ONE Nation


I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the

Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,

indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

But, sadly, these days some political partisans seem to no longer remember

or care about the indivisibility. Their blind headlong quest is centered only

on attracting blocs of ethnic votes. Period. They would prefer to divide our

nation for the sake of political advantage, no matter what the somber future


Let us bear in mind that the ultimate fate or survivability of any of our

political parties is not and should not be our national priority. That priority

must instead be the future welfare and stability of our nation. All parties

must realize that catering to ethnic minorities by offering to disregard, forget

and forgive massive violations of our federal immigration laws is nothing but

a path to future national disintegration.

Minority ethnic organizations abound and have the ear and heart of some

members of Congress. Their quest is to bring about amnesty for the millions

upon millions of individuals who share their cultural origin and who have

made a mockery of our immigration laws. Unfortunately, the emphasis of

those organizations, their reason for existence, is on an ethnic & cultural

commonality. Not on being better Americans. Millions upon uncounted

millions are here illegally, and the undeniable truth is that if we surrender our

national integrity, disregard our own laws and grant amnesty to them it will

be considered a lesson and an invitation for many more millions from other

nations and continents.

The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers Inc., (

composed of members who dedicated their working lives to the immigration

issue in the service to our nation, know that the immigration legislation

recently approved in the Senate is nowhere near the solution to our

immigration problem. An individual, systemic approach, issue by issue, one

that concentrates on each facet while keeping the best interests of our nation

as an ultimate goal is the only way to address and deal with this problem. Let

those of small spirit and no sense of patriotism vote to preserve their party

and not their nation. Then the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag will look like

this below instead of the one above.


-Gene Guyant, Chief Patrol Agent {Retired}, U.S. Border Patrol, and a Founding Member of the Nat’l. Association of Former Border Patrol Officers Inc. (NAFBPO)


4 Responses to “ONE Nation”

  1. Donald Roland Says:

    As a former Inspector of the USBP I(Marfa Sector 1950’s) I am dismayed at the direction our country is headed. I fear the youngsters now growing up will never grow up as I did, with great freedom and pride in our country

  2. BigDawgK9 Says:

    Very well said & pray we can stop the politicians from all sides who are desecrating our great nation. Hope they can see the real effects of their poor decisions that impact the physical security & financially fiscal obligations to “Americans” & “We the People” are being neglected just so they can win votes.

    • Nancy Slaff Says:

      I agree wholeheartedly, but how does one stop them? It’s like trying to stand in the middle of the RR tracks and holding up your hand against a fast approaching locomotive.

  3. Nancy Slaff Says:

    Great news column. As a former BP guard, how can I join?

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