Pacific Cartel Leader Arrested; Woman Took Daughter on Immigrant Smuggling Trip

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SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  4/14/2011     

Body Count now at 145 from Mass Graves

TAMAULIPAS – State government officials announced the discovery of another 23 bodies in the mass graves located in San Fernando.  The total found so far has now reached 145.  The official said that the important thing is to be precise in the number found.
Milenio  (Mexico)  4/14/2011

Pacific Cartel Leader Arrested

Personnel of the Mexican Army arrested Sabori Raul Cisneros, nicknamed “the Negro”, who is considered the second most important man of the Pacific cartel in the state of Sonora, who was involved in the death of two policemen and a singer.  In a statement, the Ministry of National Defense announced that the capture of this guy, who worked for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, was a result of intelligence work , allowing his arrest without a firing a shot, and seizing a long gun, various communication equipment and a vehicle.  This drug dealer at the time of his arrest, confessed to working directly for Jesus Alfredo Salazar Ramírez, known as “The Snowman”, and a lieutenant “El Chapo” Guzman, who controls the drug trade in the state of Sonora.  According to intelligence, this drug dealer is involved in the kidnapping of 2 policemen in the municipality of El Saric, Sonora and their subsequent murder in 2010, and whose skeletal remains were located on March 31, 2011.  He is also presumed to be responsible for the murder of Aaron Canastillo Ivan Villanueva, a member of the band “The Alazanes of Sonora” on August 31, 2008.
It is all related to the events of July 1, 2010 in El Saric, Sonora, when more than 21 members of his criminal organization were killed.

El Universal  (Mexico)  4/14/2011

Protests Paralyze Bolivian Cities

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets again on Thursday, plunging into chaos La Paz and other cities in Bolivia to demand better wages.  Public transport was not circulating in much of the city due to blockade of protesters in corners, avenues and streets that detonated firecrackers and small charges of dynamite. In other cities also had protests and roadblocks.  The demonstrations were centered in La Paz, but police repelled demonstrators who harassed President Evo Morales in the southern city of Tarija.  The police avoided acting in La Paz. Six policemen were injured in clashes with protesters, said the government.  The demonstrations were called ten days ago by the Central Obrera Boliviana (a union), and a former ally of the government, and are being carried out by rural teachers, miners and employees of state insurance.  Protesters are demanding a wage increase greater than 10% proposed by the government.

Economy Minister Luis Arce said that a further increase in fiscal deficit soar from 4.2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) seen for this year. Many of the employees are civil servants. He noted that a further increase will cause the closure of businesses.  The miners’ leader, Cesar Lugo, said that ”we are fighting for the revival of”  productive employment.  Discontent has been rising since the end of the year, caused by rising food prices. Morales decreed in December a fuel adjustment, but had to repeal the measure due to street protests.

The missed increase, and other elevated prices, along with unrest has diminished the popularity of the president. A radio station survey published Thursday by the newspaper revealed that about 72% of respondents, and 63% of the neighboring city of El Alto, reject a third term for Morales in 2015, when the next elections are.

NUEVO LEÓN:  ‘Red’ Thursday in the state, with 12 executed, per the latest report at 4:45pm.
CIUDAD JUÁREZ:  Three children, aged 1, 3 and 4 years old, died today in a house fire started when a fire bomb was thrown into the home through a window.-El Diario
TAMAULIPAS, MEXICO: State government agrees to give 2000 pesos (USD$169+) Sto each soldier involved in narco war; state police officers protested, demanding promised pay increase, travel expenses, weapons and life insurance.-Jornada 
GUANAJUATO, MEXICO: Number missing increases to 60.-Milenio (Guanajuato is about 200 miles northwest of Mexico City)
COAHUILA, MEXICO: State has allocated 103 million pesos (about USD$85,000) for fire fighting wildland fires previously reported here. They have hired a US-based 747 tanker. About 1600 fire fighters are working the fires.-Milenio & El Universal

2  flee gunmen, drive to international bridge; 1 wounded; car had 20 bullet holes.-OEM  
ROSARITO, BAJA CALIFORNIA:  Man executed by gunmen in 3 vehicles.
LINARES, NUEVO LEÓN: Police Headquarters fired on with 50 rounds from AK-47; no injuries, but damage to 4 vehicles; same type of attack in January.-Milenio
ECUADOR: The U.S. has suspended dialogue with Ecuador after the country expelled the US Ambassador.  The US in turn expelled the Ecuadorian Ambassador.-El Universal
TAMAULIPAS, MEXICO:  Federal Police announced they are increasing their presence on state roads over the Easter holiday, to include helicopters.  The announcement also gave safety recommendations, such as not carrying sums of money or stopping in remote or inappropriate locations.-Milenio
NICARAGUA:  Nicaragua Police seized 491 kilos of cocaine hidden in a truck in the town of Tola, in the southern province of Rivas.-La Prensa Grafica
Blog del Narco (

