GAO confirms environmental laws and land managers hinder securing border; Body counts at various mass graves increase

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El Universal  (Mexico)  4/21/2011

Durango Narco Graves Count Now 30 Bodies

Attorney General Ramiro Ortiz Aguirre announced the discovery of 4 more bodies, bring the total so far from the clandestine graves to 30. He said the search will continue.  There is not adequate refrigeration available for the body storage, and no funds to get more, thus they have asked adjoining states for support.  He also reported the burning of 3 homes, and 6 vehicles plus an ATV. Lastly, he reported the execution of a prison officer Thursday morning, finding .45 Cal and 9mm casings.

ENSENADA, BAJA CALIFORNIA:  Gary Lynn Astleford, 62 years old, from San Diego County, California, was arrested after a short foot chase. A U.S. arrest warrant for drug offenses, theft, human trafficking and parole violation had been issued.  U.S. Marshal and the MX state police worked together to capture this felon.

ACAPULCO: Five killed, a home and vehicle burned, 3 arrested, with 3 guns(AK 47 & Uzi) and a vehicle all seized. A gunmen got out of a truck, approached tourists watching burning car, and sprayed gunfire into the air over their heads.-Milenio

COAHUILA: Rains on Wednesday have aided wildland fire fighters, who now have about 85% of one fire in El Bonito controlled.   However, other reports say the 100+ degree temperatures are slowing progress on others.-OEM
Blog del Narco (

SAN FERNANDO, MEXICO: Mass graves body count now up to 177, and investigators say it is likely to increase.  A San Fernando municipal police officer has been arrested in the abduction of the bus passengers and killings.
TEMIXCO, MORELOS: Two members of PSC (Cartel de Pacifico Sur) in safe house taken down.  Four gunmen had carjacked an SUV.  Police investigating found the safe house, stolen vehicle, AK 47, AR 15 rifle, drugs and military-style uniforms.

ANGOSTURA, SINALOA: Gunmen traveling in 10 trucks attacked city hall and the municipal police station to issue a challenge.  Two people were executed, and a police officer wounded.  Extensive damage was done to police vehicles, homes and businesses.

ATOTONILCO EL ALTO, JALISCO: Clash between 2 rival groups with rifles and grenades, killed two and burned 2 cars and a motorcycle. 

CARRILLO PUERTO, JALISCO: Gunmen attacked military when spotted. In the shootout, 2 gunmen killed, 1 soldier seriously wounded, 6 gunmen captured, and seized 12 GA shotgun, two AK-47 rifles, two AR-15’s and two 9 mm pistols.
CIUDAD JUÁREZ, CHIHUAHUA: Gunmen attacked prison van transferring prisoners.  One prison officer was killed, and 3 are in grave condition. The gunmen and prisoners escaped.
TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA: Business vender’s arriving to open found a suitcase thrown in front of the shop.  Inside was a human head.  No body has been found.
DEGOLLADO, JALISCO: Arrested cartel members revealed location of a narco grave.  Authorities found a buried truck with 2 bodies inside. The search continues for more.  
COJUMATLAN, MICHOACAN: Eight tortured, executed bodies found April 15th have been identified.  Two were Marine deserters, 2 others former Marines.
SAHUAYO, MICHOACAN: Ten members of the La Familia Michoacana cartel captured by Federal Police. Seized 4 AR-15 rifles, an AR-18 rifle, magazines, cartridges, marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, 4 fragmentation grenades, a Ford truck, and a  Jeep Liberty. 
SANTIAGO, NUEVO LEÓN: Three young men gunned down, 2 dead, 1 wounded.
CULIACAN, SINALOA: Man found executed where bodies have frequently appeared.  Seven shell casings were found.
CHIHUAHUA, CHIHUAHUA: Three men executed by a group of gunmen.  In separate incidents, two more men executed in one location, and 1 woman at another.
MIGUEL ALEMAN, TAMAULIPAS: (see directly below) As more information comes out, there are reports the Zetas attacked private homes with gunfire and grenades.  Some reports say people were executed.  At least 9 businesses were destroyed, including a bank, Auto Zone, gas station, 3 car dealerships and a used car lot, furniture store, and others. (It will be days before it is all sorted out.
Zetas go on a rampage in Miguel Aleman
Mexico catches cartel lawyer, hires US law firm
Mexico police find 26 bodies in northern Mexico
Driving Mexico’s ‘highway of death’
Dominican Republic police arrest Canadian man in pedophilia case
Argentina: 7 Members of Band Convicted in Club Fire
Mexico’s orphans are casualties of drug wars
The tormented isthmus -Big-time drug trafficking has arrived in Central America
Why can’t the army find ‘El Chapo’?
Lashing Rains Intensify in Colombia -this can impact US produce prices
MEXICO: Two men linked to Gulf Cartel arrested
Drug gangs help themselves to Central American military arsenals
Cuba shuffle, geriatrics shuttle -Raul Castro has proposed term limits for Cuba’s rulers, including himself
Panama Inaugurate’s Center for Fight against Drug Trafficking in Central America

