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Over the Weekend: Chihuahua: Twenty-five Homicides in less than Twenty-four hours and Mexican Cartels Exploit North Africa Turmoil

April 4, 2011

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La Parada Digital  (Mexico)  4/2/2011

One executed every hour in Chihuahua

CHIHUAHUA, CHIHUAHUA – A total of 25 homicides occurred in less than 24 hours, according to a police report on a violent weekend.  All of the deaths were executions by organized crime (Cartels).  It started Friday evening at 9 pm when 10 were executed in a Ciudad Juarez nightclub (Juarez is directly across from El Paso, Texas.) Another group of 5 were killed in a different Ciudad Juarez bar, and the bar was then set on fire.  Other deaths occurred in Juarez and the capital city of Chihuahua.

SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  3/3/2011

Survey:  57% of Bolivians favor return of DEA

Former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, expelled the US DEA from the country in 2008, accusing them of espionage.  A study was conducted by Data Seven, and has a margin of error of 3.46 percentage points. It was conducted a few weeks after the head of a narcotics unit of the Ministry of Interior, René Sanabria, was arrested on Feb. 25 in Panama and brought to the United States where he faces charges of drug trafficking. For Sanabria, 75% of respondents believed that the narcotics director acted in coordination with authorities, 16% said he acted on his own and 10% did not know or did not respond.  The fact that the president serves at the same time as the main leader of the coca growers union, 64% of respondents said is a form of corruption, 29% seemed to think it is correct and the remaining 7% did not respond or did not know.
(English.  Read first, as it relates to item directly below.)

Bill would designate Mexican cartels as ‘terrorist’ groups

Milenio  (Mexico)  4/2/2011

Treating drug dealers as terrorists

HUIXQUILUCAN – A U.S. proposal calls for the inclusion of six Mexican drug cartels, the Sinaloa, Gulf, Arellano Felix, Zetas, Beltran Leyva and La Familia Michoacana, on the U.S. terrorist list. Mexico must lobby in the United States to stop the bill that calls for treating the narcos Mexicans as terrorists, because the adoption of the initiative would bring a legal problem and Mexico would have to defend their national sovereignty if U.S. forces entered under the pretext of fighting terrorism, said a specialist at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Erasmo Zarazua.

The bill, led by the U.S. legislator Michael McCaul, will cause the inclusion of six Mexican drug cartels,  “on the terrorist list of United States, arguing that Mexico, due to the drug violence , “risks becoming a failed state controlled by criminals ….”  The problem of legality if approved, said the scholar, is that the U.S. and Mexico would open a discussion on how to deal with the drug problem, but this would be a situation likely to alienate allies because there is no chance that Mexico elevate drug trafficking to the level of terrorism.
Since Mexican law does not consider drug traffickers to be terrorists, Mexico, in defense of its national sovereignty, would not allow U.S. troops to enter its territory under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Zarazua said he did not believe that legislators will approve the initiative because they will realize that a law with these features, instead of making an ally, would complicate relations with Mexico, which already has some discomfort with the issue ‘Fast and Furious.’  If the U.S. wants to help, he said, it is best to just have further cooperation.

Paul Monzalvo, a specialist in national security, as well as academics from the Universidad Iberoamericana, said that the adoption of the positive consequence is that the traffickers would be tried in the U.S., and the negative is that it could increase violence in Mexico.


Blog del Narco  (Mexico)  4/3/2011

Durango family defends themselves from gunmen

In several regions of Durango, violence increased in 2010, with kidnappings and extortion or robberies frequent events.  Authorities often failed to respond in a timely manner, and so people have felt they had no choice but to arm and defend themselves against armed criminals.   Such was the case of Mr. José Luis Gallegos, 60-year-old resident of San Juan del Rio, Durango, who has for years been a merchant and has achieved through hard work a small hotel and a convenience store located in the municipal seat.  He had received threats demanding money or he would face kidnapping or execution.  At dawn Saturday, heavily armed men entered his store and started shooting, then tried to kidnap him, not knowing he and his family were armed and prepared.  The family shot back, killing one gunman and causing the others to flee.


CHIHUAHUA – 6 dead from H1N1 flu between 3/22 and 4/2.

TAPACHULA, CHIAPAS – 6 children rescued from labor exploitation in a Chiapas dump; 3 Guatemalan, 3 Mexican; 2 women arrested for exploiting the children.(Milenio)

COAHUILA – 55% of forest fires controlled per Governor (previously reported here).

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO – Mayors in 7 states demand removal of Army and use of only police to control crime; say Army has increased the violence

Blog del Narco (

Ciudad Juarez – Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua; 10 slaughtered in The Castle nightclub.

MATAMOROS, TAMAULIPAS – Military seizes from a home 59 guns, 21 handguns, a machine gun, 7 Uzi submachine type, a rocket launcher, a rocket, a grenade launcher, a crossbow; 412 hydrogel industrial explosive cartridges, 36 electric detonators, 12 meters of detonating cord, 6 mortar grenades, 3 rifle grenades, 5 inert grenades, an RPG rocket, 50 grenades, 2 grenade bodies, 4 practice grenades, two detonators, U.S. $ 59,700, among other things.

