Iran, Hezbollah Build Latin American Network; Treasury Adds MS-13 Leaders to Economic Sanctions List; Ex-Mexico President Fox Backs Plans for ‘Big Marijuana’ Business


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A. Ferguson, Editor

US Treasury Adds MS-13 Leaders to Economic Sanctions List

Border apprehensions wildly exaggerated in formula behind Senate bill, say Critics
(Meaning more are successfully entering illegally than the government admits.)

Rubio will vote against immigration bill unless border security provisions are strengthened

House Talks on Immigration Reform Near Collapse

Cornyn presents solution for Gang of Eight

Zone Extended for Border Crossing Card Holders in New Mexico

Visa Diplomacy vs. Visa Security

The Fencing of America-Mike Cutler

Florida Governor Vetoes Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented

Immigrant driver’s licenses signed in Colo.
Issue has picked up momentum this year, with Oregon and Nevada passing laws in recent weeks

Mexican Mom Murdered Days After She Begged Authorities to Keep Her Away From Violent Ex
“was eligible…for withholding of removal, political asylum, a U-visa, and/or deferral in order to avoid the risk of serious harm”

Big Bend Texas & the Drug War-good read

Brothers kidnapped in Texas found safe in Costa Rica

The Barrio Azteca, Los Aztecas Network

BP: 34 found at human stash house north of Edinburg

Driver in fiery crash that killed five teens NEVER had a driver’s license and was pulled over just last month
“the Saudi Arabian native didn’t provide required documentation proving his legal presence in the U.S.”

Stash house demolished

CBP Seizes Smuggled Currency at Presidio Port of Entry

Border agents arrest boy, 14, smuggling meth, cocaine in cans
Iran, Hezbollah Build Latin American Network
Debate renewed over threat to United States

Ex-Mexico President Fox Backs Plans for ‘Big Marijuana’ Business

165 rescued from house near US-Mexico border

Shakedown ‘justice’ in Mexico

Analysis: Mexico peso poised at precipice, may face much steeper fall

Economy as Grand Guignol: The Post reform Era in Mexico
“trafficking in narcotics is now seemingly unstoppable as a major export industry, a position it has been approaching for the past two or three decades”

Xi Jinping and Peña Nieto Sign The ‘Tequila Pact,’ Broaden Relations

Mexican journalist granted political asylum

‘Zetas Spend All Their Drug Trafficking Profits on Fighting Gulf Cartel’

Zetas DEA Target Arrested in Mexico Border Tow
Note: when it says Mexico’s Navy, it is referring to their Marines.

US Designates Urabeños, Knights Templar and Cachiros As International Drug Traffickers

Three Bullet-Riddled Bodies Found in Western Mexico

Why Mexico’s Management of Protected Witnesses is a Disaster

Prosecutors Still Looking for Clues in Mass Kidnapping in Mexico

Mexico activists found dead by roadside in Guerrero state
Five others are still missing.

Cave in Southern Mexico Holds Remains, Items from Mezcala and Olmec Cultures

Mexico’s Frisco says work at three mines suspended
Excelsior 5/28/2013 Mexico

Mexican cartel leaders live and work in the United States: DEA

Leaders within Mexican drug cartels are placing some of their best men in the United States to control their lucrative drug trafficking business. The fear associated with this growth is that if US authorities are not able to curb it now, it will be more difficult to combat in the future. It is also likely that Mexican drug cartels would start conducting prostitution, extortion, and kidnappings in the United States just as they do in Mexico.

One would think that Mexican drug cartel operatives would create operational hubs in Border States. However, they are known to have key operational centers in at least 9 non-border states such as
Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, Atlanta, Georgia, and suburban areas in North Carolina, amongst
others. And, Mexican cartel operatives are not living in the inner-city. Instead they are living in middle class suburban neighborhoods. In 2008, Mexican drug cartels were operational in at least 230
communities in the United States. In 2011, this number increased to 1,200 cities.

Authorities in Chicago noted a change in Mexican drug cartel operations approximately 2 years ago when they stopped using intermediaries to sell their drugs and instead, began sending individuals from their own organizations. To combat this problem Chicago, authorities are coordinating with federal agents to conduct phone tapping operations and to infiltrate local drug trafficking organizations.

Arrests of Mexican Drug Cartel Operatives in US Cities:
· Authorities arrested four Los Zetas operators in Okolona; a suburban neighborhood located in the
outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky. Items seized from the house in which these Mexican nationals
were living included 1,100 kg of marijuana and more than US$1 million in cash.
· In 2008, La Familia Michoacana sent José González Zavala to live in Chicago. He entered the
country legally and rented a house on 1416 Brookfield Drive; a middle-class neighborhood in
Joliet. He was responsible for overseeing drug shipments sent to Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.
Phone tapping operations recorded calls made by González Zavala to a cartel head in Mexico.
· Jorge Guadalupe Ayala, another La Familia Michoacana operator, was sent to Chicago to collect
payments. He was assigned to this position for approximately 2 years during which time he
earned $300 a week. Upon his return to Mexico, he was to be paid $35,000 but never received
this amount because he was arrested in the United States. Ayala did not come to the United States
alone. He brought his wife and son with him.
· In 2011, Socorro Hernández Rodríguez was arrested in Gwinnett County which is located on the
outskirts of Atlanta. He was accused of running a large-scale drug trafficking business financed
by La Familia Michoacana.
· In February 2013, authorities in Columbus, Ohio arrested Isaac Eli Pérez Neri, 34. He allegedly
worked as a debt collector at the service of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Mexican drug cartels prefer to send their own people because they are more trustworthy. Many times,
cartel operatives working in the United States have loved ones living in Mexico. If something goes
wrong, their family members will pay the price. For this reason, Mexican drug cartel operatives arrested
in the United States are less likely to cooperate with US authorities for fear of reprisals to their family
members in Mexico.

Honduras Suspends 1,400 Police Officers for Suspected Corruption

Costa Rican environmentalist found killed execution-style

The Life of Accidental Drug Traffickers on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast

Drug Subs Using Venezuela-Puerto Rico Route

Boyfriend forced to watch American woman gang raped in Brazil, police say

Colombia Poised to Seize Record $1 Billion from Narco Brothers

Drug Traffickers Diversify Maritime Routes Out of Ecuador

Panama, Trinidad and Tobago are
money-laundering havens

Moscow Illegal Underground City Raided
A ‘city’ below a Moscow market contained a factory, living quarters, a cinema and even a casino for illegal migrant workers.

Canadian navy makes record drug bust at sea
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