being the U. S. of A. ?

Nations are independent entities created, united and held together by common and predominant ethnic, language, social and legal structures. That accounts for the unique individuality and the differences from one to another between, for example, Paraguay, Uzbekistan, Finland, and Namibia.

History teaches us (or should do so) that discord and instability arise when nations lose those common bond elements. To prevent that, nations have borders to identify and control those specific areas where their laws apply and where their sovereignty prevails, thus preventing the dilution or even worse, the loss, of those common bond elements that hold them together.

We all know that for nearly the last half century, that is, from 1965, when the last major amendment to our immigration laws was passed, our country has literally experienced a peacetime invasion by citizens of other countries and that we, as a nation, have not responded in a manner designed to protect and preserve our country’s national identity. The results are such that, for instance, a Spanish language national TV network was just reported to have had a larger TV audience this season among youths than its major English language network competitors. And the accepted realization and consensus is that there is somewhere around one dozen million foreigners who have managed to violate our federal immigration laws by either crossing our borders illegally or by violating the conditions of their temporary admission. Those millions continue to do so by remaining illegally in our country.

This scenario would be different if their numbers consisted of an even variety of countries of origin. Instead, geography and our own inertness has brought about a number of activist groups dedicated solely to the cause of peoples from south of our border. Too many of them concentrate on keeping and fostering their own socio-cultural ties and norms rather than those we have in our nation, and they strive for regulatory and political changes to benefit their particular ethnic group regardless of the effect on the nation’s political structure. Thus, the current sad example of members of Congress present at street demonstrations urging Congress to disregard our own laws and to allow those millions to reside with us. What other country in the world would allow its own legislators to demand that its own laws should be disregarded? What will the future bring to our nation when those common bonds of socio-ethnic, language, and legal bonds are smothered and are no longer the glue that holds us together?

We owe it to our own descendants to preserve our national identity and not to surrender to those who would make a mockery of the law by allowing these millions, and certainly many more future millions, to suddenly become legal residents. That will certainly continue to create a dis-united United States of America, one at odds with its own self and with partition and social discord in its future.

-Gene Guyant, Chief Patrol Agent {Ret}, U.S. Border Patrol and Founding Member of NAFBPO

13 Linked To Mexican Mafia And La Familia Indicted After Investigation Reveals Plot To Join Forces To Expand Drug Cartel’s Presence In U.S.

A Homeland Security Chief In Bed With Islamists?

Public Being Snookered on Amnesty Bill in US House?

Inside Boehner’s Strategy to Slow Walk Immigration to the Finish Line

Judge slams Obama’s backdoor amnesty despite favorable court decision (Video)

Ms. Tian, the Valedictorian, and Immigration Policy

California CBP Officers Seize $7.8 Million Worth of Narcotics, Apprehend 18 Wanted Suspects
Including Homicide Suspect

AZ break-in leads to arrest of undocumented immigrants

Mexican cartels hiring US soldiers as hit men

House Republicans feel summer recess heat on immigration

No Amnesty – None, Nada – Until Enforcement is Here to Stay

Central Texas stakeholders express views on immigration

Not All Immigrants Agree On Offering Others ‘A Path to Citizenship’

Rep. Sanchez Introduces Border Security Bill To ‘Bolster Our Borders The Right Way’

Visa Integrity and Security = A SAFE America

17-year-old cartel hitman could be back on U.S. streets by Christmas

No Do Overs!-Mike Cutler
“In 1986, the advocates for the IRCA “guesstimated” that roughly a million to a million and half illegal aliens would participate in that supposed “one time” amnesty program only to find out that nearly 4 million illegal aliens ultimately participated. If CIR was enacted and a similar proportion of additional aliens were to participate, more than 30 million illegal aliens would participate. Once legalized, aliens could not be summarily stripped of their lawful status.”

There is a piece translated from a Spanish-language Honduran paper entitled  “Street fight for immigration reform”, referring to our US law, pending in Congress . To read it, look in the Central America section.

