Cuba Dancers Defect in Mexico; Assassinating Public Officials: Mexican Cartels Getting Strong and Violent Foothold in the United States; Around 30 Million of the Immigrants in the U.S. are Mexican


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A. Ferguson, Editor

The following is a full translation of an article in the Mexico City newspaper
“El Sol de Mexico” dated April 5, 2013. The original, in Spanish, is at
Around 30 million of the immigrants in the U.S. are Mexican.

Mexico City – The study “Mexicans Not The Only Hispanics in the United States,” headed by the investigator John Logan of Brown University, revealed that in the last 20 years the Hispanic population in the United States has doubled, passing from 22 million in 1990 to 50 million, and indicates that around 30 million are Mexicans.

Nevertheless, the percentage of emigration of fellow citizens headed to the neighboring country to the north has fallen from 49 in the decade of 2000 to 36 percent at this time.

Said investigation analyzes the demographic differences quantitatively in the United States. Granted that the majority continues concentrating in the traditional immigration zones, a pattern of dispersal can be seen.

In the case of the Mexicans the largest concentration is found in Los Angeles – Riverside – San Bernardino with upwards of 5 million; in Houston, more than 1.5 million, Chicago is the fourth state (sic) with the highest number of fellow countrymen where 1.3 million reside and in Phoenix, Arizona, a bit more than 1 million. While approximately 22.5 million fellow countrymen reside in various regions of the United States.

In that sense, 2 of every 10 minors has Latino or Hispanic ascendency, as well as 1 of every ten citizens born in the United States.

The segregation indices of the AngloSaxon population have diminished since 1990, except in the case of Mexicans. The study points out that this reduction is mainly owed to the dispersion of the immigration; however, it prevails in the case of the Mexicans because they generally reside in areas that are mainly Hispanic.

“The Mexicans are no longer the Hispanic group that grows most rapidly, and the origin of the immigrants has diversified. Besides Mexico, Puerto Rico (in New York) and Cuba (Miami and Florida); Dominican Republic (New York), El Salvador and Guatemala (Los Angeles – Long Beach) have more than one million (trans. note: of their) citizens in the United States.”
The following is a full translation of an article in “Proceso” (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)
dated 4/6/13. The original, in Spanish, may be seen at:
73 undocumented persons found in the south of Mexico, among them 43 Hondurans

The Secretary of Government (Interior) announced today that Mexican authorities have intercepted 73 undocumented Central Americans who were being transported “in inhumane conditions” by people smugglers in the state of Chiapas, in the south of Mexico.

Apparently, those “without papers” had paid from 1,000 to 4,000 dollars to their captors to take them to the United States, the final destination of their journey.

Chiapas and National Migration Institute (INM) officials launched an operation in Ocosingo at dawn today and in the area of Nuevo Altamirano they detained 31 year old Marco Antonio Perez Ortiz who was transporting 15 undocumented Guatemalans. They all had false documents with them, with which those who were helping them cross Mexico pretended to have them pass as citizens of this country.

The immigrants explained that they acquired that false documentation from the one who was transporting them, who was going to take them to the town of Motozintla.

Elsewhere, yesterday, and also in Ocosingo, officials found 43 Hondurans, 13 Salvadorans, one Guatemalan and one Nicaraguan “who were transported in four vehicles under conditions that placed their lives at risk,” as the same report indicates.

Three presumed people traffickers were detained in that case, supposedly for being the ones in charge of transporting the migrants.

The report adds that detainees are in custody of the authorities for their possible processing, while the undocumented received “integral, medical, psychological and victimiological (sic) attention from the Bureau of Assistance to Victims and Witnesses of the Trading in People” prior to their probable repatriation.

The events occur at the time when every year tens of thousands of Central Americans cross Mexico to try to enter the U.S. without proper documents in search of better living conditions than those in their countries of origin.

During their crossing, the immigrants are exposed to abuses from public officials and police, as well as kidnappings and extortions from members of organized crime, who take advantage of the immigrants’ vulnerability during their journey.

