Over the Weekend: Prosecutor, Police Slain; Sheriff Credits Immigration Enforcement for Crime Drop

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Milenio  (Mexico)  4/17/2011
Without the legalization of drugs, the whole South American continent will be like Mexico
MONTEVIDEO – The Peruvian writer and Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, said Sunday that Chile is the model for Latin America and that, without the legalization of drugs, the entire South American continent will be like Mexico. In an interview with the daily El Pais during his recent visit to Montevideo, Vargas Llosa praised the Frente Amplio, the ruling party in Uruguay. He stressed that the democratic vocation of the Broad Front is an example for Latin America and the Uruguayan leftist coalition is now a lot more social than socialist.
The writer said he sees the situation in Latin America with some optimism. I believe that dictatorships are going, that democracy is progressing. The fact that there is left in power those who are acting democratically seems a big step forward. There is a democratic right in power also. And I think that pushes Latin America in a direction that is good: political democracy, economic freedom, which is what brings progress.
Chile is a country that is at the forefront, which grows in a wonderful way, which is pushing back poverty very quickly and that causes the middle class to grow quickly. And now it has undertaken reforms that are not only political, but economic and social, factors that are important to ensure equal opportunities. It is the country that has progressed, he said.
However, he said,  there are many hindrances still remaining in countries that are emblematic of the past, anachronistic, authoritarian dictatorships, but my impression is that this is more a withdrawal: Venezuela, Cuba, giving the impression they are giving the last gasp, it will not last. In any case they’re not models to follow, as they are failed models.
He further noted that corruption is one of the big issues that has not been resolved, and said he’s in favor of legalizing drugs to address drug trafficking.  “There is no other way. It is difficult and risky, but I think that repression leads to what we are seeing:  A growth in production,” he said. “I think that’s the way we go, or it will lead us to a Latin America like what is today Mexico,” he added.
“I’ll say the things I think about it, which are well known. There is nothing new, that I defend freedom of expression, freedom of criticism, and especially my opposition to any form of veto, intellectual censorship.  I think that must be fought, which is very harmful, especially in the field of culture,” he said.
La Prensa  (Honduras)  4/17/2011

