Acapulco: 4 police officers arrested for murder; Mass graves count still climbing

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El Universal  (Mexico)  4/12/2011

Bus schedules change for Tamaulipas

Transpaís, the largest carrier in the state, condemned the violent events in San Fernando, and reported that the buses will be monitored by satellite 24 hours a day. “In relation to the events reported by the media in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, we inform you that no bus or Transpaís passenger was affected,” says a message from the company. It added: “We join the voices of a civil society to condemn these acts and join the call for state and federal governments to continue in the struggle to free our roads of insecurity.”  They assured that there was no decline in daily runs, but schedules are adjusted to daytime runs now,and otherwise continue normal operations.
SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  4/12/2011

Los Zetas leader in Guadalupe killed in shootout

MONTERREY – The military has announced that Juan Carlos Córdova Ocaña, alias “El sluts’, who was in charge of Zetas in Guadalupean territory was killed in a shootout with the military.  Eight kidnapped people, which included 4 children, 3 women and a man, were safely rescued.  The military responded to an anonymous tip, and were fired on when they approached the house.  Another gunmen was arrested, and vehicles, guns, magazines, ammo, and tactical equipment were seized. (Note: Guadalupe is a part of the Monterrey urban area. Zetas were originally trained by the US when still a part of the Mexican military. Thus, they are able to effectively use tactical equipment.)
Same source and date:

San Fernando body total now 120

The number of bodies found in San Fernando, Tamaulipas has now increased to 120.  After the initial 72, one of the arrested suspects showed where more were buried and another 16 were unearthed.  Now another 32 have been found.  Only  2 bodies have been identified. (Note: we previously reported on relatives in Michoacan giving DNA samples to try to locate missing family among the dead. In the accompanying photo, civilians have come to see if their missing relatives are among the bodies about to be taken out.  Additionally, a group of families have gone public in a request to Calderón to help find 150 missing family members.  This demonstrates that Mexican society is increasingly unsatisfied with the government’s efforts to reign in the violence.   – See hyperlink below regarding the higher body count and  new mass graves found in Los Mochis, Sinaloa.)
Milenio  (Mexico)  4/12/2011     

Cartels in 230 U.S. cities

WASHINGTON – Roberta Jacobson, deputy secretary of state for Mexico and Canada, acknowledged that more than 230 U.S. cities have been “impacted” by the presence of Mexican cartels. In a forum organized by the National Democratic Network (NDN, for its acronym in English) in Washington, the official said, according to the criminal map prepared by DEA, the problem no longer occurs only in the border south, but within the entire nation.
“According to the drug agency map, indicating where the Mexican drug cartels operate in the United States, more than 230 cities are impacted by cartels. So this is a crisis that affects not only the border,” she said.  She also said it was a “fallacy” to say the violence may cross the border, when it is a crisis in our cities across the country. ”

The official also noted that progress against organized crime in Mexico is “mixed” because there have been significant blows to the cartels, but the institutional reforms have progressed more slowly.  “Honestly, until now progress has been uneven,” said the number two in the Department of State for Latin America.  “There have been strong and clear progress in dismantling drug trafficking organizations,” but “there has been less progress and it is more difficult to work” on “institution building,” said Jacobson.  “We know that judicial reform is another area that is exceptionally difficult to tackle and takes a long time,” said the manager in the Department of State that coordinates the various security plans in the fight against organized crime that remains in Latin America.  She recalled that the Merida Initiative grew from a first stage, during which the United States provided heavy military equipment to Mexico, to the present, the most actively pursued institutional strengthening.  The creation of strong institutions and societies that are less permeable to organized crime are goals that “naturally take more time” and results “are not as obvious or quick,” she said.  This is “where we need to focus efforts on this point,” said the official.  The United States said that a reform of the security forces and justice in Mexico is vital to progress in the fight against drug cartels whose violence has left nearly 35 000 murders in the last four years.  Barack Obama’s government said that cooperation in the fight against organized crime is stronger than ever with its southern neighbor.

