Bill Would Ensure Border Patrol has Unfettered Access to Federal Lands Along Borders; Poll: Most Mexicans Support Army Anti-Drug Battle

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There ARE VERY graphic photographs that accompany some articles in the body of this report. It is not our intention to sensationalize. We include these photos in order to give to you, the American public, a clearer understanding of the seriousness of the situation in Mexico and Central America.

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**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity. Some items may be from, or Some incidents of violence may not be included here due to the large number of death reports.


The PGR (Attorney General) is investigating the trafficking of arms to cartels by the Mexican Army. In particular the cartels are the Gulf cartel, LFM (La Familia Michoacana) and a cell of La Resistencia. The investigation began in September 2011 when a cell of La Resistencia was taken down and implicated a gun store in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico.


Three young men were shot and killed Monday afternoon in this port city. Investigators recovered 9 mm shell casings at each scene.


Two brothers were executed in broad daylight near the outlet of the Maxitunel to Cuauhtémoc. Again, 9 mm shell casings were found at the scene.


Two brothers were found executed on Saturday, one in a dry wash and the other in a convertible car.


And two more brothers were shot to death near here, the bodies found along a road about a mile out of town.


At least two people were killed and two others wounded after a shootout yesterday in the Puerta del Monte community, of this municipality, according to the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Details on the wounded were not reported.


Seven gunmen were killed in a shootout with the Mexican military near here. The military patrol met 2 cars of bad guys, and when they went to question those in the cars, came under fire.


Three men were shot and killed by gunmen early Tuesday. Two of the men were identified as off-duty Red Cross paramedics.


Four municipal police officers here were arrested by state investigators and state police for possession of 16 kilograms of marijuana, also crystal meth, 10 firearms of various calibers and nearly 200 rounds of ammunition. Tepehuanes is a municipality located in the mountainous region of the state, within the area known as “Golden Triangle” formed by the boundaries of Durango, Sinaloa and Chihuahua, in which, according to the authorities, there are large quantities of marijuana and poppies produced.


A municipal police commander, Julio Cesar Jimenez, was abducted about noon on Monday, and a half hour later his body was discovered dumped along a road, killed with about 40 shots. Further information is expected from the government.


A decapitated head was thrown inside a plastic bag outside of the municipal police building. Later, plastic bags were found with the remainder of the dismembered body inside. A message was left from the CJNG cartel.


An anonymous call reported extortion right then, and when municipal police responded, they were met with a bullet to the windshield. After an exchange of gunfire, police arrested 3 women and a man connected to kidnappings in the city. There were suspects that escaped into the brush, with state and federal police searching for them, aided by a federal helicopter.


The Mexican Army seized more than 84 grenades and a grenade launcher after a clash on Monday that left four bad guys dead. In addition, they seized 20 weapons (16 long and four handguns) and 900 thousand cartridges and three vehicles, a Suburban and two pick-ups.


A man was burned alive in his car before the astonished gaze of dozens of people who heard his cries of pain and tried to help him but the ferocity of the flames prevented rescue. By the time fire fighters arrived, only the engine was left. Witnesses refused to make statements to homicide investigators, who determined the fire began in the rear of the vehicle and presumed it to be arson due to the strong odor of gasoline.


Two State Police Agents were executed in the parking lot of a downtown mall here. No other information was given of importance.


Municipal police reported they found the body of a pregnant woman with gunshot and stab wounds, and with tape gagging her. She was 5 months along.

Poll: Most Mexicans Support Army Anti-Drug Battle
Mexico election: Pena Nieto bids to shake off PRI’s past
Dirty money thrives despite Mexico drug war
Major banks are getting rich from money laundered by violent Mexican drug gangs, whistleblower says.
‘El Chapo’ Nephew Gunned Down at Family Party
Mexico Seizes Zetas Diesel Headed to Honduras
Mexico’s ‘maquiladora’ labor system keeps workers in poverty
Tijuana Cartel Survives, Despite Decade-Long Onslaught
Grenades used in Mexico serve to scare more than kill
Splinter Gangs Wage War in Acapulco: The Future of Mexico’s Conflict
13 Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel Members Arrested in Mexico

Strike ends, Caribbean docks back to normal
Costa Rica and Colombia to Set Up Radar Network in the Pacific

U.S. Accuses Colombian in Drug Bribes
Colombian Police Create Special Unit to Reinforce Security
Roadside Bomb Kills Woman, Wounds 7 Police Officers in Colombia
Four Die in Rebel Attack on Bus in Colombia
100 Days into Gang Truce, El Salvador Sizes Up Security Gains
“Homicides, extortion, and disappearances are all reportedly down”
BOLIVIA: Journalists caught up in violence of mining dispute and political protests
Uruguay Launches Plan against Terrorist Financing

Bill Would Ensure Border Patrol has Unfettered Access to Federal Lands Along Borders
U.S. Extradites Suspected Arms Trafficker to Mexico
Gowdy: Fast & Furious – “Not Interested in Negotiating”
Corrupt Holder Defies GOP, Breaks Promises
WH forgets name of border patrol agent killed in Fast and Furious?
2 Dead federal agents confers NO privilege – executive or otherwise
U.S. Border States Have Stake In Mexico’s Election
Holder contempt vote could come next week
The Best Damned Explanation of Fast and Furious You’re Likely to Hear
“A former federal prosecutor and District Attorney, Gowdy’s understanding of the Fast & Furious fiasco is much deeper than the average person or pundit.”
College Seeks Latino Support After Cutting Tuition for Undocumented
Mexican customs agent says Texas trucker nabbed at border with bullets tried to return to US
Illegal alien charged with sexually assaulting an infant in PA
(Six months old, and a second child may have also been assaulted.)


Challenges Ahead on Implementing Executive Action to Prevent Deportation of Unauthorized Youth
Many Foreign Students Are Friendless in the U.S., Study Finds
U.S. Accuses Colombian in Drug Bribes
Border Patrol: 60,000 People Tried Crossing Illegally into US
American Citizens Reduced To Doormats For Illegals?
Men accused of harboring, sexually abusing immigrants
Florida Man Charged with Stashing Laundered Cash in Cuban Banks
Illegal alien pleads guilty to teen’s rape, murder in New York
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