Accused Fast and Furious Smuggler Case Set to Change Plea; What Awaits Mexico if the PRI Sweeps the July 1 Elections?

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Radio Formula (Mexico) 5/22/2012 Synopsis

Thirty per cent of police failed trust examinations

About 55, 000 police officers in Mexico have been found to have failed examinations to determine their integrity. These officers have, in some cases, been reassigned to other duties or locations, with other fired.
Blog del Narco (Mundo del Narco, Historias del Narco)


There ARE VERY graphic photographs that accompany some articles in the body of this report. It is not our intention to sensationalize. We include these photos in order to give to you, the American public, a clearer understanding of the seriousness of the situation in
Mexico and Central America.

**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity. Some items may be from, or  Not every incident is always included due to the sheer number of deaths involved.


Mexican Marines in Veracruz were attacked during an operation in the community of Palo Gacho, municipality of Emiliano Zapata. The military repelled he attack, killing 12 gunmen and seizing vehicles and weaponry.


The bodies of 3 men were found along the roadway outside Acapulco. The men had been tortured and dismembered.


Las Muñecas de la Mafia (The Dolls of the Mafia) are working with both the Zetas and El Chapo Guzman. See the fifth item below regarding women rising in power within the cartels. Since 2007, the number of women imprisoned for federal crimes in Mexico has increased 400%, with more than 10,000 imprisoned. Women often take the placed of dead or imprisoned husbands or family within cartels, especially in rural areas. The phenomenon of women in organized crime is described in the recently published book Las Jefas del Narco, written by veteran journalist Arturo Santamaria.
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The Mexican military has arrested the municipal police chief here, in possession of methamphetamine sufficient for nearly 5,000 doses and packaged in plastic bags. He was also in possession of unauthorized weapons.


Violence in Guadalajara, Ciudad Guzman and San Juan de los Lagos have left a total of eight persons dead.


A municipal police officer was killed as he left his residence here. Sergio León Parra was about 35 years old. Also in Culiacan, 3 bodies were discovered in a clandestine grave during a military operation at a clandestine narco laboratory (Meth). One was only a skeleton.

CHIHUAHUA Gunmen in several vehicles ambushed the central zone commander for the Attorney General while he was traveling. Due to his armored vehicle, no one was injured.


A Mexican woman has been arrested in Rome with 14 kilos of cocaine, flying from Cancun to there. The high purity cocaine is estimated to be worth about 35 million pesos, which would be just under US $2.45 million. The drug was not camouflaged or hidden within her luggage.

What Awaits Mexico if the PRI Sweeps the July 1 Elections?
Mexico wants to increase temporary workers in Canada
Former Mexican Governor Admits Past Presidents Controlled Drug Trade
Mexico’s Drug Corruption Arrests: Why Soldiers Make Bad Narco Agents
Police Chief Gunned Down in Northwest Mexico*
Women rise to power in Mexico drug cartels: report
Mexico cartel drops aerial leaflets against gov’t
Million-Liter Fuel Find in Zetas Territory Highlights Oil Theft in Mexico
Money from illegal activities in Mexico flows on
U.N. Los Zetas cartel uses “blatant violence” to gain control
Mexican police patrol PepsiCo warehouses after arson fires
Family Members of Mexican Drug War Victims Call for National Unity Pact

Argentine police defuse ‘bomb’ ahead of Uribe talk
Peru declares state of emergency after violence at mine protests
First TV Images of French Reporter Held in Colombia
French reporter Romeo Langlois freed in Colombia by Farc rebels
Brazil Readies 15,000 Security Forces for Rio Summit
ECUADOR: Critical radio and TV stations closed down in Napo province

Accused Fast and Furious Smuggler Case Set to Change Plea
CIA-Pentagon Death Squads and Mexico’s ‘War on Drugs”
Historic gang truce in El Salvador impacts LA immigrant community
It’s time to end our Mexican myopia-Op/Ed re: Canada & Mexico
The High Cost of Tough Immigration Enforcement
In Alabama, strict immigration law sows discord
‘Big Ag’ Favors Illegal Immigration
HSI Arizona special agents honored by DOJ for assisting crime victims
Are illegal aliens bringing the “new HIV/AIDS” to this country?
Chagas Disease: Poverty, Immigration, and the ‘New HIV/AIDS’
At Canada Line, Fears of Crackdown on Latinos
Fingerprinting Of Immigrants Questioned In New Report, Raises Privacy Concerns
Man caught fitting 21 illegal aliens into van
Pair abandons half-ton of pot, swims back to Mexico
State Supreme Court To Rule on Undocumented Immigrant’s Law License
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