Ten Police Officers Sentenced to 745 Years in Prison
TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS –  The Supreme Court has ratified the sentence of 10 police officers convicted in the deaths of 68 people in April 2003 at the El Porvenir prison, according to the bulletin board of the court.
An announcement of the court said each of the defendants were convicted of committing 37 crimes such as murder  and 19 crimes of attempted murder and sentenced to 555 years and 190 for attempted murder. The prosecution had accused the police officers involved in the shooting deaths and incineration of 68 people; 62 prisoners and six visitors to the prison in El Porvenir, located near the port of La Ceiba, 450 miles north of the capital.
According to prosecutors, prisoners who were mostly members of youth gangs rioted, setting fires.  The officers fired their weapons, and let others burn when they could have saved them.
Milenio  (Mexico)  4/6/2011
Navy Confirms Capture of “Kilo”
The Mexican Marines officially confirmed the capture of Martin Luna Omar Estrada, aka “Kilo”, a suspect wanted in the multi homicides of people found in mass graves of San Fernando, Tamaulipas.  Through a brief statement, the federal agency reported that this subject was apprehended in that state along with five others, whose identities were not provided.  They identified Estrada Luna as the alleged head of the criminal organization of the “Zetas” in the Plaza de San Fernando, and highlighted his link with the finding of people in mass graves and in particular the deaths of 72 migrants in August of this past year. (Note: the term ‘plaza’ as used here refers to a particular area controlled by a particular cartel.  If anyone tries to traffic through the area without permission and paying the going fee, they are normally ‘eliminated’.  A plaza can be a section of a city, a whole town or city, or even larger areas.)
Same source:
Mexican Legislators Agree to Use Forfeited Assets for Education
MEXICO CITY – PAN and PRI deputies agree that the property and assets seized from organized crime can be used for the education system and social development programs, as occurs in Colombia.  After a visit of a delegation of federal deputies to Colombia, the legislators agreed that they should improve Forfeiture Act.  The PAN said that the Mexican delegation viewed  several areas of Bogota, which were formerly “assassins caves”, but that are now libraries, schools and sports units.  For its part, the deputy of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Joshua Huezo Valdes, said that the Forfeiture Act Colombia has is more advanced than that proposed in Mexico.  In Mexico, in the nearly four years that we have had the Forfeiture Act, it has been applied only in two cases, this where money laundering is more than 40 billion dollars a year, he said.  Huezo Valdes recalled that Colombia had a security crisis similar to that faced by Mexico, and to deal with it,  not only required new laws, but applying them.
El Universal  (Mexico)  4/17/2011
Tamaulipas State Police Chief Resigns
The General, Tinoco Ubaldo Ayala, has resigned from his post as head of the Public Safety Department of Tamaulipas , because the governor, Egidio Torre Cantú, has not fulfilled a promise to increase wages and improve the equipment of state police. The state official, had already on several occasions threatened to resign because of no higher pay and better tools to prevent and combat crime in Tamaulipas, and finally on Sunday, he resigned.
The resignation of the General was confirmed by the president of the Political Coordination Board of the Local Congress, Guadalupe Flores Valdez.  During the session held on Sunday with the local Congress, the leader of the PRI deputies confirmed the change, not to be made official until Monday, and the appointment of an envoy of the Preventive Federal Police.  On Friday, Ayala Tinoco faced a third protest in the Public Safety Complex. Previous protests gave the state police 40 days to respond to the demands for better pay and equipment.
MAZATLÁN, SINALOA: Police Commander of Homicide unit executed late Sunday.-El Universal
ACAPULCO, GUERRERO: Five found executed Saturday.-El Sol de Acapulco
TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA: Seven municipal police officers arrested for attempted extortion of business owner.-El Sol de Tijuana
HONDURAS:  Honduras has signed agreement with China for China to build a hydroelectric dam at a cost of $5.5 million.-La Prensa
COAHUILA, MEXICO:  Wildfires continue to burn, with total area now 165,000 hectares (over 407,000 acres).  There are a total of 17 aircraft working the fires.-Milenio & El Universal
TOLUCA, MEXICO:  Eleven undocumented aliens arrested, working without paper. There were 6 women and one man from Venezuela, and 4 men from Hungary.  Five others, all Mexican, were arrested for involvement in them working at the nightclub.  Other charges may include human trafficking and crimes against minors. -Milenio 
TANTOYUCA, MEXICO: Farmers are expressing relief with recent rains, which benefit not only their crops but grasses livestock feed on.-Milenio
ZAPOPAN, GUERRERO:  A stray bullet fired by gunmen at a man walking along the street, has killed a 3 year old boy.  This is the third child killed this year in the same area.  six others were killed in Acapulco, Guerrero.
CADEREYTA, NUEVO LEÓN: two men executed while in a group of five.
MONTERREY, NL: Military rescues 3 persons kidnapped a week ago.  Two adults arrested.-Milenio
GUADALAJARA, Jalisco: A dozen human bones were found inside a suitcase in a large pile of debris at a house under renovation.-Milenio
Blog del Narco (http://www.blogdelnarco.com/)
MOCORITO, Sinaloa: Fifteenth birthday party; gunmen arrived, slaughtering six young people.
ESCOBEDO, Nuevo León: Three narcograves found with 3 tortured, executed bodies.
TIJUANA, Baja California: Federal Police officer gunned down inside patrol car, parked in front of customs office on Airport Boulevard.
COSOLEACAQUE, Veracruz: Juan Moreno, police commander, and 2 other officers ambushed and killed; one officer serious.
ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; Shootout between rival groups leaves 3 year old boy dead, shot in the head.
HUALAHUISES, Nuevo Leon: Gunmen left remains of 3 men, butchered, in front of church at 3pm with narcomessages.
COJUMATLÁN DE REGULES, Michoacan: Eight young people tortured and executed.
CADEREYTA, Nuevo León; Hitmen left four dead, but then before police could get there, another group of gunmen took the bodies, leaving only bloody clothing.
LANDA DE MATAMOROS, QUERETARO:  Mother approaches authorities working the Tamaulipas mass graves, explaining her son has been missing for a year.  They tell her to look for her son by asking Los Zetas.  On approaching the cartel, they hold her for 4 hours, and then explain that they seized the group because the human smuggler owed them 35,000 pesos for the right to pass.  She’s still looking.
PUENTE DE LOS LOBOS, NAYARIT:   Another body found, skinned, with hands removed, then placed on chest and stomach.
CHIHUAHUA: Two beheaded men found, heads completely taped.
NUEVO LAREDO, TAMAULIPAS:  Military attacked and shootout resulting in 4 bad guys dead; seized 9 rifles, 187 magazines, 5780 rounds ammo, three vehicles, and personal supply of marijuana. 
CULIACAN, SINALOA:  Municipal police unit attacked, killing one police officer.
MAZATLÁN, Sinaloa; Drummer with band Aires de Mazatlán, gunned down.
CIUDAD JUÁREZ:  Prosecutor slain in Mexican border city
Major Arrest In Connection with Mass Graves in Mexico
VERACRUZ, MEXICO: Police chief, 2 bodyguards killed in Mexico
US Consulate Official says More American’s Reported Missing in Mexico
GUADALAJARA, MEXICO:  Thirteen Cartel members arrested
World’s richest man, Carlos Slim to invest $1.5 billion in Argentina
At Mexico Morgue, Families of Missing Seek Clues
Mexico sees $3.5 billion in foreign investment in tourism over 3 years
Witnesses come forward in Mexico border lake murder
Mexico’s 2nd massacre in same spot calls tactics of federal, local authorities into question
Mexico victims overwhelm border morgues
‘Living in fear:’ Mexican violence spurs wealthy toward U.S. investments
Sixteen bodies recovered, four missing after mudslide in central Colombia
$1.35 Million found stashed in car at Puerto Rican port
Two men arrested with weapons in Miguel Aleman
– Seven AK-47 assault rifles, six fragmentation grenades, 135 ammunition magazines and more than 4,000 ammunition rounds for AK-47 assault rifles.
Father says his two sons were kidnapped in San Fernando
Joaquin Guzman aka: El Chapo; older but good You Tube Video
Domestic News – United States
Immigration Enforcement and Reform Proposal from the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers
ARIZONA: Illegal entry and drug smuggling in perspective…what if all this was going on in your front yard?
Bishop bill seeks to waive environmental rules for border patrol
The Anti-Immigration Crusader
Chicago CBP Officers Seize Unprecedented Number of Counterfeit Drivers Licenses
Smugglers find creative ways to move contraband
ARIZONA: Rancher tells Congress the way it really is down at the border
Senator Grassley discusses his investigation into ATF’s “Fast and Furious” operation
Special Investigation: The Underground Pipeline
-older article-good information
TEXAS: Trafficker sold out Laredo lawyer
TEXAS:  Border Patrol Finds 12 Illegal Immigrants in U-Haul Truck
CALIFORNIA:  Heroin seized this week at Interstate 8 checkpoint
Georgia sheriff’s office credits immigration enforcement for large drop in crime
TEXAS:  Retired general takes up cause of immigrant soldiers
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919