Study: Mexican Migrants Aren’t Deterred by Border Fences

Overstay Enforcement: Additional Actions Needed To Assess DHS’s Data And Improve Planning For A Biometric Air Exit Program
GAO Report at

Border officers can’t keep names secret

U.S. Treasury Steps Up Actions Against Mexican Drug Kingpins’ Financial Operators

John McCain Twists Arms Fast and Furiously to Confirm Obama’s Nominee for ATF Director

Leader of ATF During ‘Fast and Furious’ Fallout Confirmed as New Director

Treasury Designates Family Members and Accomplices of Los Zetas

Frustration grows about airports’ customs lines

With bombs away, drug traffickers and illegal immigrants make their play
Crossings are easy on land banned to federal patrol

Border Drug Busts Putting Strain On Texas County’s Budget

Border Patrol agents arrest convicted sex offenders

US detains 84 Haitians abandoned off Puerto Rico

American gets 165 years in jail for child sex abuse in Haiti

Man Charged With Human Trafficking In Woodford County
illegal alien-attempted to sell his 14-year-old daughter to a male friend,
said he could try her first

CBP Officers Arrest Homicide Suspect at Brownsville, Texas Bridge

Eagle Pass Border Patrol Agents Arrest MS-13 Gang Member

Border Patrol seizes nearly $5 million in marijuana

Sierra Vista couple pleads guilty to trafficking, laundering

3 burglars in Cochise County lead officers to 11 illegal border crossers

CBP Officers Intercept $3.2 Million in Cocaine and Methamphetamine at Calexico Cargo Port

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents Seize $1.1 Million Worth of Marijuana

Filipina in California convicted of mail fraud, immigration scam

Man busted in San Luis with $177K worth of meth

CBP seized more than 62 pounds of heroin and cocaine

Anarchy Along Mexico’s Southern Border Crossings

Mexico murder rate falls from 24 to 22 per 100,000
(Ed. Note: regardless that this comes from a Mexican government office [INEGI], I must take issue with this. A daily reading of news from Mexico would leave, I believe, most people doubting the claim. It is easy for them to add X number of bodies as being missing, rather than that number of found bodies.)

Homicides Fall Over 4% in Mexico

2 leftist farm activists killed in southern Mexico, 1 missing

Police Rescue 23 Migrants Kidnapped in Mexico

Mexico’s president on dangerous ground as he pushes Pemex reform

Police Arrest 9 Kidnappers, Free 2 Captives in Western Mexico

Cartels, Vigilantes, State Create Perfect Storm in Michoacan

New threats emerge against reporter in Oaxaca, Mexico

Four Die in Shooting at Bar in Central Mexico

Guerrero, Chihuahua Mexico’s 2012 Murder Hotspots-INEGI

At least 11 killed in Mexico clashes

Mexico´s GDP growth may slow down further

10 Projects Participating in Mexico’s Campus Party to Reach Silicon Valley

Seven Die in Shootouts in Mexico

9 killed when bus falls over cliff in Mexico
Prison staff conducted a surprise search of inmates and seized cell phones, magazines, homemade weapons and drugs. Nine inmates belonged to GULF CARTEL and were allegedly beaten by prison staff and then moved to the area of LOS ZETAs, where they were severely beaten.

A group of gunmen stormed two villages and attacked villagers and burned homes. These two rural villages are located in the Sierra Madre del Sur and three hours away from the municipal seat.

Police captured a Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) member, Hector Raul Carrillo Rodriguez. Hector was responsible for dissolving the bodies of people they murdered in acid, called “pozoleando.”

Four people attacked by gunmen. Two killed and two wounded, which included a 4 YO boy.
Juan Carlos Galván Alcantara, (40) dead
María Guadalupe Moreno Servín, (38) dead
Juan Jose Urias Quiroz (25) wounded / husband of Maria
4 YO boy wounded / son of Maria and Juan Jose Urias

Gun battle between MX Army and gunmen traveling in vehicle (Texas TAG of vehicle not reported). Three gunmen in vehicle killed.

