Border agents cite pressure not to detain illegals; 38 tons of precursor chemicals seized

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 Diario  (Mexico)  4/5/2011

Frost has destroyed 40% of trees in state

CHIHUAHUA – While some plant species are used to cold weather, it has seriously affected the production of ornamental plants and trees. The state lost 40 percent of  it due to frost in February, said Manuel Chavez Diaz, assistant manager of production and productivity of the National Forestry Commission (Conafor). He stressed that workers are already replanting new species, mainly in mountain areas as; Guachochi, Urique, Basaseachi among others. The weather also caused vast areas to lag in production of trees for reforestation, especially in Cardenas and Las Virgenes, where Conafor has plant nurseries for reforestation.

Milenio  (Mexico)  4/6/2011

Cops arrested in Juárez after shootout

A confrontation between federal police and criminals caused the death of five gunmen, serious injury in a 10 year old girl and the arrest of six offenders, and at least 26 police officers in Juarez that allegedly protected the crime group.  The clash occurred shortly after noon yesterday when members of the Federal Police were ambushed by suspected criminals traveling in several trucks.  Gunmen opened fire on federal agents, who immediately repelled the attack and called for support. The police shot dead at the scene four criminals, and one was seriously injured that later died in a local hospital. During these events, unfortunately, a girl was hit by a bullet in the head and her mother was grazed by a bullet. Both were aboard a Ford family van that was driving nearby.  The exchange of fire lasted about 15 minutes, at which time the feds managed to bring down the shooters.  Federal agents then conducted several raids in nearby homes as some of the
criminals managed to flee the scene, including a woman.  However, inside a guardhouse they captured three men who tried to trick the feds by posing as hostages. Subsequently, and backed by a helicopter, federal forces made a raid on the Rio Vista neighborhood, where they raided four homes. During the raid, were captured more than three subjects, who were subdued and taken into federal custody.

Soon after, at least six police in Juarez attempted to rescue two of the offenders who had participated in the fighting, and were arrested by federal agents. The state police spokesman, Jorge Domene Zambrano, confirmed that, after these events, additional municipal policemen were arrested by the feds.
El Universal  (Mexico)  4/7/2011

Money laundering in the banking economy

Luis Robles, chief executive of the Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM), acknowledged that Mexico itself is laundering money, “but not within banking but within the economy.”  At a press conference before the opening of the banking convention, he stressed that this illegal activity is observed in the buying and selling of goods, so that the group supports a proposal to limit cash transactions. He said that in recent months the export of dollars in cash made by Mexicans in the United States showed a 50% reduction. The bankers declined to comment on the forthcoming elections to be held in the State of Mexico. They also kept quiet about their voting preferences and candidate for the presidential elections to be held in 2012.
Related, in English:
Mexico sets money-laundering whistleblower program

Jornada  (Mexico)  4/7/2011

Manzanillo:  38 tons of precursor chemicals seized

Federal forces seized 38 tons of precursor chemicals, used for the production of synthetic drugs, in the Manzanillo port, which was aboard a ship from Shanghai, China.  The chemicals were destined for Mexico City.

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Approximate count: 33 dead so far in April; 669 for the year; just one city (Note: count not official).

MEXICALI, BC – More human remains found; no count (narcopanteon means narcocemetery).


MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON – Concrete wall installed at curb of U.S. Consulate to increase security in the wake of the violence in the state.

VILLANUEVA, LA GUAJIRA, COLOMBIA – Militants attack the Ballena
natural gas pipeline with explosives.

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – COB (union) clashes with police; demanding meeting with President and better wages; union says will continue until salary increase is permitted by government.


VENEZUELA – Blackouts April 7, affecting 17 states, an oil refinery and Caracas.

BOLIVIA – President Evo Morales named Maria Cecilia Chacón as defense minister, replacing Ruben Saavedra, who was recently arrested.


ACAPULCO, GUERRERO – Car found on fire; alongside it, two male heads, but no bodies.

CHIHUAHUA – Kidnapped daughter of former chief justice; rescued after ransom demand for 250,000 pesos (U.S. $21,228).

MEXICALI, BC – Over 700 kilos of pot seized; 8 arrested.

Blog del Narco (

SAN FERNANDO, TAMAULIPAS – 8 narco graves with 59 bodies found; sources say real figure is 75, and includes children and babies; 14 arrested.

