Durango Mass Graves Count now 168; man indicted for murder in death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry

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La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  5/6/2011   
Narcos almost knocked down helicopter
International traffickers nearly caused a tragedy when an ultralight crossed at night into the Imperial Valley (California) and nearly collided with a helicopter of the U.S. Armed Forces manned by pilots and soldiers from England who were receiving military training. Customs and Border Protection authorities have been warning how dangerous and how persistent incursions are when used to cross drugs from Mexico.
This is a newer means to smuggle narcotics into the U.S., and the small planes rarely land. They cross the border at a remote location, carrying between 200 and 300 kilos of marijuana in packages that show a predetermined site where  an accomplice is waiting with his vehicle lights flashing. The pilot activates a drop of the drugs and after returns back to Mexican soil.
The Border Patrol has provided hundreds of thousands of barriers along the borders, checkpoints, operated by thousands of agents seeking to stop the smuggling of narcotics, but the Border Patrol counted that at least 228 of these types of incursions were conducted in 2010 and this year so far 71, with 30 of these in the Imperial Valley.
It should be mentioned that the Mexican Army has managed to catch five such aircraft in Mexicali, one because crashed in the Mexicali Valley.
OBRERA, SAN LUIS POTOSI  Gunmen in two trucks opened fire on a taco stand, killing six and two wounded.
GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEÓN  Twenty police officers detained for possible involvement in kidnapping of chief and officers from the Apodaca Municipal Police. (The two suburbs adjoin each other.)-El Economista
CANCUN, MEXICO  Three inmates dead, one injured during clash when imprisoned Zetas tried to impose their control on the prison due to new restrictions.-Milenio
ECATEPEC, STATE OF MEXICO  Municipal police officer shot in arm and leg during a drive by shoot.  Reported injuries are serious but he is stable.-Milenio
GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEÓN  Family of executed former police officer were kidnapped while getting ready for the funeral.-Milenio
GUATEMALA  National Police announced the capture of the persons responsible for a bombing at a National Police hospital which killed a police agent.  Also caught was a man that had dismembered a woman.  He was in possession 22 bundles of marijuana, cash and evidence of the crime.  Lastly, six bodies were discovered, with four in one location and two more in another.
Blog del Narco (http://www.blogdelnarco.com/)
HIDALGO  State Governor received letter from police explaining they do not have the tools to do the job asked of them. (Note:  In many areas, especially rural or remote locales, the police often don’t even have a handgun or ammunition for one if they do. Even more often, they do not have ballistic vests or helmets, a necessity when dealing with the level of fire power the cartels use daily.  Often those officers closer to the U.S. border may be the beneficiaries of nearby American departments who donate older vests and other tactical equipment and items.)
DURANGO, DURANGO  Three narco graves have now produced the remains of 168 people since the count began April 11th. Report says army still searching.
MATAMOROS  Narco blockades and shootouts between MX Marines and cartel gunmen. This made US news, but few details released other than 3 gunmen killed. Links below.  Photos here of a couple of blockades.
SAN LUIS POTOSI  Three men found executed 3-4 days after being kidnapped.
MONTERREY  Gunmen executed customer and wounded 16 year old female clerk in grocery.  Second attack in the same area killed three more men.
APODACA, NUEVO LEÓN  Five young men (likely teens) executed in park.


GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEÓN  Federal Police unit attacked by gunmen in a BMW, wounding both agents now in a hospital (see map above previous headline for location).
MONTERREY, NUEVO LEÓN  Gunmen entered night club and opened fire.  One man killed.  Gunmen took body with them, but left it outside because police were coming.
ACAPULCO, GUERRERO  Gunmen entered bar and opened fire, killing one and seriously wounding a man and a woman.  Reports are the attack was due to the owner refusing to pay an extortion fee.
TEPIC, NAYARIT  Two men and woman tortured, executed and narco message left on cardboard.
STATE OF MEXICO  Man gunned down in front of his wife.
HIDALGO  Another 20 Zetas captured, five of which are police officers.
ESCOBEDO, NUEVO LEÓN    Mexican military and Zeta assassins clashed, resulting in one wounded soldier, one innocent on a company bus was killed and 14 wounded, and one Zeta gunman killed. The Zetas used multiple grenades. Two were arrested, including a woman.  Nine kidnapped people, which included children and 4 women were rescued from a nearby Zeta camp (some information also from Milenio and other sources).
Matamoros shootout closes international bridge
April death toll highlights trauma of Mexican bloodbath
Brazil arrests Serbs in drug gang crackdown
Mexican navy rescues migrants off Baja coast-Rosarito
Colombian authorities capture Cali cartel fugitive – Now defunct Cali cartel.
MEXICO-Calderón Speaks out About San Fernando Killings
After Son’s Death, Poet Fights Mexican Drug Violence
Criticism of Calderón mounts over Mexico drug violence
Labor Minister:  No Survivors from Mexico Mine Blast
Rare Whale death off Puerto Rico blamed on plastic bags
MEXICO: Four Reynosa police officers arraigned in immigrant kidnapping case
Bank of Mexico buys 100 tons of gold
An Indigenous Village Plagued by Assassinations Welcomes Peace March
Mexican federal police; Juárez mayor’s guards looked like organized crime gunmen
Body Count In Durango Mass Grave at 146
70 Guatemalans missing in Mexico
Mexicans vent anger over toll of drug violence
Brazil’s top court approves civil unions
Narco Insignia and Uniforms-video
MEXICO: Sixteen freed from Reynosa stash house
Nine Guerrillas Killed in Military Operation in Colombia
Latin America Ever More Dangerous for Journalists

