Over 50 Dead in Mexican Casino Attack; Mexican TCOs and Iraqis in San Diego

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La Jornada (Mexico City) 8/17/11

Pretense and Shameful Interests

According to data released yesterday by the Los Angeles Times, the US Office for the Control of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, for its acronym in English) promoted three officials involved in the Operation Fast and Furious, by which the government of the neighboring country supplied Mexican cartels with thousands of assault rifles, for the skills and abilities demonstrated throughout their careers, as we read in a confidential e-mail signed by Kenneth E. Melson, acting director of ATF.

Such promotions contravene the promise made at the time by the president of the neighboring country, Barack Obama, in that there would be sanctions for those responsible for this operation. By contrast, in the light of the information published by the California newspaper, it is clear that the authorities of the neighboring country have not only granted impunity to the public servants involved in an evident crime, but now reward the abilities and skills of three of them . The same can be said of Melson himself, whose knowledge and timely monitoring of the operation has been documented in reports by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, and who, nevertheless, remains the director of the ATF.

The related data virtually confirm the discursive character of Washington’s supposed commitment in the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking in our country: the constant claims of that government to defend its prohibitionist logic to consumption, production and traffic of drugs, and to the policy to fight the drug gangs that have prevailed in neighboring nations, like ours, bear no relation to the reality that the White House itself is silent to the actions of these bands within their own borders and tolerates money laundering in the financial system and allows operations such as Fast and Furious, a supplier of criminal organizations operating south of the Rio Grande.

It can not be ruled out, in the light of available information, that the inconsistency between the practice of authorities in the neighboring country and its president’s discourse is due to ignorance of the president about wrongdoing by some officials of his government: after all, if anything has characterized U.S. public administration government it is, indeed, being an area in which representatives of groups, factions and competing interests converge — let us recall the old conflicts of interest between Washington’s intelligence and security agencies — that should be added to a position of political weakness in which the current president finds himself facing that nation’s power establishment.

Indeed, in any case, there are officials, or perhaps areas in the U.S. governmental apparatus that, far from collaborating in combating drug trafficking, are engaged in promoting it, which poses a bleak perspective: if indeed the war declared by the Calderón government since its inception — and continued and increased, according to available information, by American pressure — causing unequal costs for both countries and unfair to us, it is possible that some public or private factions of the neighboring nation might see promoting this scenario as providing a path to a market in which to place part of its arms production, generating large amounts of money whose laundering brings astronomical earnings for the financial institutions in the neighboring country. What’s more, this would also give them a good excuse to multiply and deepen its interventionist actions in our country.

In this context, the fact that U.S. agencies show no hesitation in rewarding officials involved in illegal actions, such as Fast and Furious, should be intolerable to the Mexican authorities and lead to a profound revision of bilateral cooperation in matters of security. In the immediate future, basic ethics makes it advisable and necessary to end a war that can not possibly be won in its current configuration, and in establishing a direct relationship between the suffering and distress of the Mexican population and the economic and political benefit of factions and interest groups north of the border.




There are graphic photographs that accompany some articles in the body of this report. It is not our intention to sensationalize. We include these photos in order to give to you, the American public, a clearer understanding of the seriousness of the situation in
Mexico and Central America.

Blog Del Narco (http://www.blogdelnarco.com/)

**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity.


Last weekend, nine men were tortured and executed and left along the Tepic-Aguamilpa Road, Nayarit. One of those executed was identified as Emiliano Pozas Iturbe, who worked as a photographer for the state PRI headquarters, and formerly provided services the City of Tepic. He was just 30 years old, and has greatly affected journalists and politicians who knew him, they pointing out that the man was an extraordinary person, a good friend, dedicated to his work, and worshipped his wife and baby. His father was also kidnapped and executed.


A 15 year old boy was kidnapped shortly after returning from a Quinceañera, and later found executed. A narco message from the Zetas was found with the body.


La Linea placed narco banners directed to the DEA Agents, and signed by the new leader of the cartel, El Gato, where they say they have declared war on the U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency.


The report headline says ‘no let up in Acapulco: assassins execute a child’. At 5 pm Tuesday, residents in a residential neighborhood heard gunshots. Arriving municipal police found a dead boy of 13 in front of the altar of the Virgin de Guadalupe. Around him were found 10 casings from the 3 guns used to shoot him.


During the day on Wednesday, narco banners appeared starting at about 6 am. These were addressed to the state governor, and specifically indicated where corruption exists in the prison in Cadareyta and in Topochico prison (both in Monterrey basically). After hanging the banners, the gunmen doing it fired off rounds to attract attention.


