Over the Weekend: Chief and 9 Officers Kidnapped; Is another Border Patrol agent being sacrificed for Mexico?

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Milenio  (Mexico)  5/1/2011
Market for Synthetic Drugs Expands
In the U.S. it is estimated there is a consumption of 37.7 tons of amphetamines .  Trafficking of synthetic or designer drugs has become a boom which implies a market of 53 million consumers in the world, only behind marijuana, says a report of the Ministry of Security Federal Public.
In Mexico, the potential consumption of amphetamine-type stimulants is 4.29 tons, with average value of 281.9 million dollars in the wholesale market.
This type of drug is placed behind marijuana and cocaine, with consumption 514.9 and 27.65 tonnes respectively.  The wholesale market value of both drugs is 41.19 and 345.73 million dollars respectively, according to the report of SSP (police).  Accounting for profits for traffickers, amphetamine and its derivatives are placed just behind cocaine, which  the Mexican authorities alerted the international community at the last meeting of the International Conference for Drug Control (IDEC, for its acronym in English) held in Cancun. 
At that conference, attended by 103 countries on five continents and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA, for its acronym in English), the Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna, as chairman of the agency, warned that “the rise of amphetamines and their derivatives poses new challenges for the international community. ”  With the growth in the development of drugs derived from that substance, Mexico proposed a progressive agreement to approve legislation concerning the control of precursor chemicals.
The federal SSP analysis indicates that “a general concern is the advancement of synthetic drugs, mainly taking into account the facilities for production and distribution.”
In the U.S., consumption is estimated at 37.7 tons of amphetamine, which represents 2,479,000 dollars in the wholesale market and 4,815,000 dollars at retail.  To curb the threat posed by the advance of amphetamines and derivatives, 103 IDEC member states agreed to standardize their laws concerning the control of precursor chemicals that are used in the manufacture of such drugs.
Based on a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, it estimated that in 2009 the market for amphetamines produced more than 160 tons, “with a number of consumers at the highest point, close to 53 million people around the world. “
The SSP indicated that increased drug addicts shows that the drug trade is dynamic and flexible markets.  According to estimates by the World Drug Report 2010, production of marijuana has reached levels close to 600 thousand tons of a potential market of 190 million consumers.
As for the cocaine, with an estimated production of 800 tons, the market value is about 80 billion dollars with 19 million consumers internationally.  Global opium production is at 8000 tons and the estimated value of this drug in the world market reaches 65 billion dollars with about 22 million consumers. 
The number of users of amphetamine derivatives is only behind marijuana, with a boom that is explained by the relative ease of producing synthetic or designer drugs.
“The production and consumption of amphetamine type stimulants is not centralized, which means it happens around the world and tends to move as they apply controls on precursor chemicals.”
MEXICAI, BAJA CALIFORNIA – About 30 prison inmates in Mexicali rioted Saturday.  They were transferred west to a prison in Tecate.-Milenio  
SANTIAGO PAPASQUIARO, DURANGO – Military finds 9 plastic bags of bones and a bin filled with burned skeletal bones.  The number of bodies is unknown.  This is the same state that recently found 102 deomposed bodies in narco graves -Milenio 
ACAPULCO, GUERRERO – Three men and a woman found tortured and executed the first day of the month.  This is the third straight day of violence in Acapulco.-Milenio
CUENAVACA, MORELOS – Former police officer found tortured and dismembered in five plastic bags.  This brigs the body count to 100 in that area for 2011.-Milenio
MEXICO – Twenty-nine suspected Zetas Members Arrested-El Universal
Blog del Narco (http://www.blogdelnarco.com/)
APODACA, NUEVO LEÓN:  Police Chief and nine officers kidnapped.  Report received of thre bodies, and believed to possibly be some of them.
MEXICO  Children’s Day.  There have been 50,000 children orphaned by the drug violence. (Sign child is holding says ‘Assassin, don’t kill me, I want to continue growing up’)
ACAPULCO, GUERRERO:  Three men found decapitated inside hotel room by cleaning lady.  Located near Port of Acapulco.
GUAMUCHIL, SINALOA  Attack on municipal police station, leads to chase, gun battle and 7 dead.  Fur were killed in a clash between rival cartels, then 3 more that attacked police.  Seized were four AK-47 rifles, four pistols, six grenades, flak jackets, 34 magazines, and six armored vehicles.
CHIHUAHUA, CHIHUAHUA  Federal police agents attacked, one dead, one wounded.  Innocent woman civilian wounded, but okay. (Notice bullet holes in vehicle.)
CERRO COLORADO, BAJA CALIFORNIA  Brother of former police chief assassinated.
CADEREYTA, NUEVO LEÓN  Six Zetas captured by Mexican Marines.  Seized three AK-47 rifles, a handgun, 44 magazines, 68 rounds, a magazine for 100 rounds, a bag of tire puncturing devices (far left in photo-called caltrops), a bag of marijuana, and six vehicles.
GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEÓN:  Chase and shootout between rivals leaves 3 gunmen dead.  Bodies were taken away by an armed group before police responded. 
NUEVO LAREDO, TAMAULIPAS  Military depoyment arrived by train, surprising local residents.  No further details provided by government.  
