M3 Report on Hiatus

The M3 Report will be on hiatus until further notice.

Direct inquiries to nafbpo@nafbpo.org

45 Responses to “M3 Report on Hiatus”

  1. George W Short Says:

    Please don’t do that again ! Being a Minuteman I have to have the M-3 report injected in me as often as possible . It’s bad enough that ‘ the economy ‘ is preventing a lot of us from directly contributing to helping solving this out of control invasion . You folks perform an excellent service , and are instrumental in exposing the VITAL TRUE information that is desperately needed .
    Thank You ever so much for your service . ” May God Bless America ! ” George W Short .
    California ,

  2. D. Grose, Retired USBP Says:

    Good to see you guys back in action and telling it like it is! Stay safe, Grose

  3. Bevan Olyphant Says:

    Your unbiased reporting was informative and especially helpful in allowing me to inform others, who do not live near The Border, as to the facts.
    Sure hope you get back up and running soon! You are needed in order to get things turned around in this Country

  4. Roman Says:

    As an Expat living in Mexico, I used your report to get an idea on where to avoid and as a good information source. thanks for your service and I hope a quick return.

    For anyone else who has a good English based info source… I would be much abliged.

    • Luis Says:

      Try http://www.neglectedwar.com/blog

      When is this site comming back?

      • kathi Says:

        Interesting that to pick up the slack of M3’s Report Hiatus I signed in for El Blog de Narco. Now it seems that it is being denied access by Google, In other words they will not let me view any of the stories. Is this the new way of business for information concerning the WAR that is going on in Mexico, and on the border?

  5. .Larry Nelson Says:

    I hope this is just a rest for you and you will be back strong, showing the truth about la frontera. Godspeed. Larry

  6. BOB RENN Says:


  7. El Paso Patriot Says:

    Your website was the only one I could not wait till the next message arrived, and being from El Paso, and having had someone close murdered when they could not kidnap him in Juarez, I could depend on your reports to show the truth.
    Congressman Reyes and Janet Napolitano along with the Mayor of El Paso, try to keep El Pasoan’s in the dark, and claim no spillover, but with all the streets being flooded with MX license plates as well as NM, the culture of crime and ‘see nothing, say nothing’ has taken over the city.
    I’m sorry to see you go, and I wonder why, but will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for your service!

    • kathi Says:

      El Paso Patriot, live on the other side of the state in the Rio Grande Valley, please get in touch with me and we can compare notes for the people to be made aware of the situation here on the border. After all Senorita Janet Napolitano says your city is extremely safe, and last night on tv didn’t our lovely senator John Cornyn say how safe the border cities are in Texas. Which I totally disagree with. I know of the valley and deep south Texas, but to hear tell you are the shining city on the hill. I have a friend who is retired from Law Enforcement from El Paso and he says that the politicians are lying. His wife works for the school district and she claims that is another nightmare happening in El Paso with the illegals. So please contact me and let me know the real facts. And yes M3 is being missed already. kathin9@aol.com Laguna Vista Texas, aka the war zone.

  8. Cecelia Says:

    I pray that soon you will back online. I kept a lot of people informed from this site. I also pray for all of your safety.

  9. Jim F. from N. Iowa Says:

    Please somehow let us know what has happened and if the administration has somehow gotten their fingers into it since it tells us the truth about the border; we are ”Winter Texans” in Mission, and for three years I was on the border with the Minutemen, observing and reporting to the BP what we saw, and still maintain a keen interest in what is happening. Every night we see and hear the helicopters with floodlights searching for illegals. as our park is very near the river.

  10. Jan Says:

    My heart just sank! My first concern in being so familiar with what is going on at the Border is your safety. Can you just let us all know that you guys are okay? Hiatus is one thing… until further notice paints another picture. You will be in my prayers for safety and my well wishes for all in your lives. I’m an author and am going to be publishing a new book, Dear Capitol Hill: O’ Why Can’t You See Our Lawless Borders… There’s a letter posted to the White House on my website, http://www.LawlessBorders.com I was going to contact you guys this week and see how I could best promote subscriptions to your report in my book… I was even going to see if there were any photos that I could post (with permission and credit). America has got to get this information. Please hurry back & be safe!

  11. Leonard Thomas Says:

    God bless M3 reporters and there family’s for there time and effort for bringing us this news no matter how bad it might be,for now we are so much aware of what is really going on. every one must under stand that they are putting there lives at risk , to do so, pray for them and hurry back.LT

  12. Leonard Thomas Says:

    God bless all of the M3 reporters and there family’s for there time and effort to help keep our family safer and understand this mess we have and the danger we face ever day.