Budget and Mérida Plan

The secretary acknowledged that the battle for the budget of her country opens up the question of whether it will maintain financial support for strategies such as the Merida Initiative and Colombia Plan.  “The foreign aid programs are not the most popular in the U.S. Congress and we hope to keep the programs in the coming years, but do not know exactly,” the official acknowledged at the forum.  Jacobson therefore considered it “critically important” that the governments of the countries benefiting from these programs maintain them, regardless of what happens to the budget in her country.
El Universal  (Mexico)  4/11/2011

Alert: Narcos have invaded the southern U.S. 

Mexico’s cartel members, their families and their members move to cities in the United States along the border to live, to the extent that groups expand their operations on American soil, provides an alert declassified by the  National Intelligence Center Drug (NDIC) under the Department of Justice.  The alert, which this newspaper had access to indicates that the efforts of the Mexican criminal organizations to expand their operations in the United States has been the cause of increased violence across the southwest.  The intelligence center information indicates that Mexico’s drug cartels are operating in at least one thousand 286 cities in nine regions. Of all these cities, 143 operations of drug trafficking are controlled directly by the members of the cartels in Mexico.

It noted that the Sinaloa cartel operates in at least 75 U.S. cities, the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas at least 37 cities, Juarez has been established in 33 cities, the Beltran Leyva in 30 cities, La Familia Michoacana “at least 27 cities and Tijuana in 21 cities.  Without specifying the names of the cities in which to identify members of the cartels, the NDIC alert states that in these cities, there has been increased the sales of drugs and violence.

“No wonder the south of the border region is on fire and we are so concerned by the cartel-related violence, and we worry that violence could grow as the cartels continue to battle for control of drug trafficking routes from Mexico to the United States, and the control inside, “states the alert.  Unlike previous reports of the operation of franchises in the U.S. by Mexican cartels, the alert states that they now have evidence that family members of drug trafficking organizations of lower and middle levels have settled on American soil, especially in the southwest region of the United States-Mexico border.

Tracking suspects

The security agencies of the United States seeks information to identify people who are involved with criminal organizations or cartels of Mexico within the United States.  Alerts are preventive communications that the U.S. government broadcasts to their units, with respect to reliable information about an event and thus put its staff on notice.  The so-called high level reach only a first circle of the United States government, but there are others that are distributed to the operatives and in some cases are made public through the web sites, like travel advisories of the U.S. State Department.

The report in question was dated March 27 and distributed to embassies and border entry points on 4 April.  The alert was sent to U.S. agencies under the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security to identify members of the cartels that are crossing the border regularly or even have a visa and settled in the region.  As in the case of members of the Mara Salvatrucha and members of other gangs from Central America that enter the United States, the report states that officers should consider revisions to those using chains with symbols from the cartels, leather jackets, Tattoos and other jewelry related codes that identify members of criminal organizations in Mexico.

-ECUADOR: 1.3 tons of Cocaine Seized;  about to be shipped to Belgium and Spain hidden in pineapples and bananas; police also found nearly 300 kilos of cocaine inside a cargo of bananas being sent to Spain.-OEM

ACAPULCO:  police officers arrested by state police for homicide of a family.

MEXICO: Colombian national was arrested at the Mexico City airport, enroute, with over US$27 million hidden in luggage and on him.-SDP Noticias

COAHUILA: Mexico; wildland fires continue to burn; now 243,000 acres;  news report yesterday said the state had hired the 747 tanker for drops and that additional helicopters were enroute.-SDP  (Mexico has asked Canada and the United States for help.-

TLAXCALA: heavy rains in recent weeks have severely damaged nearly 2500 acres of wheat, barley and corn crops.  Local leaders are seeking support for the farmers.  Rains and hot weather are forecast for the south and central parts of the country.-Milenio

NOVOLATO, SINALOA: Mayor’s cousin beaten to death; in July of last year, the Mayor’s sister was shot to death.-El Universal

MEXICO: Secretary of Health reports increased cases of H1N1 flu, but assured there was enough vaccine and it was under control.-Milenio 

LATIN AMERICA: Half of the 20 most wanted by Interpol are from Latin America.-America.Infobae

CULIACÁN, SINALOA:  In a second attack in this city, 5 members of a family were gunned down.  On Sunday,  4 men of a family were assassinated.-El Universal

ASUNCION NOCHIXTLÁN, OAXACA:  2 men caught with 279 endangered parrots.-El Universal

TLALNEPANTLA, MEXICO: Federal Police found a tunnel and an illegal tap into a pipeline for jet fuel  destined for the Mexico City Airport.-Milenio