Domestic News – United States

ARIZONA  Man indicted for murder in death of BP agent Brian Terry
ARIZONA  Border Patrol locates another tunnel under Nogales

TEXAS  New criminal justice lab named in honor of slain federal agent
ARIZONA  two Day Tactical Mission Uncovers Cartel Lookout Posts 
SAN DIEGO  Hezbollah Considered To Be More Advanced Than Al-Qaida
ILLINOIS  Illinois bolsters protection for undocumented immigrants – Another state aiding and abetting illegal alien criminals.
U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter
ARIZONA  Shootout Erupts Between AZ Farmer and Illegal Alien Invader-news video
FLORIDA  Former Medellin Cartel Associate Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
Time for Daylight: U.S. Weapons Reaching Cartel Hands a Huge Scandal
TEXAS  Former DPS employee admits to selling fake driver’s licenses for cash
Hispanics to halt immigration enforcement tactic
TEXAS  Juárez traffic officer allegedly had cocaine at international bridge    
ARIZONA  17-Year-Old Taped Meth to Thighs              
TEXAS  Schools lockdown during chase for border crossers
-not able to confirm reports that the undocumented immigrants were of Middle Eastern and Indian descent
(POLL:  What do you think of President Obama’s handling of border security? (with POTUS due to visit El Paso, the paper asked this question.) About 55% responded as not being satisfied.
Ottawa, Washington moving to tighten border security: Napolitano
CALIFORNIA  SUV Transporting 19 Illegal Immigrants Crashes in IB
TEXAS  Border Fence Too Big of a Roadblock for Human Smuggling Suspects
TEXAS  Special Report: Riding The Rails
Criminal alien statistics: arrests, incarcerations and costs
ARIZONA Sheriff Deputies Locate Drug Cartel Contraband
Judiciary Leaders Call on DHS Secretary to Explain REAL ID Delay
TEXAS  ‘Sanctuary cities’ bill troubles law enforcers
TEXAS  Students Alerted About Violence in Mexico through Emergency Notification System
VIRGINIA  Guilty pleas in violent Mexico-based fake document ring that operated in Norfolk
MICHIGAN AND TEXAS  ICE Arrests Airline Employees Accused of International Drug Smuggling
US increasing inspection posts at border bridge
CALIFORNIA  CBP U.S. Border Patrol Uncovers Deceptive Human Smuggling Scheme In Southern California                  
DHS allocates $25.5M for border communications
As U.S. economy worsens, illegal aliens send even more money back home
Drop house found in upscale neighborhood in Chandler, AZ
Texas lawmakers fight for more drones
PENNSYLVANIA  Customs Officers Seize Money Stuffed In Boxes Of Soap 
TEXAS  More than $20 Million in Pot Seized By Border Patrol Agents
TEXAS  Man Breaks Legs After Jumping From Border Wall -other man broke ankle
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919


9 Responses to “Durango Mass Graves Count now 168; man indicted for murder in death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry”

  1. Colleen Antona Says:

    Durango Mass Graves Count now 168; man indicted for murder in death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry | M3 Report

    […]I’m not sure about this American remake of Nazi Germany. A bag of sentient liposuction fat as Hitler? Terrible casting tbh.[…]

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  5. norm9do Says:

    In reply to “pf”

    If this were the reason then this administration would happily accept these “displaced persons from Mexico as they are 100% behing any amnesty and also the Dream Act which will be brought up again very soon after being defeated 6 times previously.
    I stand by my previous post that it is totally money driven within this country by unknowns with power…..who are profiting from the situation.

  6. pf Says:

    Here is something to “chew” on. There may very well be a reason that our Government will not address Mexico issues besides the obvious that has been discussed here (profiteering, corruption, money). There is a war going on in Mexico. If the US were to recognize this as a war and get more involved than they already are, this would open the door for millions to flood into our country and request political asylum. That would become a whole new bucket of worms. Am I correct in this assumption? I am sure there is someone out there with more knowledge on this subject than I.

  7. norm9do Says:

    There is too much money involved that flows across the border each way along with drugs. The borders have not secured to me for obvious reasons that are as plain as the hand in front of your face. This has been big businness for years and has richly rewarded many people here in this country and within Mexico. If the identities of those receiving “tribute” in this country were to be known, it would be devestating…..

    Most everyone has their price if it is large enough!

  8. lyn Says:

    As for the Voice of the Frontier article about ultralight aircraft smuggling…
    time to contact the National Dusters Quads and Searchlights Association so the Border Patrol can learn how to use the M55 Quad 50 and the M42 Duster.

    Then the Voice of the Frontier can complain about the rain of free scrap metal on their side.

    Bet ultralight use across the border would tank.

  9. lyn Says:

    It is good to read that our government feels that those smuggled have consumer rights versus the smugglers.

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