  13. Bill Heffelfinger Says:

    It sounds like most of us are very interested in the reason for the hiatus. We have all grown to view the M3 Report as a significant source of information not available anywhere else. You guys have never impressed me as being subject to intimidation from anyone. It isn’t in your nature. The author/editor obviously spends a significant amount of their life (lives) devoted to compiling and disseminating the Report. It is my sincere hope this isn’t related to a serious illness or something the rest of us hadn’t even considered. Keep up the good work. I need a balanced view of what is going on with the border and your report helps me achieve that balance.

  14. Patricia Says:

    Gracias a Dios que ya van a dejar de atemorisar a la jente que vive tranquila sin toda esa era de violencia que existe en todos los paises, no solamente en Mexico.

  15. D. Grose, USBP Retired Says:

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law abridging the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. Grose sends

    • An American Says:

      Remember, all of us, especially retired LEOs, like you and I, are now labeled as terrorist by the DOJ, for believing that this administration is corrupt and lawless. As a webmaster on another forum, I know I am under survielance by DOJ, by tracking the IP of “guest” watching the forum each day. I can well imagine what length the administration went to to shut down this site, which told the truth about what is happening.

  16. wes.american.guardian@gmail.com Says:

    Not knowing why concerns me … if you have been kidnapped or some other crime has been commited against you … know this … WE WILL FIND YOU AND BRING YOU BACK !

    I know that sounds harsh and maybe off the wall …

    BUT … we depend on you for the truth !

  17. kathi Says:

    Hope all is well with you. I’m already having withdrawls just at the mention of you being on Hiatus. I live on the border in deep south texas, I need to post your information so people will see the truth, I too, have sent your information around the world so people actually know what is happening “the good the bad and the ugly”, and most of all the truth. Why is this happening?

    • kathi Says:

      p.s. and why is it when I push the thumbs up button on all the previous comments that they go up by one and instantly when I move to next comment the number goes down by one? hmmmm

  18. James M. Holland Says:

    Plz try to get back in buiz. I have sent your site around the world . you guys tell it like it is no sugar coating.

  19. Stephanie La Porta Says:

    ……….gone but not forgotten and hopefully back soon. Seems to me you guys actually let us know what is happening “out there” without sugar-coating with political agendas!! PLEASE return soon. Not easy to read but TRUTH PREVAILS!!


    It is a sad day for liberty when any honest and informative voice is silenced. The freedom of the U.S. was supported by the open reporting of the violence immediately to our South and therefore, the information necessary for Americans to change the direction of U.S. immigration policies.

  21. John Cryar Says:

    Awww man… I’ve looked forward to every one of your reports for so long it’s not funny! Please come back as soon as you can, okay/

  22. Walleaner Says:

    I hope this is only temporary, the information it contained was invaluable to opening doubters eyes to the truth.

  23. Chris M. Hutcheson Says:

    Sad to see it go.

  24. Richard Epps Says:

    Hope its no forever, we need your information

  25. James Says:

    Please tell us this is temporary. I would hate that the Obama regime got to you. Hope you are safe and well.

  26. Dan Says:

    I have received your day by day activities.Ihave concluded that only this operation you conduct so tenaciously will someday be the framework for American Journalists who want to show America the Truth.You are all Exceptional.The World needs to See what you See.

  27. John Gorena Says:

    Thanks for all that you did and do.. I know that it is a lot of work. just know that it is extremely appreciated.

  28. Larry Says:

    wow here you opened my eyes to what’s really happening and now to lose it..I’m not a happy camper…please come back and keep us enlightened

  29. Dan Lanotte Says:

    It is essential that the M3 Report is passed to the country!! Very little of this information is known outside of your pages.

  30. Tony Ottinger Says:

    How about a breif explanation in answer to the above?
    Give us some idea what is going on or at least what to expect.

  31. Linda Card Says:

    Sincerely hope this is a temporary break and you will be back soon

  32. ATaylor Says:

    You can find similar information on http://oneoldvet.com

  33. bill Says:

    hope you return. very very useful aggregation of news sites big and small, bests bill

  34. John Galt Says:

    I hope we don’t lose a source that we can point to when someone says “I don’t believe you” about Mexican violence!!!!

  35. criminalinvaders Says:

    M3 provides a valuable service that the mainstream media doesn’t, especially since we have a terribly corrupt regime in Washington at this time. Hope this is just a temporary situation.

  36. Joann Hunt Says:

    How disappointing, hopefully, this is only a temporary hiatus … please tell me it’s temporary.

    You can’t imagine how many people depend on these reports, each day becomes more critical. Understandably your team needs a break, but don’t quite entirely. Please.

    From the bottom of my heart thank you all at NAFBPO during the past five years.

    Best wishes … Joann Hunt

  37. Nunjobizness Says:

    Nooooo! Don’t go. Please.

  38. pf Says:

    Excuse me – but WFT?? Will you be coming back? Your report is a mainstay in this madness and is depended on by far too many people to just stop publishing.

  39. Donald Hammers Says:

    M3 Report will be missed. Free speech is the looser without the M3 Report.

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