ARBOLEDAS DE CHIPITLÁN,  MORELOS  Man tortured, executed and body dumped near a hamburger business.
ZAMORA, MICHOACÁN  Three men and a woman found beheaded in abandoned SUV.
ACAPULCO, GUERRERO  Teen of 14 and another man gunned down, separate incidents.
CIUDAD JUÁREZ, CHIHUAHUA:  Man standing outside health clinic gunned down.
SANTA CATARINA, NUEVO LEON:  Two municipal police officers attacked while on patrol.  Both wounded, but survived.
 ACAPULCO, GUERRERO  Person executed, two vehicles burned, with a corpse later found in trunk of one vehicle.
REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS  Military rescues 52 kidnapped victims from safe house.  The nationalities are one Nicaraguan, five Salvadorans, 12 Guatemalans and 34 Hondurans.
CHIHUAHUA, CHIHUAHUA  Man’s body found disenboweled, with his head nailed to a guard rail. Narco message left from cartel La Linea.
CULIACAN, SINALOA:  Narco banners addressed to El Chapo left, with one hanging next to Home Depot and the other from a pedestrian bridge.
EL JOFRE, QUERETARO  Two men found tortured, executed.
SAN FELIPE ATOTONILCO, OAXACA  Municipal police officer killed during shootout, another injured, and one bad guy dead.  Remaining gunmen escaped before state police could arrive.
HIDALGO  Police captured 28 Zetas that had attacked Tula police station, killing an investigator, a secretary and a civilian filing a report.  Seized were three machine guns, eleven long ‘sguns, a bazooka, eight AK-47, three AR-15’s, 1,527cartridges, 6 grenades, vehicles, among other things.
MICHOACAN  Four young men found executed.
MORELOS  Three associates of ‘El Barbie’ arrested.
SALTILLO, COAHUILA  Gunmen attacked city hall and police station, using guns and grenades.  Two vehicles were burned with molotov cocktails.
COYUCA DE CATALÁN, GUERRERO  Military enroute to an operation were attacked by gunmen dressed in military uniforms.  Military lieutenant was killed during the intense shootout.  
CULIACAN, SINALOA  Two men executed in supermarket parking lot.
 Brazil: President Hospitalized With Pneumonia
Sticking It To The Swedes – The drug cartels are fleeing Colombia
War Turning Mexican Kids Into Targets – Or Killers
Parents in Violent Mexican Border City Remember Their Children
Latin America’s ambitious traders deepen ties, eye As
Mexican Police Find Large Arms Cache in Border City 
New economic alliance forms in Latin America
Venezuelan prisoners hold 22 officials hostage
Total: Confirms Made New Gas Discovery In Bolivia
Report: Mexico, Egypt no longer have a free press
German president Wulff starts Mexico visit – Will also go to Costa Rica and Brazil
A Candidate in Peru Tacks Toward Brazil’s Course
Man Runs for His Life, Gets Killed in Juarez
Mexican police nab major drug trafficker
Mexican Border State to Vet 9,000 Cops
3 of 183 Bodies Identified From Mexico Mass Graves
Mexico releases gang body count near Texas border
Guatemala Sends Mexico Information on 34 Missing Migrants
Domestic News – United States
ARIZONA:  US Customs and Border Protection Activity Report April 28, 2011
Is another Border Patrol agent being sacrificed for Mexico? (w/video)
Silence Surrounding Alleged Home Invasion Of ICE Agent Fuels Concerns, Speculation
Intimidation spilling over the border with Mexico
ARIZONA: Station alarm center, border patrol prevent illegal activity
TEXAS:  Alpine Agents Nab 1,500 pounds of Dope
Mexico’s Foreign Minister Meets With Clinton
Texas Man Disappears in Mexican Border Town
ARIZONA:  Cartel Violence and Cult Expert Offers Unique Officer Training
TEXAS: Five Tons Of Pot Seized
TEXAS:  DPS seizes 9,440 pounds of marijuana
ARIZONA:  Babeu:  Jail attack supports his stand on immigration
TEXAS:  Zapata Deputies Arrest Men Possibly Linked to Gulf Cartel
MONTANA:  Bill requires verification before issuing driver’s licenses
TEXAS:  Small-city cops face challenge of cracks in border fence
Wikileaks – Illegal aliens live first in U.S. then try to get status in Canada
TEXAS: No driver’s licenses: Texas bill would keep undocumented off roads – A poll with the article showed about 84% said Yes to the bill.
U.S. Border Patrol is Using Video Games Technology to Help Keep Border Safe
ARIZONA: Cartel Violence and Cult Expert Offers Unique Officer Training
VERMONT –  health care bill draws debate over immigrants
TEXAS – CBP seizes $500K in cocaine at B&M
TEXAS – Children Crossing Into The U.S. Could Be Vulnerable to Drug Cartels  MAP
Secure Communities: facts and figures
-Secure Communities is a program of DHS’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division under which local police agencies submit to the FBI the fingerprints of all suspects they detain.
VIDEO: Take a ride with the Border Patrol
Former Tijuana Cartel leader is extradited to the U.S.
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919


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