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Six police officers executed; Another ICE Agent killer caught

April 5, 2011

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El Universal  (Mexico)  4/5/2011

Another Zeta arrested in ICE Agents shooting

MEXICO CITY – Federal Police in San Luis Potosí arrested José Manuel García Soto, aka The Safado , an alleged member of Los Zetas , and connected to the murder of U.S. Agent Jaime Zapata. Through a statement, the Secretariat for Public Security reported that in an operation held on 2 April,  five alleged members of Los Zetas were arrested. They also rescued four people who had been kidnapped.  Federal agents located a safe house for Los Zetas in the municipality of San Luis Potosí after an investigation. In this place they located García Soto, 30 years old, who was holding a kidnapped person for ransom.  After his arrest, Garcia Soto admitted he participated in the attack on the ICE special agents , under the command of Julian Zapata Espinoza, alias “El Piolin”, who was arrested in February.  The attack killed agent Jaime Zapata and wounded his partner Victor Ávila.

The SSP added that through this action and follow up questioning, they became aware of the existence of another safe house where others were held captive. In response, officers of the Federal Police moved to the location, in the same city, where they were detained five suspected criminals and secured the release of three kidnapping victims.  “By cross-checking information with the Intelligence Center of the Federal Police, it was learned that Garcia Soto was involved in the marketing and handling of drugs and weapons, as well as the planning and execution of kidnappings, car theft and extortion “,  said the Secretariat.  In addition, it was also involved in the murder of members of rival groups.

The federal agents seized a fragmentation grenade, two assault rifles AR-15, , four AK-47 rifles, 35 AK-47 magazines, 595 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, a 2010 Toyota Tacoma Pick Up without license plates, and a 2009 Toyota Camry . Three radios, eight cell phones,  two laptops, a wooden paddle, which used to beat their victims, and two ski masks were also seized.

These arrests were in addition to those of Luis Miguel Rojo Ocejo, alias “El Oso Rojo” and Mario Pérez Jiménez, “The Mayito”, captured on February 27 and March 5 respectively, that are also linked to the attack on agents ICE service.

SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  4/5/2011

Global concern over power of Mexican cartels

CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO – The 103 countries that are now attending the XXVIII International Conference for Drug Control have expressed concern about the growth, expansion and scope of the power of the Mexican cartels throughout the world, said the head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Michele Leonhart.

At a press conference and together with the Secretary of Public Security, Genaro García Luna, at the opening of the World Summit in Mexico, Integrating a Common Front Against Organized Crime, the DEA Administrator acknowledged the war headed by President Felipe Calderón against criminal organizations. The U.S. official said it is a phenomenon that knows no borders and therefore, governments must work together against drug trafficking organizations, coordinate action, and exchange information and intelligence.

In answering a question at the press conference that asked if the Zetas re worrisome for the United States due to its expansion to Central America.  She said “we made inquiries of its links with other groups, but so far there have been no possible links to terrorist or guerrilla organizations.”  We have analyzed the contacts between the Zetas and other criminal organizations to bring drugs into Europe through new routes such as Africa.

‘We have always been concerned about the power of Mexican cartels and we are doing everything we can to disrupt that power, but the concern with the Zetas has to do with the violence they are creating in Mexico and its extension into Central America,’ she said. On the other hand, the DEA Administrator said there is no command and control structure of drug trafficking, but in Mexico.

‘We have hundreds of U.S. cities where these groups are operating, but the main source comes from drug cartels here in Mexico and they still control the path and transfer. They have many connections throughout the American Union in which these groups work through gangs, she said.

She denied that the International Summit is a stage or forum to a new agreement between the DEA and Mexico, and the important thing is to remember the 40 years relationship of both parties and that this has paid off.

She continued that the relationship today is unprecedented and is stronger than ever, with no need for a new agreement, there is already a tripartite agreement, the United States, Mexico and Colombia, where we met eight times to share information has already produced results.
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Six police die in Veracruz shootout

XALAPA, VERACRUZ – Six state police officers died after confronting suspected criminals in the municipality of El Higo, located north of here. This was confirmed by the Secretary of Government, Gerardo Buganza Salmeron, who lamented the facts and said it is working to provide security to the population. The police were attacked with AK-47 rifles.  For its part, the state’s governor, Javier Ochoa confirmed the construction of a military base in the northern part, in order to shield the area. This was announced at Military Camp Number 1-B.

La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  4/5/2011

National Migration Institute:  Main threat to migrants is organized crime

Salvador Beltran del Rio, chief of the Mexican delegation INM, said the main threat to migrants in Mexico consists of organized crime.  Beltran del Rio made it clear at the meeting that “the federal government has a comprehensive strategy to combat crimes against migrants” and an example is that “Mexico is experiencing a profound change in the care of the migration issue reflected in the draft immigration bill currently being discussed Congress, in the Refugee Act recently passed, and the constitutional reform on human rights, under approval by the state legislatures.”   He said 966 people have been arrested for the crime of smuggling of migrants, while the judiciary has issued 602 judgments for alien smuggling.  The Commissioner also addressed the Convention as a result of investigations into the slaughter of migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, last year, saying “there have been eight arrests and we have maintained close cooperation with all countries involved,” and noted that the government of Mexico has adopted the scheme of “humanitarian visas” in order to facilitate the participation of migrant crime victims and witnesses in judicial proceedings.

