Street Gangs to Replace Cartels as Drivers of Mexico’s Violence; Why Border Violence Spillover Needs To Be Defined

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Mexico and Central America.

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**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity. Some items may be from Note: Killings have become so routine that it is no longer possible to report them all. Newspapers will sometimes report that there were a total of X number of homicides in a locale instead of separately reporting each death. This is complicated by the continuing threats of journalists.


Benigno Ibarra Valley, aka: El Peloche, leader of a Sinaloa cartel cell in Nayarit was arrested along with 9 accomplices, drugs and high power weapons.


This past Saturday, Jesús Donavis Moralia Ríos, an elite state police officer, was shot and killed. The report does not specify if on or off duty, or provide further details.


The Mexican military is sending 600 more troops to this area, to permanently be assigned to new barracks here.


The police chief announced that in the past 45 days, they have received 900 calls of extortion amounting to $500,000 per week from businesses in the center of the city. These resulted in the arrests of 12-15. The calls are made to a number answered only by the senior police official on duty. In late November, flyers began to be handed out in certain areas. The calls average about 20 a day, but not all will prosecute. Many times, a paper is left with a phone number. The police notify the phone company who cancel the number. The chief said if people will not call and prosecute,they will continue to be blackmailed, he said. “Without a complaint from these people, it strengthens apathy, social neglect, and then extortionists are strengthened,” he said.


Mexican Marines, using investigative intelligence, located and rescued 10 men, three women and three children, who were locked and chained in a private house.


About 0830 am on Wednesday, the municipal police chief, Juan Jose Ruiz Adame, was shot and killed on duty.


Military personnel stationed near San Sebastian del Oeste on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta were alerted to a corpse. Investigators unearthed the remains of 3 dismembered men. Nearby the license plates of several vehicles were also found. No other information was released.


Shortly after midnight Thursday, police and military responded to reports of shots fired toward the prison here. One person was wounded.


Mexican military found and destroyed a clandestine laboratory near here. The soldiers found 206 kilograms solid methamphetamine, 100 liters of liquid methamphetamine, 100 kilograms of caustic soda, 30 liters of liquid caustic soda, 520 liters of acetic anhydride and 400 liters of acetone.


Acapulco is going through a wave of extremely violent executions where it is common to dismember and behead the victims, leaving the bodies in public. The most recent was found by authorities responding to a vehicle fire where dismembered bodies were found burned in the car and on he street, with a head left on the sidewalk. A narco message was left.


Two state investigators were chased by gunmen in 2 vehicles, who opened fire on them. One was killed with a shot to the head, and the other is gravely wounded.


State police recovered kidnapped persons and arrested 6 men believed to be part of the Beltran Leyva group. The 6 are now believed to have also been the ones that attacked the state C-4 on 12/31.

Street Gangs to Replace Cartels as Drivers of Mexico’s Violence
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Honduras: home to the most violent city in the hemisphere?
Honduras Officials Find Mass Grave, Suspect More Will be Found
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The UN Gang, and the Canada-Mexico Connection
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Murder Victims Dumped in Mexican Port City
Mexico smuggling probe: 4 kids show sexual abuse
Colombia’s Rebels Switch From Cocaine to Cattle
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Mexico’s Drug War Bloodies Areas Thought Safe
Mexico catches alleged Sinaloa cartel gun runner
Mexico Seizes Chinese Chemicals Headed for Guatemala and Nicaragua
Lawyer shot to death after reporting on human rights violations
Decoding the Murder Rituals of the Mexican Drug Trafficker
Where Home Tours Don’t Go-Drug Traffickers home photos
El Salvador: Pesticides Fill Graveyards in Rural Villages
Mexican Army Arrests Reputed Cartel Money Manager
In Mexico, false suicide reports shine light on Tarahumara plight
Mexican Police Intercept 59 Undocumented Guatemalans
Mexican States Must End Impunity for Enforced Disappearances

Domestic News – United States

Why Border Violence Spillover Needs To Be Defined
Border Patrol to toughen policy
Judge: Border Patrol Agent’s Family Not Victims In Case
Issa subpoenas AZ US Attorney Criminal Division Chief
U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter, Blaine Sector Jan. 2 – Jan. 8
Mexican Cartel-Related Violence Against Border Region Law Enforcement Escalating, Report Says
Puerto Rican Cop Killed Thwarting Robbery*
Border Patrol agents halt aircraft smuggling operation
Ukrainian man arrested on federal child sexual exploitation charges
Arrests include man wanted by Mexico, Interpol
Expensive Aliens: How Much Do Illegal Immigrants Really Cost?
CBP/Border Patrol in Arizona seize more than $16 Million in Narcotics in week
Traffic Stop Lands 58 Year-Old Woman in Jail, Facing Deportation
Security Issues on the Texas-Mexico Border?
Cross-border security application integrates data from diverse sources
Agents Rescue Drowning Man; Seize More than 5 Tons of Marijuana
2,100 pounds of marijuana seized from fake AT&T work truck
Illegal alien released from custody rapes 13-year-old girl
26 Cubans Taken Into Custody in the Keys by U.S. Border Patrol Agents: Coast Guard
Agents nab sex offender suspects, marijuana

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