Former Border Patrol Agents Call Senate Plan ‘a huge waste of resources’; Cartel Kidnapped Man in U.S., Smuggled Across Border, Feared Dead; Last Major Colombian Drug Lord Extradited to U.S.


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Former Border Patrol Agents Call Senate Plan ‘a huge waste of resources’
Find criminal aliens, they say

Mexican Cartel Kidnapped Man in U.S., Smuggled Across Border, Feared Dead

Poll: Hispanics Want Border Security, Interior Enforcement Before Amnesty

Immigration bill quietly opens U.S. to Afghans

Immigration bill riddled with pork

Sessions: ‘This Bill Must Never Become Law’

Persistent Wide Area Surveillance System Could Augment Mix Of Border Security Tech

U.S. sends aid directly to Mexican state and local governments

Death in the Desert: Is Immigration Reform Killing the American Dream

UNODC report notes increase in maritime drug smuggling

US Surveillance Tracks Central America Gangs

ICE deports MS-13 gang member wanted for 4 murders in El Salvador
encountered by the U.S. Border Patrol March 31 while attempting to illegally enter the US

Manhattan, Brooklyn, And Miami U.S. Attorneys Announce Extradition Of Colombian Narcotics Kingpin

Treasury Targets Major Money Laundering Network Operating Out of Colombia

Mexico man gets US asylum after 11 relatives killed

Upstate NY
U.S. Border Patrol Arrests Two Violent Criminals During Holiday Week in New York

Weekend Marijuana Seizure Valued at $2.6 Million in Arizona

Two Men Flee Checkpoint with Aliens Trapped Inside Trunk

Saudi princess arrested in Orange County on state human trafficking charge
allegedly held Kenyan domestic servant against her will

CBP Officers at Tecate, Calif. Discover More Than $150,000 of Heroin Hidden in Fire Extinguishers

Illegal Immigrants Smuggled in U-Haul
one of the aliens has now died, thus murder charges forthcoming

Police: 4 Mexican nationals busted with 12 lbs. of meth

Border Patrol Rescues Disoriented Illegal Alien in California

Detroit Sector Border Patrol Agents Assist in Rescues

Six people rescued near Pena Blanca Lake

Nogales CBP Officers Seize Hard Drugs

Border Patrol Arrests Dangerous Gang Member in California

4 migrants rescued after falling off cliff near Rio Rico

Meth trafficker sentenced to 20 years in prison

Eagle Pass Station Border Patrol Agents Arrest Sex Offender
Mexican subject had been previously deported

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Seizes $800,000 Worth of Methamphetamine at Checkpoint


Mexico’s Bachoco Buys U.S. Poultry Company

Pirelli to Invest $200 Million in Mexico Plant

Migrants Pay Up to $20,000 to Cross US-Mexico Border

Private Juarez: a Border Town’s Security Revolution

Latin American complaints over U.S. spying ignore their own wiretap programs

Prosecutors Hand Over 12 Cops at Center of Murder Case to Court in Mexico

13 gunmen killed in clash with Mexican soldiers

Half of Mexican Drivers Take to the Road without Licenses, Survey Finds

‘Dead’ candidate elected in south Mexico village

Prosecutors Hand Over 12 Cops at Center of Murder Case to Court in Mexico

Op-Ed: How Latin America’s outdated abortion laws impact young women

Tijuana Case Highlights Dangers of US Criminal Deportations


Honduras Establishes Elite ‘Tigers’ Police Unit to Fight Urban Violence

Costa Rican officials battling dengue outbreak

Yuma man is beaten, shot while vacationing in Costa Rica

Kidnapped Honduran Journalist Found Dead


Last Major Colombian Drug Lord Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, extradited to the U.S.

Ecuadorean and Peruvian Senior Military Command Reinforce Fight against Transnational Crime

Veiled Threats in the Americas
authorities say some shopkeepers are illicitly funneling money to terrorist organizations.

Colombia Captures ELN Chief Responsible for Kidnapping Canadian and Peruvian Citizens

At Least 19 Dead, 10 Injured in Peru Bus Crash

Brazil indigenous protest blocks major iron ore railway

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“We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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