Bastimento Island – Last Friday, National Aeronaval Service seize 2,201 kilos cocaine (4842.2 Lbs) and arrested three Panamanians. Also seized was a 36-foot-long speedboat. And in Darien province,which borders Colombia, Panama’s Senafront on Monday seized 210 packets of cocaine from the double bottom of a boat. Three people were arrested. Weight of packets was not reported.

Costa Rica to Spy on Foreign Criminal Organizations

Bomb thrown at Honduran President Lobo’s residence

Guatemala: The Changing Face of Drug Trafficking

Guatemala Holding 34 in Slaughter of 9 Cops

Three Companies Interested in Interoceanic Train Construction in Honduras

Official says gangs in 40 percent of Honduras

Honduras drug gang shootout leaves at least 10 dead

Honduran Coffee Growers Contend with Blight, Low Prices

Kidnappers Free U.S. Businessman in Honduras

Criminals Attack Homes of Costa Rican Education Minister, Opposition Lawmaker
El Heraldo Tegucigalpa, Honduras 8/3/13

Street fight for immigration reform

A wave of street protests and other activities resulted in dozens of arrests on Thursday in the United States. Immigrants and their support organizations staged them to press for the immigration reform already approved by the Senate, but now mired in the House of Representatives (and) controlled by the ultraconservative Republican Party.
The protest organizers want to take advantage of the current legislative recess to convince the Republicans that it is to their political advantage to approve a version of a bill of law which, as was approved by the Senate in June, envisions the legalization of 11 million undocumented persons; so that when congressional work restarts in September, there will be enough votes, which up to now seems impossible.
And the thing is that the Republican vote obtained in the Senate was a product of the massive loss of Hispanic votes which caused Mitt Romney’s defeat, more so than humanism or an admission of the importance that the undocumented have in the American economy, and the realization that no one can reach the White House with a great majority of Hispanic vote against them.
The issue is that due to peculiarities of the American political system and the anti-immigrant radicalism the members of the House of Representatives answer more to the interests of their direct voters than to those of the ones who elect the residents of the White House.
So it is that, as had been foreseen, an immigration reform that includes the legalization of the undocumented will not pass easily in a House of Representatives with a Republican majority, in which there are such rabidly anti-immigrant elements like the Iowa representative Steve King who recently tagged even the “dreamers” as being drug smugglers and who has in the past compared the undocumented with cattle and dogs.
There is no doubt that once the euphoria from the triumph in the Senate passes, and due to the clear delaying tactics in the House of Representatives – where the Republican majority is allergic to legalization- (then) pressures, including the fight in the streets, are a valid option to convince the ultra-right radicals that it is also to their advantage to reconcile themselves with the immigrants who contribute so much to the American economy.

Drug Trafficking Ring Links Argentina to Serbia, Croatia

Major gas explosion in central Rosario: death toll climbs to 8 dead, over 60 injured

Major Colombian Narcotics Trafficker Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison

In the Violent Favelas of Brazil-good read

Ten Individuals Arrested in Colombia Wanted for Extradition by U.S. and Honduras

Brazilian NGO Reports New Drug Trafficking Attack against Premises in Rio

Brazil court sentences police for prison massacre (in 1992)

Colombian radio journalist shot dead

Santos Ready for Peace Talks with ELN if Canadian Hostage Freed

Uruguay’s Lower House Approves Marijuana Regulation Bill

Twelve murders recorded over Trinidad long weekend

Malta stops tanker carrying 102 African migrants
” 1,000 having arrived in the past month”
-end of report-

The Michael Cutler Hour
Friday 7 pm Eastern

Archived shows here:
USA Talk Radio
The call-in number for a live show is 310-982-4145

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“We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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