Bodyguard’s Wife and Daughter Executed; Eurasian H1N1 Flu Hits Mexico

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Jornada  (Mexico)  3/29/2011

Food, energy and water will rise 25% this year

MEXICO, DF – The Faculty of Economics, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) predicts that during 2011 the price of food and the government-run services (water, electricity , gas, gasoline) will increase from 20 to 25 percent, which represents one of the greatest risks to the recovery of the national economy. In presenting the quarterly analysis of the university, Eduardo Loria, CEMD coordinator, said this year the Mexican economy faces several risks to its recovery, so that the forecast growth of 6 percent probably will not be achieved.

The university said that the growth of the country’s economy will be between 3.9 and 4.2 percent, far from the federal official forecast. Loria said there are three other risk factors for Mexican economic recovery: rising interest rates, which will generate possible moves and the country’s capital outflows, the slow pace of European debt solution and the multiple effects on the world economy,  such as the natural disaster in Japan.

Ultima Hora  (Paraguay)  3/29/2011

Customs Seizes 7 tons of Smuggled Sugar

A truck loaded with a variety of merchandise was stopped at a Paraguayan customs inspection facility on Route 5.  Under the merchandise, inspectors found 60 pallets of Brazilian sugar weighing 7 tons, and destined for Concepcion.

SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  3/29/2011

Chihuahua – Governor Bodyguard’s Wife and Daughter Executed

CHIHUAHUA – An armed group of gunmen killed the wife and 4 year old daughter of Governor Cesar Duarte’s bodyguard.  According to reports, this is the fifth attack on officers of the Attorney General’s office within the past 10 days.  The bodyguard was wounded.  The attack occurred as the wife and daughter left their home.  The wife was a commander with the police. (Note: recent narcopintas (graffiti) writers left messages threatening executions of police commanders, as previously reported.)

SAN AUGUSTINE TLAXIACA, HIDALGO – Pemex engineer kidnapped, released.

LA PIEDAD, MICHOACAN – Municipal police chief assassinated; was on the job for 2 months;  So far in 2011, 4 chiefs have been killed.

TAMAULIPAS – 2 grenades thrown at Government Palace; 2 wounded walking past.

MAZATLAN – Municipal police officer killed during another shootout.

VERACRUZ – Shootout between Marines and cartel; 1 gunman killed, 1 wounded, 5 Marines wounded.

GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEON – 7 arrested after standoff with police; seized 2 AR-15 rifles, 2 AK-47, a 9 mm submachine gun, about 1000 rounds of ammo and 34  rifle magazines, military clothing, an ID panel for State Investigation Agency (Police), a bulletproof vest, 5 radios, 6 cell phones and tire spikes (called caltrops).

MEXICO – 5 members of Beltran Leyva cartel arrested.

MEXICO – UK recognizes government’s fight against drug trafficking and crime.

COLOMBIA – 2000 youth killed in gang wars since 2009.

URUGUAY AND VENEZUELA – Presidents to discuss mutual oil production
association between the two countries.
Blog del Narco (

MALAYSIA – 3 Sinaloan drug traffickers may die for mega meth lab near Singapore border with over 500 lbs. of meth.  Malaysian law mandates death if found guilty.  (NOTE: Thailand and other nearby countries have a major problem with  drug called yaba, which is amphetamine and caffeine combined.  The word means ‘crazy’ in Thai, and people using it are indeed crazy.  Thus very strict severe laws are in place.)

TEPIC, NAYARIT – 2 police officers kidnapped.

SAN MARCOS, GUERRERO – Four men executed.

GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEON – State police fired on, shootout resulted in 3 men, 2 women being arrested; taxi driver grazed by bullet in face.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA – Three members of Aztecs gang arrested (this gang works both sides of the border).

GUADALUPE, NUEVO LEON – 13 arrested; one only 14 yrs. old.

EL ZACATON, SAN LUIS POTOSI – Two men tortured, executed, burned inside vehicle.

TAMAULIPAS – Eleven executed over weekend.

NUEVO LAREDO, TAMAULIPAS – Military fired on; shootout kills 4 gunmen; seize six rifles, 74 magazines, 1,110 cartridges, among other things.

CHUHUAHUA – Two security guards at bar executed; customer injured.

MORELOS – Eleven executed; seven in one car, others separately.


CIUDAD JIMENEZ, CHIHUAHUA – Gunmen claim to be Federal Police, take man from home, found hour later executed.

MICHOACAN – Knights Templar leave message with two tortured, executed bodies; message – ‘These are the assassins the Knights Templar didn’t permit to take innocent lives.’ 

CHIHUAHUA – Three executed, one at home, two earlier on street.

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON – Two men executed, one driving, other selling food.

TAMPICO,  TAMAULIPAS – Four tortured, executed.

TEPIC, NAYARIT – Gunmen enter home; fire hundreds of rounds; kill husband, 5 yr.old boy; wife and 2 yr.old girl grave; three other adults and a baby kidnapped.
Eurasian H1N1 Hits Mexico
Mexico posts 5.8 pct rise in economic activity
Mexico makes major raid on exotic animal traffickers

(Note:  the cartels are increasingly using other means to get money. Traditionally it has been drug and human trafficking, with kidnapping for ransom and sex slavery less often.  A recent development is theft of grains such as corn from trucks and warehouses.)
Trafficking Migrants Beats Drugs for Mexican Cartels
Mexico City an unlikely draw for those fleeing drug war violence
Salvador nabs alleged smuggler in migrant massacre
Can Mexico Once Again Attract Foreign Retirees?
Mafia War Feared in Cali, as Rastrojos Face New Competition-Colombia
The Cocaine Wars: Invasion of the Drug Submarines – story, photos of inside & outside of subs
4 people die from swine flu in northern Mexico – a later report in a Mexican paper says 8
Mexico-USA Water Crises all along the Rio Grande

Domestic News – United States

Texas – Watch-list suspects raise alert at border
New York – Border patrol officer honored
Ten Dominican boat people arrested after reaching Puerto Rico
Pennsylvania – 18 illegal immigrants found aboard unregistered bus
Arizona – Border Patrol Agent Kills Man Climbing Wall
Criminal Complaints Provide Details On Smuggling Of Illegals Wearing Marine BDUs – More details on previously reported case
Standing up Against the Cartel and Gangs
Florida – Jamaican Citizen Pleads Guilty to $220 Million Ponzi Fraud and Money Laundering Charges
Obama on Non-Criminal Illegal Aliens:  We Don’t Want to Deport Them; ‘We Want Them To Succeed’
Two charged with having ton of pot-Illinois – more proof the cartels are throughout the US
California – Border Patrol Rescues Stranded Mexican National, Seizes $1.5 Million in Narcotics
Witness: El Paso man killed in ’09 in Mexico was drug trafficker

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