Incomplete Tunnel Found Near Border in Tijuana; Post-9/11 Security Divides Life on Northern Border

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**Asterisk denotes death involving a police officer or a member of the military serving in that capacity.

(There are so many reports of single executions/bodies found that these are not all included, simply because of the extraordinary number.)


Narcobanners signed by El Comando del Diablo, and directed to the Governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero, appeared in different locations beginning at about 4 pm. With one were one leg and one arm tied to the narco banner (used a blanket), and the trunk was in a bag. Several other banners appeared elsewhere. The message accused the Governor of being the cause of the deaths of innocent people, taxi drivers, children and women.


Municipal Police received a report of bodies dumped. On arrival, they found two women’s bodies. The assassins had used green plastic and thrown the bodies partly covered. Nearby was a trash bag containing one of the women’s purses.


After several violent incidents at the Topo Chico prison, the Mexican Army searched the prison using 100 men. During the 2 hour operation, they seized plasma screens , air conditioners, refrigerators, firearms, homemade shivs (knives), doses of cocaine and marijuana , radio equipment, mobile phones , personal computers, bottles of alcoholic drinks, beer, among other things enjoyed by inmates.


Mexican Marines on patrol were attacked by gunmen, and during an intense gunfight, killed five bad guys. Later, Marines located two suspicious men who opened fire on them when ordered to stop. The Marines repelled the attack, injuring three people and capturing the two gunmen.


On Friday, municipal police made a gruesome discovery of a man that had been executed. He had been shot several times, had a cable around his neck and had been burned.


The Jalisco State Police have arrested Zenaido Soto Mojarro, alias La Medusa, 33 years, who confessed to being the nephew of Elpidio Mojarro Juárez, alias El Pilo, leader of La Resistencia. Captured with him was Yeverino Juan Victoriano, 18, ​​a native of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, and a member of Los Zetas. Confiscated was an AR-15 rifle, boots , cartridges, a fragmentation grenade, three fuses to trigger dynamite, and a Toyota truck. According to La Medusa, criminal activity has increased in Jalisco due to an alliance between the Zetas and Resistance. The Resistance had previously had a working pact with the Gulf cartel.


Fidel Plascencia Esparza, former director of the Anti-Theft Unit of the State police, and Efrain Ibarra Espinoza, legal director of the Ministerial Police were kidnapped by gunmen. Shortly after, the armed group freed Efrain Ibarra in the city of Guasave. However, Fidel was dead his hands and feet bound. Efrain remains under guard.


On Friday afternoon, a group of gunmen entered a house with six people and opened fire. There were five killed immediately, and an 11 year old child was gravely wounded.


Numerous banners were hung around the city Friday, placed by the Attorney General’s office, offering a reward for Noel Salgueiro Nevárez, better known in the drug world as El Flaco Salgueiro, and leader of the Gente Nueva, part of the Sinaloa cartel. A reward of 15 million pesos or US $1,220,404.50 is being offered for information leading to his capture.


At bout 530 Friday, a group of gunmen entered a bar and opened fire. Four people were immediately killed, and two others wounded. Reports are that this is not the first time there has been a shooting at this location.


Two men were shot and killed in front of witnesses in broad daylight Friday. Both had been tortured, and were still tied when executed. A narco message was left by ‘The Sweeper’.


Another woman was executed on Friday. She was 46 years old, and driving at the time. She was identified by family at the medical examiner’s office.


The Mexican Army clashed with a group of gunmen. Two of the bad guys were killed and two more captured. Seized were four AK-47 rifles, several handguns, a .50 Caliber rifle, a grenade launcher, Magazines , Cartridges , Radio equipment, cellular phones, Tactical vests, Marijuana , Cocaine, and six trucks.


Four more people were executed Friday here. These were from 2 separate incidents, with a taxi driver found near Atoyac de Alvarez. The three were found near Tecpan de Galeana.


Víctor Chávez Gómez, alias El Ruso, who was part of Knights Templar, was arrested by Federal Police. He admitted to participating in the attack on federal police in Apatzingan, Michoacan on July 7th.


On Thursday, the Mexican military was on patrol when gunmen attacked them. One gunman was wounded, and he and two others were captured. They were identified as being affiliated with the Knights Templar. Seized were four assault rifles, six pistols, 180 cartridges for AR -15; 1,010 cartridges for AK-47, 26 magazines , three cartridge carriers, three tactical vests, four late-model trucks, drugs, among other things.


Incomplete tunnel found near border in TJ


Brutal drug gang takes over migrant smuggling


Book Review – To Die in Mexico: Dispatches from Inside the Drug War\


Rights group: Death threats follow Guatemala massacre trial


The Andean Connection: Tracking the Drug War’s Coca Leaves and Failed Policies


Mexico’s drug cartels have far-reaching influence


Mexican Agency Slams Police, Army Illegal Searches


Ignacio Flores, Former Soccer Player, Killed by Gunmen in Mexico


Honduran Police Burn Community to the Ground


Prospecting the Terrain of Struggle in Guatemala


For one man, Mexico is too dangerous


Domestic News – United States


Analyst calls for removal of U.S. attorney over ‘Fast and Furious”

‘Why is it not a conflict of interest for Burke to remain in that job?’


Mexican border so porous…Caribbean drug smugglers go out of their way to use it


Crime-Ridden Mexican Border Fosters Human Trafficking



More officers arrive at San Luis border


Journalists and Candidates Suffered From Tunnel Vision at Iowa Republican Presidential Debate



Bowie High School: Juárez gunfire prompts review of campus security


Wealthy Mexicans fly, don’t drive, to Texas


Chinese workers could replace Mexican immigrants-Editorial


Illegal immigrants do not have a “right to work” in the United States



Prince George’s County Teachers Protest Their Deportation



Border Patrol Puts Radar Plan for Grosse Pointe Farms Tower on Hold after Objections



Local Mustangs Join Border Patrol


Post-9/11 security divides life on northern border



Border mayors plan inaugural action meeting



Pot Thrown From Window in High-Speed Chase



Agents seize 14 pounds of meth at Yuma checkpoint



New Texas driver’s license policy to become law



Latino-Indigenous Mexican Divide Stirs California Town


Immigrants face checks on way back to Mexico



Cong. Culberson: My Trip to the Border


Do We Still Need Our Armed Forces When We Don’t Secure Our Own Borders? by Mike Cutler

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  2. Bramex Real State Says:

    Bramex Real State…

    […]Incomplete Tunnel Found Near Border in Tijuana; Post-9/11 Security Divides Life on Northern Border « M3 Report[…]…

  3. lyn Says:

    Regarding: “Chinese Workers Could Replace Mexican Immigrants.”

    Pretty soon India and China will be arguing for a position of equity in treatment of their respective citizens emigrating to the United States vis a vis the citizens of Mexico.

    Now since about ten percent of Mexico’s citizenry resides within the United States the Real Estate Industry should rejoice at the simple calculation of demand that two hundred and twenty millions new ‘undocumented’ immigrants would produce.

  4. norm9do Says:

    EXCELLENT article by Michael Cutter! How the simplicity of the solution as to what he writes excapes the Congress in America is totally beyond comprehension.

    Many have lit candles in the past to shed light on this subject, but yet Washington DC still cannot see…or refuses to! Why?????

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