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  1. acapulco Says:


    […]Over the Weekend: Prosecutor, Police Slain; Sheriff Credits Immigration Enforcement for Crime Drop « M3 Report[…]…

  2. Micah Batsell Says:

    Great resource.

  3. Brittanicus Says:

    Unions have a great deal to lose in this conflict, because hundreds of thousands of people in these organizations are ILLEGAL. As there numbers have dwindled in union dues, they have added foreign nationals to their ranks. It’s wrong and against the law, to hire individuals who skipped the inspections and the “Rule of Law.” So of course anything to do with rigid, enforcement is typical of Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO and other trade unions.

    No need to deport as the cost would be enormous; not that matters to Washington? The demand from TEA PARTY Senators and Congressman of the newly revised, E-Verify that will detect illegal aliens in the workplace will enforce the 1986 Reagan law. Nobody is to be exempt–longtime employees and new hires will be verified; Attrition by enforcement! Severe fines of companies who scorn the law, including business asset confiscation and imprisonment; not house arrest, but placement in the general prison population. Just because you own a business, doesn’t mean you can hire illegal labor? Fact is they are stealing employment, from the ten million Americans out of work. They have families to feed, mortgages to pay and so there should be zero tolerance for this heinous criminal issue. Auditing of companies should be stepped up and those caught red-handed, should be imprisoned as an example of not less than one to five years. No more slap on the wrist, but be held accountable. TO ME THAT’S A FELONY? IN FACT ENTERING AMERICA WITHOUT PERMISSION SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS A FELONY.