The Mexican Army has captured 6 more members of the criminal group known as La Barredora. They were linked to about 17 kidnappings and butchering of taxi divers, and provided information on houses where there are human remains. They confessed they were paid between US $120 to $160 every 2 weeks.


Humberto Millan, a journalist for Radio Formula, was intercepted enroute to work and kidnapped. No other information is known. A later report from a regular US news article confirms his body was found the following day. (Note: Journalists are being killed with more regularity it seems, and what that may mean is open to interpretation. It clearly shows the escalation of violence and intense rivalry between the warring cartels.)


The Knights Templar are offering a reward for Los information leading to certain Zetas they consider traitors. This was announced throughout the state with narco banners placed in Pátzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, Quiroga, Zirahuén among other locales. There was a gunfight between gunmen and the MX army at one location, after the Army saw them on the soccer field after placing the banner. One gunman was killed, a truck was seized along with weapons and other things not named.


Five men outside a house here were gunned down mid afternoon, one of them only 17 years old. None of the men have been identified.


In the last M3 Report, it was reported that the state attorney general had asked for a truce between the groups. A response was received from El Comando del Diablo, belonging to the group La Barredora, a cell of the Sinaloa cartel, where a three month truce was agreed to on the condition the Governor give a press conference and publicly state that he is not linked with kidnappers, extortionists narco traffickers nor is the criminal named Víctor Aguirre Garzón part of his family. It was sent by e-mail and hand written letters to journalists and media outlets.


Municipal police received a report of two dead bodies in a truck, and on arrival found the town commissioner and his brother. Their sister has also been kidnapped, and nothing found of her-yet.

Mexican Casino Attack: At Least 40 Dead In Monterrey



The cartel problem



1 dead, 5 wounded in Mexico border school shooting

(Photos from Blog del Narco)



Mexico’s Human Rights Committee to look into shooting near school in



Mexican Government Rejects Call for Drug Cartel Truce



Surgical Strikes in the Drug Wars

Smarter Policies for Both Sides of the Border



Prison Reform in Latin America and the Caribbean



Iran in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay



Do U.S., Mexican officials favor one cartel over another?




Search For Human Trafficking Victims Continues With Arrest Of Suspect



Mexico Cartel Gunman Discusses Brutal Killings



Domestic News – United States

U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter August 18 – August 24



The Significance of Links Between Mexican TCOs and Iraqis in San Diego

( The author’s book coming out in September is a must read for those wishing an understanding of the Mexican cartels and what to expect in the U. S.)



Mexican terrorists target nanotech researchers  (in US) with package bombs



Myths and Realities of U.S.-Mexico Border Spillover Effects



Europeans overwhelmingly against immigration: Poll



New York immigration attorney charged for participating in international human smuggling ring



Mexico’s Drug War Refugees Rarely Secure Asylum In United States




Border police chief pleads guilty to running guns to Mexico



Union Pacific settles drug fines, invests $50M in border security




Driver charged in deaths of four 




2 Suspected Drug Traffickers Arrested after 20-Mile Chase

(Had guns and 1000’s of rounds of ammo.)



12,000 Pounds Pot Seized from Warehouse




Rape victim was 9 years old when she got pregnant (by illegal)




Possible drug tunnel discovered in Douglas




Fishermen Come Under Fire at Falcon Lake




Border Patrol seize 1900 pounds of pot in two busts




Illegal Immigrants Detained on School Property




Man with a gun caught after running the border

(Mexican nationals trying to enter Canada from the US, with a duffel bag and gun. Courier for MX cartel cash from Canada perhaps?)



Austin woman who smuggled guns to Mexico gets 30 years



Feds release first illegal immigrants in Georgia



MPI Fact Sheet Highlights Major Changes in Immigration Policy and Programs in the Decade since 9/11




DMV worker, others indicted in fake license scheme




Salvadoran Tied to Killings Faces Immigration Charge




Santa Rosa man charged in hit-run death of boy, 4




Sheriff Joe Arpaio busts drug smuggling ring




Family of Matthew Denice Appeal for Justice




Federal grants to keep more Starr County deputies on street



Foreign National Crime Information Center

A data base for serious crimes committed against people by foreign nationals in the United States.



South Florida Human Trafficking Victim Shares Her Story



Public Safety on ICE: How Do You Police a Community That Won’t Talk to You?



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