TOLUCA – 11 members of La Familia Michoacana cartel arrested; firearms, radios and 6 vehicles seized.

CULIACAN, SINALOA – Two women, aged 43 years executed. 

CHIHUAHUA – Gunmen attack commanders home, set fire to it; he is in hiding with his family after threats.

MICHOACAN – Knights Templar torture and execute man for disrespecting oath and secrets.

ACAPULCO – Criminal defense attorney tortured, executed.

ACAPULCO – Police officer kidnapped Tuesday; body parts found in
multiple plastic bags at entrance to Maxitunel.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON – Grenade thrown into newspaper offices; hour later one thrown at resident of commander of state investigative agency (police).


CIUDAD JUAREZ – Four adults, child of 10 yrs executed; 2 blocks from nightclub where 10 were killed.

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Man found completely burned in vehicle; unidentified.

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, NUEVO LEON – 30 minutes of death; 8 executed in that time, one as young as 16 yrs. and with his girlfriend.

NAVOLATO, SINALOA – Two girls and a woman kidnapped, executed, bodies dumped.

RAMOS ARIZPE, COAHUILA – Federal Police and cartel shootout; 2 men, 1 woman dead; 5 arrested, 4 vehicles seized, no further information released.  

GARCIA, NUEVO LEON – Police arrest 3 ‘hawks’ (cartel spies); also
arrested a separate gunman that opened fire on military. 

NUEVO LEON – Military kill two gunmen; find executed body elsewhere nearby.

SAN FERNANDO, TAMAULIPAS – Military repels attack, kills 9 gunmen and rescue 5 kidnapped people; seized 10 rifles, 4 handguns, a grenade launcher, two 40 mm caliber shells, hand grenades, 136 chargers, 3,487 cartridges, 13 vehicles, a motorcycle, radio equipment, among other things.

ALLENDE, NAVA AND PIEDRAS NEGRAS, COAHUILA – Day of terror in 3 municipalities; burned 15 properties, 10 vehicles, and residents say some executed but no official release yet; reliable sources say gunmen were Zetas.

SAN BERNARDO, DURANGO – Military capture 15 gunmen; seize 20 rifles, four handguns, a grenade launcher attachment, 56 magazines, 2,167 cartridges, 180 kilograms of marijuana, 2,800 kilos of marijuana seed, military-style  tactical clothing manufactured in the United States, 3 vehicles; radio equipment, among other things.

NUEVO CASAS GRANDES, CHIHUAHUA – Family found executed, decomposing; man, woman and baby; baby dismembered by animals eating on it.

VERACRUZ – Federal Police captured Edemir Geraldo Garcia Lopez, aka The Monster, head of a group of hawks for Los Zetas in the state of Veracruz; seized 40 bags containing marijuana, radio equipment, various documentation and more.


A representative of Mexico’s Foreign Ministry told newspaper El Universal that in the last decade nearly 20,000 Mexicans have been arrested in other countries on charges of drug trafficking. Some 90% of these cases were in the United States.  From 2010 to the present, he said, more than 2000 Mexican nationals have been put on trial in various countries for their alleged connections with organized crime.    The official also commented that there have been a growing number of Mexicans arrested on drug trafficking charges in European countries like Spain, Italy, and Germany, as well as in Panama, Colombia, and Peru.
Mexican Cartels Exploit North Africa Turmoil
Texas – Ammo seized at border crossing  -seized 150 AK 47 magazines and 6,000 rounds of ammo
U.S. role in Mexico’s drug war increases
Al Qaeda Militants Hiding Out, News Magazine Reports
-it is also known that Hamas and Hezbollah are active and training in Venezuela, supported by Iran and Russia, who is building a factory there to produce the AK 47 assault rifle.
Oaxaca, Mexico-Raid nets $14 million stuffed in bags
Arrest of Guatemala’s No. 1 drug-trafficking suspect shows growing US role in region
Colombia border town protests against wave of violence
Colombia:   3 women, 2 men murdered in Medellin taxi

Domestic News – United States

Is U.S.-Mexico border secure enough?
Panel urges Obama to keep Guard at border
Border Agents Challenge Drug Cartel Tactics
Texas – Border Patrol says Drug Cartels are Targeting American Students
Texas – DPS choppers help put the dog in the fight against smugglers
Hiring practices questioned after border agent’s arrest
Texas – Border Patrol agents seize more than 900 pounds of marijuana
Arizona task force patrols drug corridor
Two convicted of kidnapping slain U.S. drug trafficker
New York – 3 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Sullivan County Raid
Federal Judge Upholds Denying Bond to Illegal Immigrants
Illegal alien accused of child rape in New Mexico…now on the run
California – Imperial traffic stop leads to discovery of cocaine, heroin inside vehicle
Texas – Thousands of pounds of marijuana seized
Disparity in border security under review-USA Today
California – Nearly Half Ton of Narcotics found on Tour Bus-inside gas tank

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