Discovery Channel’s Northern Border Special on 3/13; Mexican Marines Free 104 Kidnapped Migrants; How Secure is the Border?


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A. Ferguson, Editor

How Secure is the Border? DHS Stats Only Measure Part of the Problem

Is the border secure?

Secret national security measures showcased in Discovery Channel’s northern border special

Sequester Cuts Aid Smugglers, Border Patrol Union Says

Risk of Deadly TB Exposure Grows Along U.S.-Mexico Border

CDC warns of deadly new virus from Middle East
Catch the comment almost at the end when the doctor says ‘we have to monitor our borders even closer’.

Murder in Arizona Rare Case of Spillover from Mexico’s Drug War

Rancher says Border Patrol budget cuts are stab in the back

Republicans blast ICE over document previewing release of 1,000 detainees every week

Border Patrol Agents Stressed Out Over Cuts

Border Patrol offers suicide counseling to agents

Border Patrol agent commits suicide

Immigrant Employment Rose FOUR Times Faster Than Native-born Employment Over Past Year

New I-9 Form Released-Employment Eligibility Verification

Despite Warnings, Border Waits Not Longer Than Usual

Border agents need “reasonable suspicion” to search electronic devices

You May Now Kiss the Computer Screen
Internet Marriages on Rise in Some Immigrant Communities

Visa Overstays Present Challenge For Immigration Reform

Fatal flaw in comprehensive immigration reform-inability to determine aliens’ true identities

Maritime smuggling ops on the rise

Border agents’ biker group ready to ride for cancer patients

Bill filed to allow illegal immigrants to get a driver’s license

Mexican narco-terrorist indicted by feds in Virginia

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Rescues Illegal Alien from the All American Canal

Protesters march downtown in support of Arpaio workplace raid victims

County mitigator falls for Mexican Mafia inmate, leads double life

Trial begins for suspected Mexican gang members

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Seizes over $438,000 in Cocaine

CBP Officers Seize 42 Bottles Containing Nearly 55 Pounds of Liquid Methamphetamine at Brownsville Port of Entry

Illegal alien wanted on child molestation charges in North Carolina
(Victim was under 13.)

Human smuggler arrested in Arizona has been deported eight times

Declining Interest In ‘Chicano Studies’ Reflects A Latino Identify Shift

El Centro Sector Border Patrol Agents Snatch More Than $1.2 Million in Cocaine

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Latin America’s Billionaires
(Mexican Carlos Sim is worth $73 billion)

Mexican Marines Free 104 Kidnapped Migrants

Mexico Goes After Its Monopolies

Mexican Authorities Accuse Vigilantes of Drug Cartel Ties

New state tourism minister assassinated in Mexico

Four trucks filled with bodies’ after Reynosa firefight
(Three hour firefight.)

Labor leader’s Coronado house searched (in the U.S.)
(The leader is the Mexican teacher’s union boss just arrested.)

Mexican newspaper ends coverage of drug war after receiving death threats

Ciudad Juarez TV Station, Newspaper Assaulted

Attacks Against Media Outlets in Chihuahua and Coahuila

How to Find Mexico’s Disappeared

Mexico moves to open up telecom industry long dominated by monopolies

Oaxaca is on alert due to an outbreak of hepatitis-in Spanish
ISID Health Map with Alerts shown

FARC Selling Off Colombia Drug Franchises to Sinaloa Cartel

What Fidel Castro Taught Hugo Chavez

Chavez’s Legacy: An Explosion of Violence and Drug Trafficking

Reign of Evil: A Look Back at the Vicious Rule of Hugo Chavez

Body of Chavez to join other world leaders and stuffed animals on permanent display

Analyst estimates Chávez’s family fortune at around $2 billion.

Venezuela: Caretaker President Maduro Presents his Candidacy

New Drug Trafficking Paramilitary Groups Threaten Colombia

Arrests Show International Reach of Bogota Gangs

Former President Menem Found Guilty of Arms Smuggling

Bolivian Soldiers Return Home From Chile

Uruguay: Government Sparks Public Debate on Marijuana Legalisation

Bolivia: Twenty Towns Accused of Contraband
sustain themselves solely through illicit trade activities

Brazil: Authorities Take Hold of Rio Drug Trafficking Favela

Brazil to Train 50,000 Police for 2014 World Cup

Ángel Carromero on the crash that killed Cuba’s Oswaldo Payá

Cubans evade censorship by exchanging computer memory sticks, blogger says

Jamaican Lottery Scams Fund Drug Traffickers, Violent Criminal Gangs

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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