Assassinating Public Officials: Mexican Cartels Getting Strong and Violent Foothold in the United States

New Drone Radar Reveals Border Patrol ‘gotaways’ in High Numbers

Illegal Border Crossings Double, Border Becomes Less Secure as Beltway Gets Close to Deal on Immigration Reform

Breaking Through The Border – Chaffetz: Saw School Kids Crossing-must watch video

Marisol Valles Garcia, 20-something Mexican police chief, comes to New York for play
“‘So Go the Ghosts of Mexico,’ by Matthew Paul Olmos, is based on the daring life of the Praxedis, Mexico top cop after no man stepped up. “

Incentivizing Illegal Immigration-Mike Cutler

Illegal aliens bypass U.S. border agents via Indian reservations: GAO (And now the government wants to restrict BP Agents from certain border areas for environmental reasons, thus permitting even more aliens to enter)

Border Patrol’s Newest Tool? VADER On A Drone
Capable of sensing people over a large area, this radar can find and track people hiding in the desert.

Organized Crime Knows No Borders

Age of sexual consent in Mexico is 12!

Their View: The trigger and the poison pill-Charles Krauthammer

Second suspect in Sumas border shooting arrested; four arrests made in total
Border gunman was wanted in Kelowna

CBP structuring furloughs to avoid paying unemployment tax

Border patrol union: Sequester cuts drastic for Arizona

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Potentially Lethal Attacks Pose Risks To CBP Personnel On SW Border

Second prosecutor murdered in two months in Texas county

FBI Documents Connect Aryan Brotherhood with Mexican Cartels

Was Texas district attorney targeted by the Gulf Cartel?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz makes more startling border discoveries: ‘Worst Thing I’ve Seen’

Federal Program Helps Divert Smugglers From Criminal Life

Business-Labor Deal Marks Major Step To Immigration Bill

The new reality at the border-Op/Ed

Mexico Becomes a Stable, Politically Diverse Neighbor

More than 100 arrested in HSI-led Connecticut drug bust
” large-scale trafficking of heroin and cocaine from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico into and around southeastern Connecticut.”

Border Patrol union questions security, staffing in Hidalgo County

Cartels dispatch agents deep inside US

Report: Six drug cartels currently operating in Texas
Report Six drug cartels currently operating in Texas

Fox News poll: Most support strengthening borders before other immigration reforms

Internal US Police Document Hezbollah in Mexico Working With Drug Cartels-older

Big Sis admits Dems depend on Mexican immigrants for votes

US border agents shift focus to Texas in effort to combat Mexican cartels

OIG Report: ICE investigators cooperated with ‘Fast and Furious’

Despite Participation In Fast And Furious, ICE Leaders Clueless As To Its Methods: IG Report

Individuals Who Are Not Authorized to Work in the United States Were Paid $4.2 Billion in Refundable Credits

Illegal alien wanted for murder of pregnant woman found hiding in North Carolina

Four of five Border Patrol drug busts involve US citizens, records show

Indiana immigration law blocked by federal judge

Minnesota man beaten and stabbed to death in Mexico by workers building his dream home: local police

Illegal immigrant sentenced to 18 months in prison in ‘total identity theft’ case in Kansas

ICE deports MS-13 gang member wanted for murder in El Salvador
” deported for the third time “

Mexican national pleads guilty to molesting 12-year-old boy in Oregon
“Archdiocese of Portland announced … not yet decided if (he) should be removed from the priesthood.”

Deported felon accused of stealing puppy

César Chávez and his history of violence against illegal aliens

ICE agents raid suspected drop house in Phoenix

U.S. Border Patrol in Southern California Halts Extremely Dangerous Human Smuggling Attempt

National Ballet of Cuba dancers defect in Mexico

Mexico: Plot to Kill Lawmakers Is Halted, Officials Say

Mexican Drug Cartels Bring Grisly Violence to New Level…Even Boiling Victims

Mexico Nabs Hezbollah Network

Remittances to Mexico Drop

Reminder: How Mexico Treats “Undesirable” Foreigners

1500 armed men take over town in Guerrero

9 bodies, most dismembered, found in Texas-plated truck in Mexico border state

US man among five dead in Mexico bar shootings

Mexican Vigilantes

Mexican vigilantes seize town, arrest police

Canadian vanishes in northern Mexico

Sex Workers in Mexico Allege Abuse by Clients, Authorities, Gangs

FARC rebels have surface-to-air missiles: US

Quit crying for Chavez and campaign for me

Colombian Army Destroys 10 FARC Explosives Factories

Doctors in Jamaica on strike

Hong Kong Smashes Human Smuggling Ring
“…used fake documents to smuggle people from Mainland China into Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Australia.”
-end of report-

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