SALTILLO, COAHUILA: Víctor Hugo Martínez Morales, aka El Maza, leader of Los Zetas in Nuevo León, was captured by the military.  Wren caught, he had the equivalent of USD$847,000 cash, firearms, drugs, radio equipment, 8 vehicles.
ESCOBEDO, NUEVO LEÓN: Heavy firefight between military and cartel gunmen; 5 gunmen killed; one innocent civilian woman killed, 8 yr.old daughter seriously wounded. (In one photo of gunman’s vehicle, a heavy steel disk can be seen through shattered back window, with bullet impacts on it.)
SINALOA AND DURANGO: (Both separate states) Narco mass burial graves found. So far 13 bodies removed in Sinaloa, 2 of them women.  In Durango, 4 bodies so far.
CULIACAN, SINALOA: State police agent, serving as bodyguard to senior official with State Attorney General, kidnapped from home.  Decapitated body found on bridge sidewalk.
CHIHUAHUA: Municipal police officer, 27 years old, taking a shower in her home.  Assassins entered her home, pulled her out into the hall, and executed her in front of her mother.  
EMILIANO ZAPATA, MORELOS: Three men executed outside of a bar.  Police found more than 60 shell casings.

Gunmen kidnapped 4 people near the residence of a State Prosecutor.  Police exchanged gunfire with them, capturing 3 gunmen and rescuing the kidnapped persons.
AGUACALIENTES: Security Chief for Palenque de la Feria de San Marcos, Federico Guerrero de Luna, was shot about 20 times on arriving home.   
IXTLAHUACÁN DEL RIO, JALISCO: Five human heads left in coolers.
CIUDAD JUÁREZ, CHIH: Four executed bodies found.  Believed to be 4 young men taken from home by municipal police officers.
REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS: Three executed men found dumped after anonymous call.
MICHOACAN: Two commercial trucks burned by Knight’s Templar.
The Perceived Car Bomb Threat in Mexico
Bound, Tortured Bodies Found on Mexican Roadside
Canadian Murder Suspect Arrested in Mexico
U.S. Agrees to Help Fight Mexico Wildfires
Mexico AG: 16 San Fernando, Tamps., cops arrested in mass-grave case
BRAZIL: China Cautiously Opens Its Market To Brazil
Video: Narco-Trucks Ready for War in Mexico
Honduran Government Responsible For Murders And Human Rights Abuses, Resistance Leader Says
Mexico Ambassador: Our Cartel Leaders are Businessmen, not Terrorists
COLUMBIA: Shootout During Robbery Attempt of Factory in Cali, leaves 3 dead.
Paraguay Admits That Dengue Epidemic is the Most Severe in a Decade
Risking it all on Mexico’s ‘Route of Death’
Wal-Mart Announces The Opening Of 24 New Stores In Costa Rica
NICARAGUA: Narco-Dividends White Lobsters on the Mosquito Coast
MEXICO: Video: Kidnappings on Migrant Train
MEXICO: Drug-war Paramedics in a city under siege
MEXICO: Bodies of Missing Men Found in Desert South of Juárez
Mexico Battles Proliferation of Drug Language
Mexican Cartels Expand into Honduras
Mexico Drug War Mirrors Colombia Situation In The Past

Domestic News – United States
U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter – April 7 – April 13
ARIZONA: 1 Dead, 1 Wounded Near I-8 Rest Stop
ARIZONA: Deputy: Desert Shooting Tied To Drug Trafficking
Border Security: Razor Wire is a Game Changer
TEXAS: Another Border Agent Convicted for Stopping a Mexican Drug Smuggler
CALIFORNIA: Border Patrol Nabs Mexican National with 15 Pounds of Meth in Fake Driveshaft
TEXAS:  Illegal Alien Imprisoned for Assaulting Border Patrol Agent
CALIFORNIA:  Mexican ‘King of Heroin’ Sentenced to 22 years
GEORGIA: ICE: McDonald’s Managers Sold Stolen I
American Drug Consumers Contribute $40 Billion A Year To Deadly Cartel Operatives
TEXAS: Woman Took Daughter on Immigrant Smuggling Trip
WASHINGTON: U.S. Border Patrol Report
When Journalists Become Targets

 -end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

4 Responses to “Pacific Cartel Leader Arrested; Woman Took Daughter on Immigrant Smuggling Trip”

  1. Geraldo Says:

    Hello, the whole thing is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is sharing information,
    that’s really fine, keep up writing.

  2. June Says:

    #1 terrorist country in the word? MEXICO!

  3. norm9do Says:

    In regard to the Texas BP agent charged and convicted of pulling on the handcuffs of an apprehended illegal alien drug smuggler, where is the outrage from the United States government for the 79 American citizens killed or murdered inside of Mexco in 2009?
    Who speaks for them, the Mexican government, the American government, the major news medias in Mexico or the United States?
    Without any doubt, the arrested illegal drug smuggler has more governments looking out for his/her welfare than the common American citizen who were killed in random shootings or outright murdered.

    The justice systems in both Mexico and the United States are a twisted corrupt orginaziation and totally biased.
    It is no small wonder that the cartels run rampart throughout Mexico and cross virtually unimpeaded into the United States.
    With no reflection intended on the men and women who serve with honor and pride in the USPS, the American government sees that they will continue to chase their tails on the drug smuggling issue as they have no genuine intentions of ever putting and end to it.

    • NAFBPO M3 Says:

      Could not have said it better Norm. There’s too much money invested and being made in this drug ‘war, on bo th sides of the border and both sides of the law.

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