Over the Weekend: At least 12 police killed; Border has become main battleground in drug war

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La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  4/10/2011

Zacatecas state police commander executed Sunday afternoon

Alfonso Carmona, commander of the State Police, and Leslie Salazar, a state police officer, were chased while driving by armed assassins in two vehicles.  They were killed by at least 22 shots from high power assault rifles, which penetrate ballistic vests.  The state Attorney General’s office is investigating.


Milenio  (Mexico)  4/9/2011

Cd. Juárez: Police commander assassinated

Ismael Sergio Apodaca,  was murdered in front of his home, as he arrived there Friday night.  Narcograffiti had appeared in recent days threatening him.  Juarez had over 3,100 homicides in 2010.  The Attorney General puts the count at 34,600 dead from December 2006 to 2010. Media counts have added about 1,000 per month to that during 2011.

Same source and date: 

Deputy Attorney General slain

LERDO, DURANGO – The body of Claudia Yáñez Avilés, 35 years old, Communications Director and deputy Attorney General, was found early Saturday morning.  Indications are that she was brutally tortured.  She and a prosecutor were abducted Thursday in Gomez Palacio, Durango.  Gustavo Silva García, Secretary of Public Prosecutions, was also killed during the kidnapping.


El Universal  (Mexico)  4/10/2011

Morelos Governor replaces head of state police

The governor of Morelos, Marco Adame Castillo, dismissed the Secretary of Public Security, General Gaston Menchaca Arias, and replaced him with Brigadier General Gilberto Sanchez Toledano, who was working in private security.  This occurs 15 days after the kidnapping and murder of seven people, including young Juan Francisco Ortega, the son of writer and poet Javier Sicilia.  The Governor also announced the resignation of the state comptroller, Patricia Mariscal Vega, and Secretary of Education, José Luis Rodríguez Martínez, during a press conference.  This is a time of political crisis for the state government after the national march “for peace and justice” when thousands of citizens demanded an end to the violence.


Jornada  (Mexico)  4/10/2011

DNA samples taken from relatives of missing

MORELIA, MICHOACAN – Relatives of missing persons living in Michoacan
asked Jesus Ramirez Montejano, the state Attorney General (PGJE) in Michoacan, for his assistance with DNA testing against the recently discovered bodies found in mass graves in San Fernando,Tamaulipas.  Three groups of people from Michoacan state are missing.


CIUDAD JUAREZ – Police officer killed after shift over; killers then took his gun.

TAXCO, GUERRERO – One police officer, 4 civilians killed during
attempted kidnap of the police chief.

MEXICO CITY – Female Federal Police agent shot 3 times, in
hospital.(SDP Noticias)

MOPS, NUEVO LEON – Police chief arrested for cartel connection.


MEXICO CITY – Man opens fire on group in cafe; 3 women, 1 man wounded but alive.(SDP)

SANTA CATARINA, NUEVO LEON – Grenade thrown in shopping mall; one injured.


VILLA JUAREZ, SAN LUIS POTOSI – Two dismembered female bodies found, eaten by animals.(SDP Noticias)

CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA – El Diario reports 13 killed on Saturday alone.

MEXICO – About 100 illegals caught by Mexico, on trucks and trains; from Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Dominican Republic and El Salvador (Mexico is under pressure to keep any more from being killed as happened last year.) OEM
Blog del Narco (www.blogdelnarco.com)

JICAMORACHI, CHIHUAHUA – Cartel has taken over a town of 150 families; a few escaped and are asking for help from military; gunmen have closed the town off; this is a Tarahumara community, an indigenous people of under 70,000 total left, with a reputation as long distance runners; many still speak their original Indian dialect.

SAN FERNANDO TAMAULIPAS – Attorney General says Zetas responsible for slaughter of 72 bodies found in the mass graves; bodies believed to be passengers taken off of 9 buses.

MATAMOROS, TAMAULIPAS – Gunfight between cartel and military; officially 4 dead, witnesses say 10 at least; 2 injured; near the university; narcoblockades put up by cartel (to impede police/military responses).

ACAPULCO – Military capture car thieves, aged 11 and 19 yrs; carrying an AK 47 rifle.

ALLENDE, NUEVO LEON – Two municipal police officers executed while on patrol; military stood guard while investigators took witness statements.

TEOCALCO, HIDALGO – Two teens aged 16, kidnapped, beaten, bodies dumped; both marked with a ‘Z’ indicating Zetas as responsible.

DURANGO – Four employees of OXXO (a store chain) abducted; 2 killed, other 2 ran and hid in brush, although wounded.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON – Two men executed in front of church.

ALDAMA, CHIHUAHUA – Former senior police officer executed along with 8 yr.old cousin; boy’s father was executed couple months ago, so he was caring for the boy.