La Voz de la Frontera  (Mexico)  4/5/2011   PHOTO

Another deadly blow to narco

TIJUANA – The Mexican Army dealt a brutal blow to organized crime with the seizure of  658 kilos of synthetic drugs described as “crystal”, 75 kilos cocaine, U.S. $305,095 and arresting six subjects in two operations.  The commanding General said it resulted from military intelligence work and public support through an anonymous tip. A second seizure of 70 kilos of marijuana and found in possession of U.S. $ 289 000 and 4670 pesos in cash plus a 38 special caliber revolver and 39 bullets, and arrested 4 men.

La Prensa  (Honduras)  4/5/2011

Combating use of submarines for drug trafficking

Criminal organizations are now using submarines to move drugs from South America to Central America and Mexico, but the U.S. is working to combat this “looming threat”, said the Gen. Douglas Fraser, head of Southern Command. “To minimize or avoid detection and interdiction of U.S. and regional authorities, criminal organizations have begun to use submersible’s for trafficking from South America to Central America and Mexico,” said Fraser.

“These submersible’s are built in the jungles of western Colombia and Ecuador, and provide transnational criminal organizations the ability for multi-ton shipments,” he said. “They are difficult to detect and intercept.  The U.S. Southern Command is working with agencies, military services and the armed forces of our partner countries to counter this emerging threat,” he said, without elaborating.

Fraser was speaking during a hearing of the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate to explain the scope of the defense budget for fiscal year 2012.

On the other hand, Fraser reiterated that violent elements of militant organizations in the Middle East have a presence “active” in Latin America and the Caribbean and are a “potential threat” to regional stability.  Fraser cited the example of Hezbollah supporters that “continue raising funds in the region to finance their activities around the world.” In addition, several entities affiliated with Islamic extremism “are increasing their efforts to recruit followers in the region and continue to monitor this situation closely,” said Fraser.

At the same hearing, Fraser repeated, as he did last March 30 in other testimony before the House of Representatives, that countries like Russia, Iran and China have a growing influence in the region. On the subject he said that although the sale of Russian weapons and equipment can help strengthen the fight against drug trafficking, the U.S. is concerned about the “large number” of portable anti-aircraft systems and automatic weapons sold to Venezuela that “have the potential to fall into the hands of organizations like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.” (FARC)  Fraser said the
Southern Command will continue to monitor Iran’s activities in the region to ensure that they do not violate laws and U.S. sanctions.

The Southern Command has again noted that, due to increased drug trafficking and the “brutal violence” in recent years, Central America is now “the most violent region in the world outside war zones” .

TLAXCALA, TLAXCALA – Two motorcycle police officers run down by car; 1 dead, partner grave.(OEM)

VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO – Daughter of mayor kidnapped by 6 gunmen; she’s a college English teacher (SDP Noticias).

XALISCO, NAYARIT – Shootout between cartels trapped hundreds in a mall; 2 vehicles burned from rifle fire and grenades; 2 civilians injured, including a child under 7 yrs.(SDP) 

IRAPUATO, GUANAJUATO – Five members of LFM cartel arrested by state police; one of them was a municipal policemen; seized high-powered weapons, bulletproof vests, radios and vehicles.(OEM)
Blog del Narco (

MONTERREY – Gunfire, grenade thrown at casino several vehicles burned; 3 injured.

ARCELIA, GUERRERO – Police commander executed.

ACAPULCO AT WAR – Thirty minute gunbattle between authorities and cartel;  two gunmen were killed, an element of the Mexican Army was killed, seven injured were reported among which is a State Police officer, a soldier and two gunmen, also seven offenders were arrested and three vehicles insured; gunmen torched commercial buildings.

SAN DIMAS, DURANGO – Gunmen attack village again; burn at least 8 vehicles and 4 homes.

ACAPULCO – Dismembered body of boy 13 to 15 yrs. old; hands and chest one place;  rest found elsewhere; report notes ‘hundreds of people witnessed the cruel scene’; photos too gross to post.

CHIHUAHUA – Los Tucanes de Tijuana, a musical group was attacked during a performance; the MX Army came and engaged them; gunmen escaped in several trucks; one band member wounded but not formally confirmed.  (Note: the current Cd. Juarez police chief banned the group from performing while he was chief in Tijuana, saying the group glorified drug traffickers.)

PETATLAN, GUERRERO – Two men tortured, executed; right index finger removed.

VILLA AHUMADA, CHIHUAHUA – Three members La Linea arrested;  seized eight rifles, five handguns, 24 magazines, 978 cartridges, five grams of cocaine, 100 grams of marijuana, three vehicles, tactical equipment, appliances radio communication, among other things.

XALISCO, NAYARIT – Four tortured bodies found day after shootout between cartels; 2 wounded found.

MIRASOLES, SAN LUIS POTOSI – Gunmen attack military; 1 bad guy dead, 1 arrested;  seized an AR-15 rifle, a .45 caliber pistol, a 9 mm pistol, 7 magazines, 132 cartridges, and a Honda motorcycle.

CULIACAN, SINALOA – Man executed in parked truck; shot around 120 times.

ACAPULCO – Jeep found with two beheaded bodies, one of which also dismembered; early Monday, burned vehicle found with two heads inside.

CULIACAN, SINALOA – Pig’s head left hanging from tree with narcomessage; founds by kids.

ACAPULCO – Marines had just made arrest of 2 armed men, when another walks toward them and opens fire; Marines won.

SANTIAGO PAPASQUIARO, DURANGO – Military finds fake checkpoint; cartel opens fire; 3 gunmen dead; seize  three AK-47 rifles, 24 magazines, 700 cartridges, four frag. grenades, 2 tactical vests, 3 ammo. pouches, military-style clothing, among other things.

NAVOLATO, SINALOA – Youth of 18 kidnapped, tortured, executed; narcomessage held with ice pick in chest.

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