Message from Editor; Cost of Amnesty for Lawbreaking Foreigners Is Estimated at $4-5 Trillion; Masked Bandits Rob Bus Load of Cruise Ship Passengers on Sightseeing Trip; Napolitano Defends Proposed Cuts To ICE, Coast Guard


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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican, Central and South American and U.S. on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you do so in its entirety, as written, and credit NAFBPO ( as being the provider.

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The M3 Report wasn’t able to be posted due to some serious internet connection issues.  The links provided here were ones intended for posting last week.  However, I felt these still needed to get out to the American people.  Another report will be out this week.  It was advised to not bother with this note, but I value my readers and their loyalty, for which I thank you.   Readers can e-mail us at:

A. Ferguson, Editor

Napolitano Defends Proposed Cuts To ICE, Coast Guard

Immigration spike rattles South Texas
(This was originally published in the Houston Chronicle, but can no longer be found there. Perhaps they were told to remove it so as to not jeopardize the legislation.)

ICE Union Chief: Immigration plan to ‘doom’ U.S.

Palin: Immigration plan should secure border first
Gov. Perry: Immigration Reform Won’t Work Without Secure Border

White House Proposes $39 Billion DHS Budget For FY 2014

Border Patrol Agents at Odds with Agency Leadership

Border Patrol agents offer plan to avert furloughs while cuttings costs

Secretary Napolitano and “Ground Truth”

Cost of Amnesty for Lawbreaking Foreigners Is Estimated at $4-5 Trillion
Fox reporter Eric Bolling says, “A new report from Heritage Foundation expected to show making illegals legal would add 4 to 5 trillion bucks to the National debt if amnesty goes through!

During polygraphs, border agency applicants admit to rape, kidnapping

Near the U.S.-Mexico Border, a Grim New Reality-good video

Border-crossing point gets put back on the map

Jet Skis Carry Mexican Nationals to Tijuana River Mouth

Zetas cartel members due in Texas court over racehorse-buying scheme
Members of the feared Mexican drug cartel are accused plotting to use horse business as money-laundering operation in the US

Border Patrol agents rescue 3 locked in trunk of burning car

Woman tries to cross black tar heroin and methamphetamine across bridge

America’s Most Wanted Crook Caught In Colombia

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Agents Rescue Drowning Victim

Smuggling: Two charged in separate cases, 13 people detained

Couple and man caught transporting over 1,300 pounds of marijuana

Comstock Station Border Patrol Agents Arrest Sex Offender
Mexican subject had been previously deported

Mexico Wants Secure Border with Guatemala, Foreign Secretary Says

Mexican president faces teachers’ revolt

Bodies of 5 men, 2 women found on patio in low-income district of Cancun resort in Mexico
(One decapitated, from another source.)

Mexico judge acquits ex-drug czar linked to cartel

How to win the Mexican drug war-Opinion

Canadian tourist goes missing south of the border

Mexico: Vanished 4-year-old found in El Salvador

How a Kidnapped East Indian Princess Brought ‘The China Look’ to Mexico

Rural radio empowers Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast

Costa Ricans Feel More Secure as Crime Rates Drop, Say New Surveys

Nicolas Maduro narrowly wins presidential election in Venezuela

Colombian Men Involved in Guinea-Bissau Drug Trafficking Ring

Ecuadorean Military Uses Mounted Patrol on Peruvian Border

Brazil immigrants face long wait at border town

In St. Lucia, Masked Bandits Rob Bus Load of Cruise Ship Passengers on Sightseeing Trip

Hundreds of foreign farm workers delayed from entering Quebec
-end of report-

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“We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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