TEPIC, NAYARIT – Rival groups clash; 5 gunmen dead, others wounded.


NAVOLTO, SINALOA –  2 men executed while driving. 


GUADALAJARA, JALISCO – Police officer, 60 yrs. old, executed while dining in restaurant with other officers.


MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON – Former police chief and federal prosecutor assassinated.


TEPIC,  NAYARIT – Man executed while driving.


VERACRUZ – Five tortured, executed men found near Gulf coast.


NAVOLATO, SINAOLA – 2 men found executed.


LOS MOCHIS, SINALOA – Police and cartel clash; 1 gunman dead; marijuana, cocaine, weapons and vehicle seized.

SAN BLAS, NAYARIT – Two executed men found.


GUASAVE, SINALOA – Man executed in his vehicle.

TUXTEPEC, OAXACA – Man executed, head skinned.

TIXTLA, GUERRERO – Teen, 17 years, refuses to sell drugs; 26 year old brother stabs him to death.

NUEVO LEON – 2 municipal police officers, 12 others killed on Tuesday; grenade at city hall in Montemorelos.


NAYARIT – Beheaded man left along road.

CIUDAD MANTE TAMAULIPAS – 18 gunmen dead in clash with military.

TEPIC, NAYARIT – 2 men executed; heads skinned and hearts removed while alive. (Photos too grafic to post!)

CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHICHUAHUA – 2 men, woman executed in car.

JUAREZ, NUEVO LEON – Military clash with gunmen; several soldiers and 4 gunmen wounded; 6 gunmen total caught.

TEPIC, NAYARIT – Assassins enter house, kidnap 2 and set house on fire; fire fighters arrived 2 hours later, and police 30 minutes after them.


COPANATOYAC, GUERRERO – Former Mayor gunned down.

GENERAL TERAN, NUEVO LEON – Police station attacked with rifles & grenade.


CUILACAN, SINALOA – Narcolab seized;  400 kg of solid methamphetamine, 600 kilograms of liquid methamphetamine.


MONTEMORELOS, NUEVO LEON – Armed men break man out of jail.
Tired of violence, Mexicans ready for mass protests
-another source in Spanish says Calderón ignored the marches and will continue the fight against the cartels (SDP Noticias)
Unprecedented level of violence in Mexico:  FBI
Mexican gunmen tap bus passengers in mass killing
Press must bear witness to Mexico’s drug war
Eyeing Middle East, Nicaragua’s Ortega quashes weekend protests

Domestic News – United States

The Real Price of Sealing the Border-Wall St. Journal
USBP Weekly Blotter
‘Cloned’ Border Patrol Pickup With DHS Plates Stopped Carrying Pot; Driver In BP Uniform; Badge, Other BP Gear Seized-updated info.
Arizona – 1,000 pounds of marijuana seized by Border Patrol
Tucson – Border Patrol Activity Report for April 4, 2011
Texas –  Border Violence On The Rise-video
Border Patrol nabs more than 5 tons of narcotics
Arizona – Federal agents make major seizure in commercial shipment
Weak Link-Drug cartels are working hard to corrupt federal agents
Border agents cite pressure not to detain illegals
Canada-US border crossing ‘woefully insufficient’, Congress hears
Arizona – Border Patrol Agent Facing Federal Charges
Illegal immigrants were charged up to $60,000 for fake marriage papers, authorities allege
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

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  1. sickofidiots Says:

    June, you must be native american, because if you are not then you are the most ignorant illeagal alien I have ever come across.

  2. June Says:

    Mexico is a violent, terrorist nation and corrupt from the top down. Washington needs to cut all ties, seal the border and cut it off from all contact. While we send our military to the Middle East to help people who hate us, the American people are left to fend for oueselves against the invaders from the south. We face their drunk drivers, their child molesters, their rapists, and overall, their mindset of entitlement. I want our leaders to demand that every illegal go home. We cannot pay for them any longer. They take jobs, send their money back to the sewers they come from, then we foot the bills!!!!

    • NAFBPO M3 Says:

      June, THAT is precisely why NAFBPO was formed and the M3 is put out. To educate America, knowing the truth won’t come from the main stream media or government. Please, encourage others to subscribe and thank you for your comments.

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