Domestic News – United States

U.S. Border Patrol Report-Washington State
Border Sheriff: Napolitano’s claims are laughable
ARIZONA: GAO confirms federal environmental laws and federal land managers hinder securing our border
NEW YORK: Three accused of smuggling aliens
-3 men from United Kingdom brought from Canada across St. Lawrence River
ARIZONA: $40 million of pot, 15,000 rounds of ammunition seized at border
ARIZONA: Who are the suspects in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry?
Bill before Congress aims to label drug cartels as ‘terrorists’
TEXAS: Experts Say Mass Graves Could be Buried in the Valley
Mexican Drug Cartels Operating in at Least 1,286 U.S. Cities
ARIZONA: More border agents based near remote outposts
Officials struggle to define border security
Killer Mexico drug gang “Zetas” crosses into U.S.
ARIZONA: Border Patrol Finds Marijuana In Tamale Pots
Wikileaks Cables Show U.S. Had Little Idea How Many Weapons Were Being Trafficked into Mexico
TEXAS: Border Patrol Rescues 11 People From Rio Grande
The Brothers Arellanes -The man held in connection with the murder of Agent Brian Terry has a crime-ridden past

CALIFORNIA: Cutting services to illegal immigrants isn’t easy
Texan in Juarez prison fights for his freedom
TEXAS: Former Sullivan City police chief sentenced to 10 years in prison
Chairman threatens ATF with contempt in gun probe -This involves getting to the bottom of our fallen Agent, Brian Terry
ARIZONA:  Border Patrol Agents Arrest Smugglers with Weapons and Drugs
TEXAS: 2 Mexican men sentenced to prison for attempting to export munitions
OUR VIEW: Bishop’s border bill needed
TEXAS:  Nine people now are facing charges of gun-trafficking
Latinos and Democrats Press Obama to Curb Deportations
TEXAS: Seven arrested on immigration charges
Cases Target Illegal Labor
Atlanta opposes tough immigration law fearing financial backlash

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    Thanks for sharing.

  2. City News Local Says:

    City News Local…

    […]GAO confirms environmental laws and land managers hinder securing border; Body counts at various mass graves increase « M3 Report[…]…

  3. norm9do Says:

    With the various reports from the past year of the incresing violence in Mexico, personally I thought it was a stalemate between the drug cartels and the government.
    Today I have surmized it is no longer a stalemate between the two, the balance has tipped in favor of the cartels and the government is no longer able to hold it’s own in this war. At this present rate of decline it may be a matter of time before the cartels rule the country and the Mexican government is deposed.

  4. June Says:

    With the many accounts of depravity in Mexico, can anyone say it isn’t the # 1 terrorist country in the world? This corruption from the top on down, is ignored by our govermment to the extent of calling them our “friends!” Do we say we’re friends and trading partners with Iran? No. So why should we tolerate the misery Mexico has inflicted on the US? We need to stop all contact with Mexico, seal our borders and let them finish themselves off. We guard the borders of the rest of the world to the tune of billions of dollars, but we can’t seem to find the money to build a secure fence to keep illegals frm Mexico and the rest of Central and South America out.

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