Over the Weekend: Napolitano gives false sense of security; TV host, police commander executed in Mexico

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El Universal  (Mexico)  3/27/2011

Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile will create an economic bloc

Colombia , Peru , Chile and Mexico will be grouped into one economic bloc next May, to deepen integration and promote new markets in the Pacific, announced Peru’s President Alan Garcia.  In an interview published Sunday in the online edition of the Colombian daily El Tiempo, the head of state predicted that the road map will be agreed to by the presidents of four countries at a meeting in Lima on 2 May.

“We will meet in Lima President (Juan Manuel) Santos (Colombia), President (Sebastian) Piñera, Chile, President (Felipe) Calderon, of Mexico, and myself for that purpose, said Garcia, who this week made an official visit to Bogota.

He stated that at this meeting “we will formalize the deep integration between the four countries. We will agree to the greatest possible free movement of capital, services, products and people. It will grow to be much more effective.”  “The countries all share a maritime border with Asia, we share the Pacific, we believe in democracy, investment in modernizing and the redistributive action of the State, we will identify and act together,” Garcia said.

He warned that integration treaties and regional agreements such as the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), took time and we should explore other scenarios on the economic front.  “I guess they had their time.  The Andean Community was based on production-sharing criteria, which are not applicable at this time and it demonstrates the ineffectiveness that it has had over a long time,” he added.


SDP Noticias  (Mexico)  3/27/2011

Calderón:  Mexico “damaged” by perception of failed state

President Calderón says he accepts the general perception of Mexico as a failed state, and that after starting the war on drugs and with various clashes with thousands dead, and said that the perception has damaged Mexico a lot. He said however, the country is far, far from where the supreme power of government is surpassed by another, in this case the drug traffickers.  A reporter asked if there is any possibility that Mexico will end up being a failed state?  “But not now, fortunately.  Many of the media have said Mexico is a state on the brink of catastrophe with no future.”   “Yes, that was very irresponsible and caused injury. I now see the world and wonder where are those who said that Mexico was a failed state. I see what is happening in Egypt, I see what is happening throughout North Africa, I see what is happening in Asia, I see what is happening in Africa, I see what is happening in Somalia for a long time, I see what is happening in some of our countries in Latin America. In this country, every day 36 million students go to school on time. The country works. We have very strong powers,  separate and independent: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. It is a country that has regular elections.  You win and lose, there is very strong debate. There is absolute freedom to publish, to present all issues in an atmosphere of unprecedented freedom in Mexico. It is a country that works and even with the most serious issue which is the crime we face, institutions are being built. The truth is that Mexico is really very, very far from it.


La Hora  (Ecuador)  3/27/2011  Opinion

Sinaloa Cartel Cell in Ecuador By: Kleber Mantilla

Article 40 of the Constitution provides for free movement of people in Ecuador without reciprocity from other states. Next to a referendum, the news about increased drug trafficking in the country emphasize the need to change this.

Since 2009 Mexican Police have warned of an active cell of the Sinaloa cartel in Ecuador and today there are events like the shootout between policemen and drug dealers as happened in Pintag a few days ago, near Quito. Witnesses said they were fearful of the murders and drug sales on the streets. Then the police operation named ‘Beehive’ discovered Guayaquil buildings used for collection and receipt of goods destined to U.S. The Police in Mexico and Ecuador captured members of the same drug cartel, whose core activity was allegedly illegal money laundering and marketing the product, with control of urban crime.

With no restrictions at the borders, the free movement of organized crime has attracted the most dangerous Mexican drug dealer, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the mafia-style alliances in Sinaloa and Tamaulipas, famous for turning an area into one of the most violent and dangerous in the world.  In Mexico, killing of 30,000 ensures that 95% remain unpunished and at least 900 were children who died.  Many citizens who revealed data of crimes received coup de grace (executed).  Under these conditions, the flow of information has always been controlled by attacks against journalists who reveal information and drug names, where they were killed.  Maybe there’s
still time.


SINALOA, MEXICO – 60,000 families living in cardboard homes.

ACAPULCO – Deputy police commander kidnapped, tortured, executed.

 MEXICO – Suicide rate for under 20 years old triples between 2009-2010.

TIJUANA – Thousands march for life and peace. 

ACAPULCO – Shootout near beach, yacht club and tourist restaurant filled with tourists; 3 federal police, 2 civilians wounded; 5 arrested.

NUEVO LAREDO, TAMAULIPAS – Eleven bodies found on road Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey.

VERACRUZ – Shootout between military and cartel; 3 gunmen dead, 10 injured.

TIJUANA – OVER 3000 volunteers collected 55 tons of trash from beaches, rivers, streams and creeks in 4 municipalities of Baja California.

MEXICALI – Military burns 20,000 kilograms of marijuana, 132 kilos of cocaine, 12 of heroin, 170 kilograms methamphetamine, 18 marijuana plants, 884 psychotropic pills and slightly more than 1 kilo of cannabis seeds.

PARAGUAY – 2011:  Deaths due to dengue disease rose to 18 in Paraguay, while the number of infections reached 2,500, with 1,300 of them hospitalized.

EL SALVADOR – Virtual program developed to provide high school for those living in U.S.; only need computer to access.
Blog del Narco (www.blogdelnarco.com)

VERACRUZ – Cartel shootout with military during large dance; several civilians killed, at least 15 injured; 4 Army killed, several Marines wounded; property damage to buildings & vehicles.

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Family driving; gunmen kill husband & wife, leaving 4 yr. old boy orphaned.

DURANGO – Prison guard chief assassinated while driving. 

CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO – Victor Emanuel Delgado Medrano aka The Chumil, leader of the Zetas in Cancun arrested with 7 others; rescued kidnapped woman; seized 4 rifles, 4 handguns, hand grenade, 19 magazines, 575 cartridges, 4 laptop computers, a machine for bank cards, a laminator, 270 bank cards; 148,000,270 pesos (US $12,358,391.69), 6 vehicles, and a motorcycle.

ACAPULCO, GUERRERO – Three highway patrol officers kidnapped, 1 other officer, civilian wounded.

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO – Three grenades thrown on a main street; 2 of the three exploded, wounding civilian and damaged police vehicle.

SAN BLAS, NAYARIT – Marines locate a narco encampment; gunmen escaped; seized 6 vehicles, some armored, radio equipment, more.

MONTERREY – Television host kidnapped by masked gunmen; next day, his body & his cousin’s located; 14 Guadalupe police officers arrested for not acting during kidnapping. 

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, NUEVO LEON – New Federation cartel leaves message will exterminate any police believed working with Zetas.

EL SALTO, SINALOA – Gunmen raid village; storm 8 homes, execute 1 man, damage homes.

BADIRAGUATO, SINALOA – Military seized 2300 lbs marijuana, 164 lbs marijuana seed, .5 lbs poppy seed; 15 rifles, eight handguns, 22 magazines, 613 cartridges and two vehicles; citizen report.

ARTEAGA, COAHUILA – Federal Police attacked on stopping vehicle; 1 gunman dead, 3 arrested, one aged 15 years.

CIUDAD VICTORIA, TAMAULIPAS – Federal Police capture 2 Zetas; rescued 1 kidnapped person; seized 4 AK-47, a n AR15 rifle, 826 cartridges, 27 magazines, 4 bulletproof vests, 6 steel plates for ballistic vests (used in center to withstand rifle bullets) vehicle and radio equipment.  


REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS – Military clashed with cartel in several vehicles; 13 bad guys dead, 1 arrested;  seized 25 guns, 6 handguns, 2 grenades, 173 magazines,  6,687 cartridges, 2 Kevlar helmets, tactical equipment, radio equipment and 7 vehicles, one armored.


SALTILLO – Attack on municipal police with grenade; 3 patrol units
damaged, 2 policemen wounded;

ACAPULCO, GUERRERO – Five men butchered, left in pieces; message left by El Chapo Guzman cartel.

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, NUEVO LEON – Narcoblockades at 2am; threatened drivers, stole vehicles.  

JALISCO – Eleven members of The Resistance captured, 8 of them cops in El Salto.

RIO GRANDE, ZACATECAS – Military attacked; 1 gunman dead, 6 arrested; seized 1 rifle, 4 handguns, 57 magazines, 2,808 cartridges, 6 packages of cocaine with an approximate weight of 6 kilos; marijuana, $820 American, 200 Mexican pesos, uniforms federal and municipal, tactical equipment, radios, as well as 7 vehicles, among other things.

TAMAULIPAS – Military stopped semi with Oklahoma plates;  2 arrested; 3 in trailer start firefight; all killed; trailer filled with firearms, grenades and ammunition.

PETATLAN, GUERRERO – Two men tortured, executed, and hung from bridge.

CIUDAD VICTORIA, TAMAULIPAS – Three decapitated, 2 men & 1 woman; 11 others found along road outside of town, some no heads were found.

CUNDUACAN, TABASCO – One of Zeta founders executed.
Saudi Arabia to invest in Mexico’s Agriculture
Mexico’s southern border is “The Beast”

Mexican media outlets set guidelines for coverage of drug war
Corrupt Cops in Peru Remain On Duty 

Central America: Drug Wars Escalate While Aided by U.S.-funded Highway
Report: 230,000 Displaced By Mexico’s Drug War
Minnesota companies making it in Mexico
The Perilous Intersection of Mexico’s Drug War & Pemex
-Journal of Energy Security
“Narcos” expropriate country estates in Nuevo Leon
Mexican cartels strategize to win hearts and minds
Mexican cartels move to Central America

Domestic News – United States

National Border Patrol Council: Napolitano giving false sense of security
Borderline blindness-Editorial, Pittsburgh Live
Texas official says border is unsafe

Two suspected illegal aliens accused of raping women in Ohio

Texas – Residents see need for more patrols along barrier

California – Nearly $250,000 worth of narcotics seized at Ports of Entry in Andradeand Calexico
Texas – Homemade spikes used to deter Border Patrol
California – Suspects arrested in two foiled drug smuggling attempts at Highway 86 checkpoint
-end of report-

We have room for but one flag, the American flag…and we have room for but
one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
~Theodore Roosevelt 1919

4 Responses to “Over the Weekend: Napolitano gives false sense of security; TV host, police commander executed in Mexico”

  1. John W. Slagle Says:

    As a member of nafbpo and courts news examiner in St. Louis, the M-3 report is greatly appreciated by the law enforcement community and citizens concerned with the drug cartel violence. Outstanding source of information.

    Links to your site are on

  2. June Says:

    Calderon lives on the same planet as Napolitano. He says Mexico is not a failed state. With millions of his people fleeing, unfortunately always north, with the daily toll of murders, kidnappings, beheadings, and torturing by the drug cartels, with every crime imaginable being committed does he think this is a model country? This is the most violent country in the world and we need to be sealed off from its harmful effects and its invading army that come day after day. We need our own army to stand at the border and dare illegals to try to come in. Yet, our own President said recently, “we want the illegals to succeed.” He’s done everything but wave the white flag at that hell hole to our south.

  3. David Says:

    148,000,270 Mexican pesos = about $12,333,356 US, not $1,234,363 as reported.

    • m3report Says:

      You are correct David. Looks like we misplaced our commas. We will correct it. Thank you for your sharp eye!

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