YAUTEPEC, MORELOS – Two men executed, bodies dumped.

SAN MARCOS, GUERRERO – Man found burned in dump (San Marcos is 35 mi. or so south of Acapulco).

HERMOSILLO, SONORA – MX Marine executed at home, on vacation; was to return to duty on Monday.

CHIHUAHUA – Attack on funeral service for an executed victim; 1 soldier killed, 1 soldier wounded, as well as a civilian woman.

TEPIC, NAYARIT – Firefight Sat. night; gunmen attacked group outside home.  No further information made available.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON – Man killed in drive by; wounded civilian and baby son walking down street; father reported serious and baby is in grave

ACAPULCO – Esperanza Olvera Oropeza, local govt. leader executed; 2 others with her wounded.
Why They Are Marching Against Drug War Violence
-Mexican Citizens, In Their Own Words

Banco de Mexico: Violence Has Affected Investment, Growth
Survival Courses for Journalists Covering the Drug War
Snakes on a bus: Argentina nabs wildlife trafficker
Bones found in Mexico pit used by ‘body-dissolver’
-confessed to dissolving at least 300 bodies
A Tale of Two Latin Americas-Opinion
Mexican students cope with trauma of drug war
Weapons factory dismantled near Bogota, Colombia

Five Slain in Attack on Bar on Guatemala -12 wounded; 17 murders day average; youth gangs and Mexico-based drug cartels
Mass Graves Raise Concerns About Brazen Gangs Kidnapping Mexican Migrants
Potential Dangers of Inter-City Bus Travel in Tamaulipas
-three Americans among passengers kidnapped from buses
Mexican drug cartels targeting and killing children

Arrest warrants issued against 1410 FARC rebels
Three Mexican Cops Arrested on Kidnapping Charges-Cd. Juárez
Narco Corrido Ban in Chihuahua

Domestic News – United States

Arizona – Undercover agent shot by drug suspects in Peoria -cartel related
Arizona – Smugglers improvise ramp to drive over border fence

Border Tales-excellent read
Texas city renames street, drive for slain ICE agent
New Jersey – College town giving out IDs regardless of citizenship
Border has become main battleground in drug war

How many people from terrorism-sponsoring states enter the U.S. illegally?
Texas – Agent vigilance leads to ‘life saving’ conviction
Seven Canadian Defendants Sentenced for Roles in Massive Drug Smuggling Scheme
61% Say Enforcing Immigration Laws Would Cut Poverty
Kentucky – Man arrested in largest pot bust in Shelby County-cartel operations in Kentucky

Arizona – Border Patrol arrests 3 suspected smugglers
Puerto Rico smugglers use US mail to ship cocaine
Arizona – Border Patrol Agents seize 3,465 pounds of pot
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919


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  1. my blog spark Says:

    Good answers in return of this issue with firm arguments and telling all on the
    topic of that.

  2. bogota colombia rooms Says:

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  3. norm9do Says:

    In response to “Rick”, you are tempting fate and sitting on a ticking time bomb living in Mexico if you have leagal other alternatives. With the ongoing continuing violence in Mexico, it is a matter of time before you are at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Mexico is just barely under government control and that is highly questionable if you have been folowing the M3 reports regularly.
    The internal problems within the country have no end in sight in the forseeable future and you would do well to remove yourself from the country to insure your longivity if you have that option.

    • NAFBPO M3 Says:

      Well said, Norm. The standard answer for people asking about visiting there: Is your life insurance paid up? Mexican violence is increasingly not just cartel violence, but also others taking advantage of the general lawlessness throughout the nation and into other Central American countries.

  4. June Says:

    When will our government finally recognize Mexico as a terrorist country and act accordingly? All Americans need to be recalled, all funding stopped (we throw billions into that narco state and it goes right into te coffers of the cartels – it’s rotten from the top down), send all their illegals home as well as those from other countries, line our border with armed military and cut this violent, vile country off from any contact. Let their people go south if they want to leave – we’ve had enough!

  5. Rick Stammers Says:

    I speak for several hundred Americans who live in Mexico, most notably in the eastern states, where such violence has not been a problem in past years. However, some of us are more or less forced into traveling north through Tamaulipas, once or twice a year.
    What would be helpful, would be (1) time of day for these incidents, as well as (2) day of the week. Perhaps there would be a pattern that would enable people to choose the better times to travel from (say) Tampico, to Matamoros.
    Needless to say, any other tips for safety and survival, would be greatly appreciated, and will be passed on to responsible individuals.


    Richard D. Stammers (Veracruz, Mx., and Stuart, Fla.)

    • NAFBPO M3 Says:

      Rick, if you would, please contact us via e mail at: editorm3 AT gmail DOT com. This will allow a fuller answer, as well as also allowing me to get other information to you that is not included in the report.

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