LOS MOCHIS, SINALOA: 2 mass graves reveal at least10 bodies; (Los Mochis is on the opposite side of the nation from San Fernando, Tamaulipas, where the other mass graves are located.) -SDP Noticias

BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR: 5 year old girl kidnapped from family Sunday by 5 men for ransom; her body was found Tuesday, 2 shots in the head; 7 men have been arrested.-SDP & El Sud Californio 
Blog del Narco (

SAN FERNANDO, TAMAULIPAS: body count keeps climbing, now at 148, and expected to increase as more graves found; at least 60 murdered with sledgehammer.

NOVOLATO, SIN: another relative of Mayor executed, third one; 3 others also executed; one was man waiting for niece to leave school.

TULANCINGO: 10 Zetas arrested.

CIUDAD MIER, TAMAULIPAS: gunmen attacked military patrol; they lost; gunman captured, seized 3 rifles, a grenade, 44 magazines, 840 cartridges, 2 bulletproof vests, an armored vehicle. (Note: Cd. Mier is where all residents left several months ago due to the cartel taking it over.)

GUADALAJARA: university students demonstrated against violence.  ” The solution is education ,” cried the young people, who were later imitated by students at an elementary school next door.  Students sent a letter to the UN to help combat Mexico’s crime and address human rights of the Mexican people.

COAHUILA: Saltillo police station attacked with grenade, property damage only.  Torreon municipal police had 2 officers attacked and wounded on patrol.  One had bullet wound to arm and leg, and broken leg. Other also bullet wound to leg.

AYOTLÁN, JALISCO: police/military and gunmen clashed; 4 gunmen dead and 2 police officers wounded; seized 3 AK-47, an AR-15 rifle, a .50 caliber machine gun, 3 grenades, and 5 vehicles.

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, NUEVO LEÓN: two municipal police officers attacked and wounded.

MONTERREY:  armed group enter hospital to take wounded group member, but he had died from gunshot to head.

MONTERREY: dawn chase and gunfight between cartels wounded young couple; one gunman died.

GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEON:  Women, aged 20 yrs. and 21 yrs. chased and attacked; one wounded.

CULIACAN, SIN: 3 men and a woman killed in different events; woman executed in front of 12 yr. old daughter, after begging gunman not to fire; another man shot down walking with family to public phone (few have phones in their homes); a police officer was surprised and assassinated outside of his home.

MEXICALI, BAJA CALIFORNIA: 2 arrested with 194 inert practice grenades, 192 inert fuses, 33 finished actions for the AR-15 rifle, a mechanism for AR-15 rifle unfinished, 4 fixed stocks for AR-15 rifles, a folding stock for AR-15, 8 tactical vests, 12 manuals for the AR-15 rifle.

ESCOBEDO GARCÍA, NUEVO LEÓN: heavy fighting with guns and grenades; 5 men, 1 woman dead; unknown number wounded; at 10:30pm Tuesday.
Latin America fast becoming Iranian “playground”
Cocaine lab found in Honduras signals big shift in drug business
Expert pessimistic on Mexico’s future
Two women, four men found dead in Juárez
39 killed in Ciudad Juarez in four days, prosecutor’s office says
Mexican Drug Gang Took Bus Passengers to Recruit Gunmen
Is the US Raising Stakes in Search for El Chapo?
Mexico drug war’s latest victim: lime
Why Mexico’s violence is America’s problem
Sinaloa Cartel Offers Legal Challenge to U.S.
– This is similar to the ‘House of Death’; US used informant involved in murders, and after it wanted to deport him back to Mexico and certain death.

Domestic News – United States

CALIFORNIA:  Jury told Mexican trafficker swerved to kill border agent
Arrest made in 2009 killing of Border Patrol agent
TEXAS:  Not ‘A Mile’ of Border Secure, Texas Sheriff Says
ARIZONA:  Border Patrol arrests known MS-13 gang member with extensive criminal history outside of Yuma
American Trucking Associations praises restart of U.S.-Mexico program
CALIFORNIA: Battle to halt illegal immigration shifts to sea
TEXAS: La Joya human smuggler jailed for attacking daughter
ARIZONA: Another ton of marijuana taken off streets by Border Patrol

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one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
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