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Mexican army: ‘El Chapo’ security head arrested; Angry Former ATF Chief Blames Subordinates

December 26, 2011

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**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity. Some items are from


The state Attorney General announced charges against a municipal police officer for working with a cartel as a halcon (lookout, spy).


The American DEA says the cartels are beginning to charge extortion from Mexican businesses in the US, both along the border and in the interior. Some do not report it due to hiring illegals. An agent, not authorized to speak, said, “The profile of these businesses is that they have been operating for at least five years in a city. The Mexicans are owners or descendants, are current on taxes, they have a captive clientele, especially among its workers, have one or more illegals, which makes them vulnerable to pressures of these cartels…”

TEPIC, NAYARIT* A female police officer was shot and killed outside her home at about 6 pm on Christmas Eve. A gray van had pulled up and gunmen inside opened fire.


Four young people were executed on Christmas Eve here. They were semi buried and discovered by scavengers.


A prolonged shootout Christmas Eve lasting over 1.5 hours between the Zetas and the Sinaloa cartels left 7 bad guys dead, and 5 wounded. Weapons were left in the street, and hundreds of shell casings from AR15 and AK47 rifles were found.


The city has seen 13 stolen vehicles, one man killed for a brief case filled with 100K pesos (US $7237.82), and 3 police officers injured when they wrecked their patrol unit escaping from attackers, all over the Christmas weekend.


The Mexican Army seized nearly two tons of marijuana, eight rifles, 58 magazines and more than two thousand 518 cartridges after three raids in Ciudad Mier and Miguel Aleman.


Secretary of Public Security of Veracruz, Arturo Bermudez, announced that Mexican Marines will continue to provide police services for Veracruz and Boca del Rio.


Three executed and burned bodies were discovered in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle.


Christmas Eve left 12 people dead in the city. It began at 4pm when 2 grenades killed four people in Gallerias shopping plaza. Shortly, 8 more were killed at another main shopping mall.

LA MISIÓN, HIDALGO* Telésforo Hernández, the Municipal Police chief was shot and killed outside his headquarters about midnight Christmas Eve. In less than one week, 6 police officers have been shot, with 5 dying and the sixth still hovering between life and death.


The state Attorney General announced the discovery of an abandoned 3.5 ton truck with 13 bodies inside. The truck had plates from Veracruz.


An 11 year old boy was shot 5 times while driving with his parents about 10 am Christmas morning. Three of those were in his chest. He is in grave condition.

Mexican army: ‘El Chapo’ security head arrested
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Three Die in Shootouts in Northern Mexico

Domestic News – United States

Angry Former ATF Chief Blames Subordinates for Fast and Furious
Alone for Christmas: South Texans separated from Mexican relatives by drug violence, immigration statuses
California to Ban Police From Towing Cars of Unlicensed Drivers
Mexico grower plans greenhouses in southern Ariz.
Ranks of women low in Border Patrol grows
Six men plead guilty to smuggling marijuana in watermelon shipment
NPD, ICE seize guns, ammo and drugs from local home
U.S. Customs offers free classes to share what the agency does
Illegal alien sentenced for brutal rape says “I don’t know what happened”

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