    As thousands of illegal alien families are leaving Arizona, so the price to support them there is going down. Medicaid payments for economic non-citizens will be receding, including the costs for education, health-Care and prison cells, which is the States portion of the obligation. Hundreds of millions will be saved, even a billion or so. Utah–The sanctuary State of California, Nevada can least afford it, with the Golden State bordering on a 24 Billion dollar insolvency. Those lax States are financially seem unconnected to the honest population, will find the U-haul’s and trucks crossing the State line hoping for a new refuge? They certainly won’t be heading for Georgia, but they could easily go northwards to Oregon or Washington, if State legislators approve driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Assuredly, New Mexico that has just canceled enactment of a bill to deny driver’s licenses will get their share of economic refugees from Arizona.

    Other States where citizens and permanent resident’s rights are sold to the highest bidder will also see crowds of foreign national families arriving there. The fact is today through rampant incompetence of both political parties covering decades. The invasion has allowed by sheer neglect, attributing to the damaging US treasury deficit, that is destroying America. Households may have two parents that have been allowed to stay, because a newborn baby has received instant citizenship under the misinterpreted 14th Amendment. Over time other illegal family members have stolen across the body living in the same likely Section 8 housing. Few lawmakers have dared declare they are anti-illegal immigrant as they cringe against the Leftist “Political Correctness” garbage of the racial bigotry. But that’s the only agenda the Left has got, because they cannot fight the massive costs presented to them.
    But a few brave political advocates are not being deceived, by the gaping border fence and are now enacting laws to stem the continuous influx of illegal migrants, immigrants, criminals and almost certainly murdering terrorists. Last week, Rep. Bilbray R-CA) added his name to the list of co-sponsors for the Nuclear Priority Act that would end chain migration and the CLEAR Act that would require collaboration between local law enforcement agents and federal agents in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Ordinary working people are informing ICE of employers who are hiring illegal aliens and as the job market gets even rougher “Whistle blowers” will come out of the woodwork to report suspicious goings on? The TEA PARTY will not abide the liberal court system or the Leftist Czars hidden in the Department of InJustice. They are using unconstitutional means for clandestine amnesties, Immigration Reform, Sanctuary States or anything that has the obnoxious stench of Amnesty.

    Read about illegal alien widespread Tax fraud at http://www.thesocialcontract.com/ the Pdf file “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine.” http://tinyurl.com/o6r27 and the report “DRAINING AMERICA INTO POVERTY” at http://tinyurl.com/3mv3vzm These are reports that the Leftists, US Government Czars and radical open border zealots or lobbyists prefer you didn’t see.

    The Tea Party has a propagating foothold in the Republican Party, as thousands every day of every party affiliation is joining. The Tea Party lawmakers will not tolerate raising the debt ceiling in the US budget, to support the 20 million plus illegal alien families using the birthright baby law to gain a foothold in America. Thousands will keep coming until the American people demand the real fences be constructed and every tool available is used to stop this invasion. Want truthful answers, to your question of costs and so much more, view NumbersUSA website.

    The Tax code as it is now Creates Inequality

    it’s time that US lawmakers implemented a flat tax for everybody. The tax code is so full of fraud, so full of loopholes that corporations like General Electric, Google pay nothing; Oil companies, the sugar industry gets massive subsidies; some politician, wealthy people and corporations slip past our IRS masters, by hiding money in tax havens overseas. If everybody paid according to what they brought, sold all consumers would pay their fair share. Just like US citizens and legal residents, the average US taxpayer are forced by laws, to pay for the support of foreign nationals illegally settled here. In 2012 we must vote for a Tea Party president and a Tea party Senate and Congressman.

    We also have a growing crisis America, when illegal aliens are voting in our elections.

    NO Copyright on my blogs, comments, articles, ever. Distribute freely.

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